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Pokemon Fire Red Master Ball Cheat

Today, we’re going to discuss master ball and the various ways to obtain it for your Pokemon Fire Red game. Without a doubt, the master ball is the rock star among all available Pokeballs in Pokemon core generations. Also, master ball is one of the most popularly used of Pokemon Fire Red cheats.

Emerald Master ball cheat and locationCatching a Pokemon with the master ball takes only one throw. Meaning, it won’t fail regardless of the type and level of the Pokemon. This explains why gamers ought to find it or for impatient players, use cheats to obtain this item.

There two ways to obtain master ball, first is the simplest method, using a Fire Red master Ball Cheat (fastest and easiest), and second finding the Master ball location (Time-consuming and you can only have one master ball).

Master Ball Gameshark Cheat Code and Master Ball Location for Pokemon Fire Red

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to obtain master ball the easy and the harder way. But I bet, you would prefer the easier one, so here’s the master ball cheat for Pokemon Fire Red following the method to locate it.

Master Ball Gameshark cheat code

Pokemon Fire Red Master ball cheat
To get unlimited master ball in Pokemon Fire Red,
Step 1: Enter cheat code 82025840 0001.
Step 2: Check your PC
Step 3: Withdraw master ball.
The cheat will work even without the master code, so feel free to enter it on your GBA emulator such as My Boy without worrying the two-liner code restriction.

Master Ball Location

Here’s the next way to obtain master ball, I know this is boring but I’ll just include it here because this is the ethical method to obtain the item. In FireRed, you can get a master ball at Silph Co. 11F from the president. But to get in the area, you have to battle and win against some foes.

Writing the whole instructions to guide you get the master ball can take so much of my time so I prefer to grab a Youtube video instead.

In the previous post, I also discussed how to obtain master ball in Pokemon Emerald, you may want to check it here.

So there you have it! Hope you learned something in this post and if you’re having trouble with the instructions or with the cheat code don’t hesitate to post your message in the comment form below.

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  1. Hello, the cheat works for my FireRed game (GBC emulator, android) but in the first tab of my bag (where revives, potions etc. located) there are 2 slots with the name Masterball. I can’t delete/toss them. But I can only use it to catch pokemon but the number of this two slots don’t change.

    In the pokeballs tab in the bag also located a slot with the name masterball. When I use these, the number of balls change. And this balls I can also delete/toss.

    Is it possible to delete the whole cheat, also the slots in the pc? My wish is to delete the two slots with masterballs in the first tab of the bag, located with the potions etc.

    • Honestly I’m not a huge fan of mGBA, I usually test my cheats on My Boy or VBA. But to fix issues like this I usually suggest to my readers to switch to other gba emulators or use recommended FireRed rom version such as the V1.0 or the Squirrels.


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