Dark Pokemon Strength and Weakness

Dark pokemon strength and weakness

The Dark-type was introduced in Generation II. Despite the name Dark, the Pokemon with this type isn’t necessarily evil. It is just a name, and before the changes in Generation IV, Dark-type moves were all classified as Special Attacks.

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Currently, Dark-type moves can be Special of Physical depending on the move. Know the different Dark Pokemon strengths and weaknesses will give you an advantage in battle.

General Strengths of Dark-type Pokemon

Dark-types are very effective against Psychic and Ghost-type Pokemon. They also have full immunity against Psychic attacks, so meaning those types of moves will inflict no damage on Dark-types. In terms of stats, their best one is Attack which is ranked third overall. They also have other good stats like Sp. Attack ranked sixth and Speed which is ranked fifth.

General Weaknesses of Dark-type Pokemon

The Dark-types are unfortunately weak against Fighting and Bug. Later on, the addition of the Fairy-type also made it a weakness to Dark-types. One other thing is that Dark-type moves are not effective against Dark-types as well. Their lowest ranking stat is Sp. defense, which is ranked fourteenth and Defense, which is around the rank of twelve overall.

Utilizing Dual-type Dark-type Pokemon

Dark-types can also be very effective when paired with a good type as well.

Dark/Ghost Can Be the Best Combination.

Dark/Ghost can be the best combination. Dark and Ghost attacks are not effective against those same types, so that’s one thing. Another thing is that Dark completely nullifies Psychic, so the Ghost-type can benefit from it, which is weak to Psychic. Plus, Ghost-types are immune to Normal and Fighting thus it totally nullifies one of the Dark-type’s weaknesses

Bad Combination Types

  • Dark/Normal, Dark Rock, Dark/Steel, and Dark/Ice can be bad combinations because these types are weak to Fighting.
  • Dark/Psychic and Dark/Grass can also be bad because these are both weak to Bug.
  • Dark/Dragon and Dark/Fighting are all types that are weak to Fairy, so these are not very good dual-types as well.

Tips when using Dark-types in battle

Can Be Good as Front liners

Based on the stats of the Dark-type they can be good as front liners. They have good Speed and Attack. Depending on the game, you can have access to Dark-types early on in the game. You can just replace them later on with stronger attackers, but they are pretty much reliable earlier on in the game.

Can Vary to Physical or Special One

Dark-type moves are also very interesting because they can vary when it comes to being Physical or Special ones. This is ideal for Dark-types considering, that they have good stats for an offense.

Can Perform a Lot of Debuffs

There are also Dark-type moves where they perform a lot of debuffs and have special gimmicks as well as do damage over time.

Ideal for Tough Trainer and Gym Battles

A good thing to use Dark-types would be for tough enemy Pokemon, especially during trainer and Gym battles. You can use Dark-type moves that inflict special types of statuses and damage over time in the process.

Have Bad Defense and Sp. Defense.

Just remember that Dark-types have bad Defense and Sp. Defense. That’s why you need to take out the enemy as fast as you can or swap them out before they pass out.

In closing, now that you know the Dark Pokemon strength and weakness you can pretty much.

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