Touhoumon HeartGold

The Touhou project is one of the longest video game franchises in Japan. They are made up of two things; one is that they are some of the hardest shoot ’em ups. The second is that they have cute anime girls as their mascots or characters. This is where Touhoumon HeartGold comes into play.

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A similar concept with hacks like this would be Fakemon FireRed which you can check out.

This hack uses HeartGold as its base, so you now have an idea that it is for any NDS emulator. The gimmick of this hack is that it changes the Pokemon to the Touhou Project characters, and anyone that has played those games will see some familiar faces.

This is a guide on how to patch the file below with the correct HeartGold ROM.

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Touhoumon HeartGold Details and More


The story is the same as HeartGold, so if you know what to do and where to go, you wouldn’t have a problem with it. There might be some minor dialogue changes, but the story is the same regardless.


The first noticeable feature is that Pokemon is replaced with Touhou characters. They will evolve, and the roster itself is very original. Not a single Pokemon in sight, which can be good but confusing, especially for Typing.

That’s the other thing, the Typing has been assigned to each character, and several new Types have been added, like Earth and Beast-types. Several new Moves have also been added as well as the Fairy-type.

Touhoumon HeartGold Information

Touhoumon heartgold

Touhoumon HeartGold
Creator: Crown Prince
Game Base: HeartGold
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Use Touhoumon instead of Pokemon
  • Characters from Touhou go up to the 18th game
  • New and Original Types and Moves
  • Fairy-type Included
  • EVs can be maxed at 252
  • Several original and new music tracks added
  • TMs are reusable



Download Touhoumon HeartGold


Tye: Developer and did nearly everything
HemoglobinA1C, Reimufate, AGSMGMaster64, Hanabi, Barudo, and BluShell: Made most of the Touhoumon sprites
ぱたー (Pater): Made three custom songs
KecleonTencho, a-TTTempo, and ShinkoNetCavy: Made the other custom songs
Bratty (me): Made puppetdex entries for newer puppets

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