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You’ve probably played Pokemon Emerald numerous times. It is dubbed as one of the best Pokemon games in the series and there are a lot of ROM hacks based on it.

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We’ll include Moemon Emerald among the many ROM hacks that use Emerald as its base. This game has a very interesting motif going for it because the Pokemon are changed into Moemon.

The term Moemon isn’t official, but it probably comes from the word Moe which is usually associated with the terms of love, cuteness, and things you see in some anime.

The Moemon in this game look like adorable little girls but don’t let it fool you because they are still the basic Pokemon that you can catch and raise in these games.

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Moemon Emerald Details and More


The story in Moemon Emerald is pretty much the same as Pokemon Emerald. There might be some minor changes to the dialogue but everything else flows the same.

The order of the game you play is the same so if you played Emerald, you already know what to do and where to go.


The most obvious change to this ROM hack is that the Pokemon’s designs are changed. They are still the same Pokemon in terms of types, moves, and everything.

This ROM hack is pretty much just a visual overhaul so everything in terms of gameplay is the same. The roster is also the same which has all of it up to Gen 3.

The usual headaches are still there like catching a Feebas and everything else in between.

Moemon Emerald Information

Moemon emerald version

Moemon Emerald
Creator: Dodgeflyer
Game Base: Emerald
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Pokemon are changed to Moemon designs
  • Same Typing, Moves, and Growth from Emerald
  • Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 3
  • Same story and progression


Moemon Emerald Download

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  1. What’s the level caps per badge? Is it the same as the original Emerald where every 2 badges it increases? EX: Knuckle Badge it’s 30, Heat Badge is 50.

  2. hi i just want you to know that torchic in the game is design like ralts the second evolution is fine and the third evolution looks like gardevoir can you fix that