Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver

There are a couple of good DS ROM hacks out there, although these aren’t played as much. That’s probably because most GBA hacks are easier to access, but if you’re looking for some good DS ROM hacks, you might want to try Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver.

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It’s a ROM hack with the gimmick of having twin games like most Pokemon games are. These are hacks of the Gen 4 remakes of Gold and Silver with an excellent array of updates and additions. The creator of the ROM hacks has also made a couple of other DS hacks.

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Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver Details and More


The story of these hacks is the same as Heart Gold and Soul Silver. There are no relevant changes to the plot, so if you already know where to go and what to do, you can proceed as you see fit.


Before anything else, there are two versions of these games. The classic version or is the old one where the hack was good, but Fairy-type wasn’t included yet.

The complete version is the one that has all the updates and everything else that you need. One of the features of the game is that it has changed some of the Trainer’s Pokemon lineup.

The Pokemon also have edited stats and growth. The good thing is that you don’t need to trade some Pokemon to evolve them. Remember to use Heart Gold for the Sacred Gold Patch and Soul Silver for the Storm Silver patch.

Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver Information

Pokemon sacred gold and storm silver

Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver
Creator: Drayano
With fairy version: mikelan98
Game Base: Heart Gold/Soul Silver
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Catch 493 Pokemon
  • Fairy-type available (Complete Version only)
  • Trainers have different Pokemon
  • Can obtain all TM
  • Some items are restricted
  • No need to trade to evolve some Pokemon
  • Minor edits to the story to make it a bit more linear



Download Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver (xDelta)


:: afcmark15, bossdresser, Joodicator and other friends: For contributing ideas to the hack, as well as in some cases helping to playtest the thing (albeit, not much, but it’s something!)
:: Project Pokémon Forums: Again for any help they gave in relation to HG/SS problems, either to myself directly or to other people.
:: Alpha and SCV: Though it hasn’t been updated in a while, PPRE is the single most important thing needed to create this hack. Very much appreciated.
:: KazoWAR: His tutorial on inserting sprites in HG/SS was important in order to get that Steven sprite in.
:: Dewgong/Frostbite: For the Steven trainer sprite added to the game.
:: Various GBAtemp / YouTube Members: For your continued support and ideas during the production of SG/SS.
:: Jhon 591 of Romulation: For his significantly improved HG/SS anti piracy patch which means you guys can play this game on no$gba WITHOUT it crashing every five seconds!
:: Jensei: For speeding quite fast through the game and informing me of bugs on the initial releases. Can’t say it looks good on me, but it helped!
:: Early Players: I can’t thank you enough for helping out with all the bugs, and apologies for making you download things so many times!

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7 thoughts on “Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver”

  1. Hi, I’ve been loving this rom hack, but I just found out it crashes after beating the elite four. Once the credits have played through and I Press start to load back in, I receive an error message saying communication has failed then it takes me back to Home Screen. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! I want to complete the Pokédex for the first time ever!

    • Thank you for visiting, Pokie24. I agree with what you’ve said – the game is indeed great. However, it appears to have been discontinued by its author, Drayano. He has been focusing on other projects, such as Blaze Black 2 Redux and Volt White 2 Redux, both of which are truly exceptional games. He is actively sharing updates on his Twitter account, which you can find at https://twitter.com/Drayano60.

  2. I have problem. I just did the thing where you get the Cut HM. The thing is, i cant teach it to anybody because after the “1.. 2.. 3.. he forgot that aaand..” the game crashed and just stops working. the music is still going on but it just freezes. every time. i tried it 10 times now and i dont know what to do. its a really nice rom and i really enjoyed playing it. Please help.