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There are a lot of Fakemon ROM hacks out there. Like the Moemon series, they simply change the sprites of the Pokemon into those cute chibi girls. Then, there are those that are full-blown sprite changes and original Pokemon just like Fakemon FireRed.

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This ROM hack prides itself on having 252 original Fakemon, with 19 of them having their Mega Evolution. It’s an interesting ROM hack since it is basically just FireRed with Fakemon and a couple more interesting features you might like.

Another thing we like about the game is the ability to use cheats. Fakemon FireRed supports many popular cheats you know, which we believe are useful to you. Spice up your game with cheats, see Fakemon FireRed Cheats.

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Fakemon FireRed Details and More


The story is the same as FireRed. You probably know where to go and what to do to progress the story. You’ll just be using Fakemon this time and none of the original Pokemon.


We’ve said it multiple times, but this game only has Fakemon and none of the original Pokemon. Technically, we wouldn’t know which Generations these are from since they are original.

They maintain the Pokemon typings and some of the Moves, and other key elements in progression, growth, and combat.

These Fakemon also have their own unique and original cries. There’s also the Fairy-type added and two original types being Cosmic and Digital, with their strengths and weaknesses.

New Abilities and Items are also included in the mix. A lot of the basic features and kept as well as newer ones are added.

Fakemon FireRed Information


Fakemon FireRed
Creator: Pekin
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Link

Feature List

  • 252 Original Fakemon
  • 19 Mega Evolution
  • Fairy-type along with original Cosmic and Digital-type
  • New Items, Moves, Abilities as well as old ones
  • Run indoors
  • Day and Night Cycle
  • Physical and Special split
  • Reusable TMs
  • Black and White Repel System
  • New evolution methods
  • Original cries for the Fakemon have been added




We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal!

Download Fakemon FireRed

There are three IPS files for Fakemon FireRed. That’s because each IPS file is only compatible with a specific FireRed ROM. Download the IPS file that is compatible with the FireRed ROM that you have or are willing to use.

Fakemon FireRed (v.1.0)

Fakemon FireRed (U)(v.1.1)

Fakemon FireRed (U)(Squirrels)(v1.0)

  • MrDollSteak for his ROM base.
  • ShyRayq for his tutorial for adding types to FireRed.
  • Aspiring PokeTrainer (on YouTube) for his video on the intro sequence.
  • Diegoisawesome for his XSE tutorial.
  • Touched for his Mega Evolution patch. Honestly, I don’t remember if I used the patch or the tutorial. I just remember it took a lot of tries to get it to work.
  • Jambo51 for a couple of super useful tutorials.
  • Darthatron for the updated repel system.
  • kearnseyboy6 for his tutorial on adding new evolution methods.
  • DoesntKnowHowToPlay for his tutorial on displaying IV values.
  • PokeChu for making this thread look a little nicer.

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  1. This rom hack is pretty fun, but one of the biggest problems is that it can get glitchy and crash, please fix these problems

    • Hi there Samuel, I’m glad you liked the game, however, updating a rom hack is something that we don’t do. You may check the source link for more information about the game and its author.