10 Pokemon You Wouldn’t Want In The Real World

Throughout eight Generations of Pokemon games, there have been numerous designs over the years. A lot of them are cute, adorable, weird, scary, and sometimes just downright disturbing.

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In the world of Pokemon games and anime, you don’t really dive into the ordinary lives of the people living in this world. However, if they exist in our world, there are a couple of them that you wouldn’t want. That’s why we’re presenting 10 Pokemon You Wouldn’t Want In the Real World.

This is a list that’s meant for fun because we’ll be compiling some data, information, and even Pokedex entries to give you an idea of why they shouldn’t exist.

You probably think that a Pikachu is cute enough, but that little thing can electrocute you by accident or even intentionally. That being said, we do not include Legendary and Mythical Pokemon on this list since those guys can pretty much destroy the world.

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Pokemon you wouldn't want in the real world

List of 10 Pokemon You Wouldn’t Want In the Real World

01) Garbodor


Let’s start this list with Garbodor, which is a Poison-type Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Trubbish that both first appeared in Gen 5. This Pokemon exhumes poison gas from its arms but forget about it pumping out poison. This thing is a walking garbage pile that can have a foul smell. If this Pokemon was around in the real world, it would be annoying since it will be walking around hurting your nostrils, and don’t forget about the poison as well.

Definitely one Pokemon you wouldn’t want in the real world because it’s a walking health hazard and who wants to own a garbage Pokemon for a pet.

02) Cofagrigus


Another Pokemon making its debut in Gen 5 and being a Ghost-type. Cofagrigus’ initial form Yamask already has a creepy story to it since the mask that it carries is said to belong to its human face when it was once alive. It also retains its memories of its past life, but Cofgrigus’ description makes it worst.

According to its Pokedex entries, they like to prey on unsuspecting grave robbers. They’ll eat any human that comes too close and turn them into a mummy. That’s definitely a Pokemon that you wouldn’t want to meet in real life.

03) Weezing


A lot of Pokemon are based on animals, plants, mystical creatures, and even inanimate objects. Weezing and its initial form Koffing are both Poison-types appearing in Gen 1. You really can’t tell what these two are since they are neither animals, plants, or any object you might know about.

Weezing looks like a Koffing that grew two tumors. What makes Weezing dangerous in real life is that it constantly pumps out poison in the air. What’s worse is that these things can fly or levitate, to be more specific. You never know if one will float near your window in the middle of the night and pump gas in your room.

04) Mr. Mime


Originally a Psychic-type from Gen 1, it gained the Fairy-type as its secondary type later on. Mr. Mime looks humanoid enough to make you wonder why wouldn’t you want it in the real world. The problem with this is that it can actually manifest invisible walls and psychic boundaries.

This means that any unsuspecting person may get hurt by Mr. Mime. It is also said that this Pokemon can cast illusions on people. One hilarious Pokedex entry does state that Mr. Mime will slap or even Double Slap people if they interrupt its pantomime performance. Don’t mess with them because they can potentially fry your brains.

05) Froslass


This Ice/Ghost-type Pokemon has some kind of mystery to it. It evolved from a female Snorunt and made its debut in Gen 4. When a Ghost-type is involved, you know that can’t be good, at least if we’re basing it in the real world. Froslass can freeze its opponent or maybe people in real life below negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Froslass’ disturbing description is that in one of its Pokedex entries, it is a reincarnation of a woman that got lost in the snow. They say that when it’s snowing hard, never open your doors if someone knocks because that could be Froslass waiting to freeze you. This story is similar to the Yuki Onna from Japanese lore or, basically, the Snow Woman.

06) Drowzee


We’re halfway on our list of the 10 Pokemon You Wouldn’t Want in The Real World. We’re bringing in another Gen 1 alumni being the Psychic-type Drowzee. This Pokemon has a weird look to it where it resembles an anteater walking on two legs. Speaking of eating, Drowzee has a disturbing habit of eating people’s dreams.

They say if you had a good dream and you don’t remember it, Drowzee probably ate it. It prefers eating children’s dreams because they are tastier. Its evolved form Hypno is no better since it also eats dreams but can put people to sleep.

07) Exploud


This Normal-type Pokemon that first appeared in Gen 3 seems innocent enough. It could be innocent, except this thing can blast loud noises. Its initial form, Loudred can use sound as a weapon, so naturally, Exploud can blast stronger sounds. If you’re too close to it, you’ll have your ears blown out, and you’ll be deaf.

What’s even more dangerous is that bellows can cause the ground to shake and can even cause earthquakes. Imagine this thing walking around outside your city causing earthquakes more than once a day; that can be not very pleasant.

08) Chandelure


When you first look at it, you just want to laugh. That’s because it’s a chandelier which is like a lamp that lights up your house. Make no mistake about this Ghost/Fire-type Pokemon because it is very straightforward.

This Gen 5 Pokemon will suck the spirit out of any human and burn it. That’s pretty much; any unsuspecting person that encounters it will have their spirit pulled out and get it burned. The lifeless body will remain on the ground, and that’s creepy on its own.

09) Beedrill


You’re probably wondering why Beedrill is on this list of Pokemon you wouldn’t want in real. There are already bees in the real world, so why would Beedrill be any different. The answer to that is that bees are small, but a Beedrill is around 3 feet tall. Imagine a bee the size of a child flying around which has the capacity to sting you and cause harm.

If the sting isn’t enough, their stingers can pretty much puncture a hole in a person’s body. What’s worse is that Beedrills tend to travel in swarms as regular bees would. That would be a nightmare on its own when you have 3-foot bees flying near you.

10) Drifloon


The final Pokemon in this list is Drifloon which is a Ghost/Flying-type that first appeared in Gen 4. Its evolved form Drifblim is a bit more harmless than this one. Drifloon is said to play with children because they would think this Pokemon is like a balloon. The dark side to this story is that Drifloon can carry unsuspecting children away, only for them to disappear.

That’s a scary thought when your kids may disappear after playing with a Drifloon. It doesn’t take away heavy children, though, so you’re at least covered.

In Closing

These are just 10 Pokemon That You Wouldn’t Want In the Real World. They all have things that make them dangerous and would just make you go nope. If they don’t kill you, they’ll just cause a lot of property damage in the process. We didn’t even include the Legendaries and Mythical Pokemon that can destroy the world with ease.

Don’t forget the fact that there are just 10 Pokemon on this list. There are a ton of other Pokemon that you wouldn’t want to be around in the real world. There is a couple of Poison and Ghost-types that are already obvious pickings. Just remember that this list is mostly for fun but still makes sense to a certain degree.

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