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Players love ROM hacks about FireRed, so we’ll add one more, which is Pokemon Kanto Ultimate. This rom hack is based on FireRed, and it is a bit challenging than the normal one. There is also a lot of content in the game that has been added and altered. But the story is the same as the original FireRed.

You’ll love the things that are added to the game. It is challenging but at the same time fun. You’ll get a lot of things to do even after you finish the main story. Even more than the original FireRed, so that’s a good thing. One thing is that you can capture all of the Kanto starters in their Pokemon Yellow locations.

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Pokemon Kanto Ultimate Details and More


The story is the same as FireRed, but there are some modifications. Certain characters will pop up that weren’t in the original game. Regardless, the story is the same, so you do what you do to progress the story.


You can catch over 300 plus Pokemon in the game up to Gen 3. The Pokemon locations are also altered, so don’t be surprised if some pop up early on. We mentioned characters popping out of nowhere that wasn’t in the original game. These characters will provide you with added battles with stronger Pokemon. That’s the same for the Gym Leaders and Elite Four, where they have tougher Pokemon and a complete team at that. After you beat the game, more game content is added, like the Tohjo Falls and Mt. Silver locations.

Pokemon Kanto Ultimate Information

Pokemon kanto ultimate image

Pokemon Kanto Ultimate
Creator: Anonymous
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Can catch all Pokemon from Gen 1 to 3
  • Several Pokemon can evolve without trading (leveling up, Stones, Happiness)
  • A second Rival has been added
  • Characters from other games make an appearance and you can battle them
  • The level of the enemy Pokemon and Trainers scale with you
  • Gym Leaders and Elite Four have a complete team of 6
  • Ability, Types, and Stats have been altered



Pokemon Kanto Ultimate Download


Richtersnypes & Tkim

– For ‘Throwback’, an excellent hack and the core KU is built on.


– For the brilliant coverart.

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