Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate


Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate is a ROM hack of Pokemon FireRed. This means that you can play Kanlara on different emulators just like many other Pokemon GBA rom hacks playable for the Gameboy Advance. The aesthetics of the game are that of FireRed, but in terms of the gameplay mechanics, there have been several changes and added features. Like most ROM hacks, this one has an original story and a lot of other content.

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The hack itself is barely new so expect some bugs to happen. In fact, this game is different from Pokemon Kanlara Adventures. Just make sure you download the exact ROM so you can enjoy the game in its entirety. Anyway, here are the things that you need to know about Kanlara Ultimate and more.

Details on Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate


The story of Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate is very basic and traditional. You are a Pokemon trainer out on their first day. The player meets up with their respective Pokemon Professor and gets the major details. You later encounter your rivals and do the basic things like traveling, fighting other trainers, beating Gym Leaders, and more. Then, Team Rocket makes an appearance, and you’re also tasked with saving the Region and more.


We’ll start first with the aesthetics, and it pretty much uses the assets and sprites from FireRed. The game offers you a new Region Kanlara and an original story to play through. There are over 300 available Pokemon ranging from Generation I until VII. The stats and types are updated for the Pokemon, and this game has the Fairy-type.

Speaking of types, Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate has an original type which is the Demon-type. Keep in mind that this type isn’t official, but you’ll understand how it works in the game. It has type advantages and disadvantages like any type as well. The move list in the game is also updated, and the game also adds new moves.

There are some minor additional features like being able to run indoors. You can also gain experience when you capture Pokemon, which is usually done when you just defeat the Pokemon. The Physical and Special split is also present in the game. Finally, the TMs are customized and different from the official ones.

Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate Game Information

Kanlaraultimate 1

Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate
Creator: Sakakii
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Click here

Feature List

  • Explore the Region of Kanlara
  • Experience a different and original story
  • Fairy-type and updated stats are present
  • A unique Demon-type is in the game
  • Around 20 plus Demon-type Pokemon are available in the game
  • Over 300 Pokemon are available
  • Pokemon present from Generation I to VII
  • Customized TM list
  • New Moves added
  • Several Moves have distinct animation effects
  • Physical and Special Attack split



Download Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate

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