How To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon

Leafeon along with Glaceon was introduced in the Generation IV games of Pokemon. These games are namely Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and later Platinum. Leafeon is a Grass-type Pokemon which would go on to appear in the later games as one of Eevee’s evolved forms. The question now is how to evolve Eevee into Leafeon? Does it evolve with an evolution stone, or do you have to do some tedious steps?

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Keep in mind that you had to do a lot of work to improve the Friendship rating of Eevee to get an Espeon and Umbreon.

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Don’t worry as we’ll teach you the steps with evolving Eevee into Leafeon. The other thing you have to wonder is if it is even good enough to evolve since you usually just get one Eevee per game.

How to evolve eevee into leafeon

Guide Information in Evolving Eevee Into Leafeon

Let us start first answer the question of how to evolve Eevee into Leafeon before we get to other stuff. First of all, Leafeon can only be evolved from the Generation IV games going up. You cannot get a Leafeon if you played prior Pokemon games before Generation IV. The first thing you need is an Eevee which you usually get one per game. That’s where the challenge is when you have to decide which evolution your Eevee should be. This is why we’re going to add some details later why you may or may not want to evolve Eevee into Leafeon.

Anyway, the steps to evolving Leafeon is very easy. All you need to do is find a Moss Rock and level up your Eevee near it. When the Eevee levels up near the Moss Rock, it will evolve into Leafeon.

It is even easier in Generation VIII, which is Sword and Shield where you just give it a Leaf Stone. Only in the Generation IV games HeartGold and SoulSilver where you can’t evolve an Eevee into a Leafeon but rather obtain it through trade.

Moss Rock Locations

Moss rock locations
Moss Rock in Eterna Forest
  • Diamond/Pearl/Platinum – Located in the southwest area of Eterna Forest.
  • Black/White/Black2/White 2 – Located in the southwest area of Pinwheel Forest.
  • X/Y – Located on Route 20
  • Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – Located in the northeast area of Petalburg Woods but you need Cut.
  • Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon – Located in the northeast area of the Lush Jungle.

Is Leafeon Worth Getting?

The answer to that is a bit situational, even if you know how to evolve Eevee into Espeon. If you have a means of getting a ton of Eevees regardless of the method, then it’s good to add it to your lineup. If you are limited when it comes to getting an Eevee, then evolving it into Leafeon should be low on your priorities. There could be better Grass-types in the game that you are playing and as we stated, Leafeon is a situational one that can be a hit or a miss.

What Makes Leafeon Good or Bad?

The thing that makes Leafeon good or bad is its stats. It has high physical stats such as Attack and Defense. It has low HP and special stats like Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense. The Speed stat is good but can be outmatched by other Pokemon.

The reason why this can be good or bad is that you have to build up your Leafeon. A lot of Grass moves utilize the Special stats and they deal with Special damage. Considering that Leafeon has poor Special stats, you need to teach it moves that will complement its physical characteristic.

Tricky Move List

It can definitely hit and tank a hit, but its move list can be a bit of a puzzle that you have to solve. There are only a few Grass moves that rely on physical attributes. The only notable physical Grass moves are Bullet Seed and Razor Leaf and their damage get bad later on when you’re facing stronger Pokemon. Your main ticket is to find and teach it moves that are physical so that you can utilize its stats. They don’t have to be Grass moves but it beats the purpose of its typing.

What You Can Teach To Leafeon

You can teach it moves like Dig, Iron Tail, and even Aerial Ace. The other thing is that being a Grass-type, it has five weaknesses. It is weak to Fire, Bug, Ice, Flying, and Poison-types. The final verdict is that you can keep your Leafeon and build it up to be competent in the game that you’re playing. However, it isn’t advised that you use this in competitive. Even if you know how to evolve Eevee into Leafeon, you may still need to think twice.


Leafeon is indeed an interesting specimen and makes you think whether you want to add it to your party or not. Evolving it alone can be a question since it is a hit or miss Pokemon in terms of how it can add an impact to your team. You can find better Grass-types to change it due to its physical capabilities. That’s the other thing where you can have far better competent physical attackers.

The good thing is that when you learn how to evolve Eevee into Leafeon, it isn’t entirely that hard to evolve it. You just have to wait to get to the Moss Rock or get an Eevee for that matter. It may not be a bad idea to have it though if you just want to get one and won’t even bother using it. It all boils down to the fact that if you just want to collect it or you have sources for other Eevees.

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  1. I wanted to know that can I find moss rock in Pokemon emerald as well or not if not how can I evolve my evee into a leafeon

    • Hey Aroosha, you can’t find Leafeon in Pokemon Emerald, it was first introduced in 4th Gen. In these games, you can find moss rock in Eterna forest.