Best GBC Emulators for Android: Play Your Retro Favorites

Do you play your Gen 1 and Gen 2 games on your Android device? Those classic games are for the Gameboy Color or GBC.

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In case you haven’t tried playing them before, here is a list of the best GBC emulators for Android that you can use.

We’ve made this list to make things easier for you. Once you’ve chosen your emulator, there are a lot of GBC ROM hacks that you can play right away.

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Best gbc emulators for android

Best GBC Emulators For Android

5. SuperGBC (GBC Emulator)

Best gbc emulators for android super gbc

Let’s start this list of the best GBC emulators for Android with the SuperGBC.

This emulator is free and can run every GBC ROM and even those that are in zip files. This emulator does lack some good features, but if it’s free that you’re looking for, then SuperGBC is enough.

There are some complexities with its save states feature.


  • Save states
  • Rewind capability
  • Run Zip Files


  • Free
  • No Ads


  • Limited Features

Price: FREE

4. My OldBoy! Lite

Best gbc emulators for android my oldboy!

As far as GBC emulators for Android go, My OldBoy! Lite is as basic as you can get. That’s not a bad thing because it runs smoothly even on low-end phones dating back to the mid-2010s.

It’s not like GBC ROMs have gotten more demanding in terms of processing power. My OldBoy! also has the basic features you’ll need from an emulator.


  • Save states
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • IPS/UPS ROM Patching
  • Turbo button


  • Can run up to 60FPS
  • Emulator does not collect personal data


  • May be a bit pricey

Price: Around $2 to $3

3. John GBC Lite

Best gbc emulators for android john gbc lite

Another emulator with the word LITE on it, but the John GBC Lite has a slight edge over the My OldBoy for being free.

In terms of performance, both emulators are competent at their job. While John doesn’t have the 60FPS capabilities, GBC games don’t really need that high of a frame rate.


  • Turbo button
  • Button configuration
  • Save states
  • Screen shot in-game images
  • Can run cheats


  • John GBC Lite is free
  • Works on older Android devices


  • Ads will run from time to time

Price: FREE

2. GBC.emu

Best gbc emulators for android gbc emu

Another emulator with a price tag, but it is surely worth its value.

GBC.emu handles GB and GBC ROMs so smoothly. The frame rate is nice and with a couple of features to boot.

It can load GB, GBC, and ZIP files with no issues.


  • Save states
  • Turbo button
  • Use cheats
  • Customize your buttons
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • A lot of features
  • Can run ZIP Files


  • Maybe pricey for some

Price: $2 to $3

1. Nostalgia GBC (Free Version)

Best gbc emulators for android nostalgia gbc

The number 1 and the best GBC emulators for Android is the Nostalgia GBC.

We are talking about the Free Version because there is another one that you can pay for, which is around $2 to $3.

The reason to get the free version is that it is already good enough on its own. Some ads might appear while using the app, but they don’t ruin the gaming experience. There is also a plethora of other features you can use.


  • Multiple Save states (8 Slots)
  • Rewind Feature
  • Turbo button
  • Customize your buttons
  • Use cheat codes


  • A great free emulator
  • Frame rate is smooth


  • Has Ads

Price: Free

Factors to Consider When Choosing GBC Emulator

When you want to choose from the best GBC emulators for Android, there are factors that one should consider before making the download:

Free or Paid

The emulators on the list come as either free or paid. Normally, for the paid ones, no ads are playing, but the incentive for the free ones is that you can just download and play.

If you end up not liking the free ones, just uninstall them with ease and you lose nothing.


This leads to the features available for the emulator in question. If you’re going for the free ones, you have to wonder if it has the features that you want.

There’s no doubt, the paid ones have all the features, but are you willing to spend is the question.

Controller Support

Bluetooth connectivity is present in some of the emulators. Bluetooth allows the emulators to connect to a controller.

Instead of playing on the screen, the controller will do the button inputs for you if you feel like it.

Steps on How to Install Emulators

Step 1: Launch the Google Play Store App/Site

Best gbc emulators for android step 1 launch the google play store app/site

Step 2: Search the Emulator of Choice

Best gbc emulators for android step 2 search the emulator of choice

Step 3: Choose from the Results

Best gbc emulators for android step 3 choose from the results

Step 4: Install It On Your Android Device

Best gbc emulators for android step 4 install it on your android device

Step 5: Launch The Emulator and Game

Best gbc emulators for android step 5 launch the emulator and game

GBC Emulators: FAQs

Are the free emulators safe?

As long as you download the actual emulator, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Ads may play, but they don’t necessarily harm your device. They’re more of a nuisance rather than bugging out your device.

Is it worth buying these emulators?

For the most part, these emulators aren’t that expensive. You can also keep them forever as long as you have access to your Google account that made the purchase.

Their memory size isn’t that big as well, so you can just uninstall them anytime you want.

In Closing

That concludes our look into the best GBC emulators for Android. Choose from free or paid emulators that will suit your needs.

Just remember, these emulators don’t come with games. You have to find your own ROMs, and we don’t have them (at least not the patched ones).

If you’re still a bit unsure, you can always read the reviews and ratings from each of the emulator’s pages. Get a feel of what the customers are getting and decide if you want to get them or not.

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