7 Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Cheating: Our Top Recommendations

The Nintendo DS had a good run from its release in 2005 until 2014. While there are still units being sold, Nintendo has halted all production.

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It was truly a marvel of a system with the first one having touchscreen features.

That being said, we’re here to talk about the 7 best Nintendo DS emulators for cheating.

These NDS emulator recommendations are for Windows (PC), Android, iOS, Linux, and MacOS. These popular emulators are easy to use and handle, and they have added cheating features, which is why we highly recommend them.

The instructions can be used for any NDS game, but we’ll focus more on Pokemon games for this guide. The methods are the same anyway, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Best nintendo ds emulators for cheating

DeSmuME (Windows)

Desmume cheat menu

DesmuME is a staple in the DS emulator world. Considered as one of the best and one of the oldest, this emulator is good for cheating and other features you would want.

How to Use DeSmuME for Cheating:

Step 1 – Click on Tools

Desmume step 1

Simply click on tools and choose the cheats option.

Step 2 – Put the cheat

NDS cheats are usually just Action Replay, so just click on that. Add the cheat that you want, put a name on it, and then save.

5 best nds emulator cheating dsmume 3

Step 3 – You’re Done

Once you do all of that, you’re finished. The cheat is ready to be used and don’t forget to remove it when not in use.

Emulation is smoothSettings may take time to configure
Can use cheats, save states, and moreGame compatibility may be an issue with some

No$GBA – (Windows)

No$gba cheat menu

Rivaling DeSmuME’s popularity is No$GBA which is an NDS emulator that has been around for over a decade. It can run GBA games as well but for the NDS ROMS, there is no finer competition than this one.

How to Use No$GBA for Cheating:

Step 1 – Click on Utility

No$gba step 1

Click on Utility and choose Cheats

Step 2 – Put the Cheat

No$gba step 2

Put the cheat code in the blank box. Since No$GBA can also run GBA, GBC, and Gameboy games, there are options for the cheat.

Choose from Game Shark and Code Breaker, but NDS cheats are mostly Action Replay.

Step 3 – You’re Done

Give the cheat a name, save it and you’re done.

Can run other systems like Game Boy, Color, and AdvanceDepending on the settings, emulation may be laggy
Several added featuresGame compatibility has some issues for some games

Drastic DS Emulator – (Android)

Drastic ds cheat menu

A great emulator available for Android devices, so you want Drastic for it but it has a bit of a Drastic has a very different way of inputting cheats. The task is a bit complicated but we’ll show you to the best that we can.

How to Use Drastic for Cheating:

Step 1 – Download the Cheats

You have to find a cheat set from a different website since we don’t have it here. We have codes but the things you want to download are those in a ZIP file.

Download the right cheat set for the right ROM.

Step 2 – Unzip the Files

Unzip the cheat files in the ZIP or RAR file format. The cheats will automatically be installed in the Drastic Emulator.

Step 3 – Use the Cheats

Drastic ds step 3

Launch the game and access the Cheat Database menu. The cheats that you unzipped will be there for you to toggle and use (image above).

Using the cheats can be convenient when installed properly,On the opposite end, getting the cheats can be the tricky part
Has some good featuresCan be confusing for beginners

nds4droid (Android)

Nds4droid best nintendo ds emulators for cheating

While not everyone maybe familiar with nds4droid, it is a suitable emulator for Android devices. Nowadays, it is a bit rare for people to use it since it doesn’t work for newer Android operating systems. It is still a suitable emulator for NDS lovers with cheats working.

How to Use nds4droid for Cheating:

Step 1 – Access the Cheat Option

Simply access the cheat option.

Step 2 – Put the Cheats

Put the cheat code, and save them with the name you want.

Step 3 – You’re Done

You’re done, the cheats should be functioning when you load the game.

Very basic but effective emulator app for AndroidDoes not work for newer Android devices
It’s freeGame compatibility could be an issue

RetroArch (Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux)

Retroarch cheat menu

RetroArch is an emulator that can run different systems. We’re talking about Nintendo, SEGA, and even the Playstation 1 but for the NDS part, it is enough and can run cheats smoothly.

How to Use RetroArch for Cheating:

Step 1 – Click on the Cheat Menu

Go to the Menu and access the Cheat option.

Step 2 – Select the NDS Cheats

Retroarch step 2

Choose the NDS (Nintendo DS) cheats option.

Step 3 – Add the Cheats

Retroarch step 3

Just add the cheats that you want with the ADD NEW CHEAT or Copy it.

Step 4 – You’re Done

Save and give the cheats a name, and you’re done.

Retroarch can run other emulators aside from the NDS and is considered as the all-in-one emulatorConfiguring the system can be tricky since you need to download specific things for the NDS segment.
Also other features like a speed modifier button and save statesA bit excessive to just play NDS ROMS

MelonDS (Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux)

Melonds cheat menu

MelonDS is a good emulator suitable for numerous systems which include systems for the PC and Android devices. Packed with good features and other content to boot.

How to Use MelonDS for Cheating:

Step 1 – Setup the Cheats

Melonds step 1


Step 2 – Add the Cheats

Melonds step 2

Add the Cheat which you can compile on one banner. Based on the image below, make a folder for the game and put the cheats below it.

Step 3 – You’re Done

Just save the cheats and you can add more or edit them later on if they don’t work.

A good and basic emulator that runs well.Cheats may be tricky to put for beginners.
Several added and bonus features.There could be some parts where the gaming experience sort of falters but not all the time.

Delta Emulator (iOS)

Delta emulator play ds games

Since its release on the Apple App Store, Delta Emulator has quickly become the top choice for DS emulation among iOS users. Delta is capable of emulating a wide range of retro games from various consoles, such as GBC and GBA.

One of Delta’s most popular features is its ability to enable cheats, with full support for Action Replay cheat codes in DS games.

How to use cheats in Delta

Step 1: Press “MENU” button.

Step 2: Select “Cheat Codes.

Delta emulator add cheat codes menu

Step 3: Select “+” icon to add a cheat.

Delta emulator add cheat plus button

Step 4: Add cheat code. In this example, I’m adding the Walk through walls cheat for the game Pokemon Diamond.

Delta add cheat code save

Step 5: Press the required button to activate the cheat. For the walk through walls, the buttons R and B must be pressed at once to enable the cheat and L and B to deactivate the cheat.

Delta cheat walk through walls

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cheats work on emulators?

Yes, as long as the cheats are inputted correctly and the required buttons are pressed correctly, then they will work.

The cheats are only in Action Replay, which narrows the field and makes your life a whole lot easier.

Are DS emulators illegal?

The Nintendo DS emulators aren’t really illegal when you think about it. The issue usually lies with the ROMs or games.

Game companies like Nintendo aren’t really fond of people sharing or worse selling their games in these forms.

If you just get the ROMs and play them on your own, then you shouldn’t have a problem. Do not sell any of these ROMs, so you don’t get in trouble.

Is it illegal to use cheats in games?

It is not illegal to use cheats for emulators. In fact, if you’re playing single-player games, regardless of emulators or a gaming system, then there’s nothing wrong with that.

Cheating on multiplayer games is where it can be bad. If you’re just playing on your own, then there shouldn’t be an issue, since you are not hindering other people.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing Pokemon Platinum or a ROM hack like Pokemon – Bloody Platinum, there’s nothing wrong when using cheats with these games.

Even playing other games like Mario Kart can be done with cheats.

In Closing

That concludes our list of the 7 best Nintendo DS emulators for cheating. Don’t feel bad for cheating with these games even if they are ROM hacks.

Play whatever you like and if the game is giving you a hard time, then cheat all the way.

Some players cheat because they already played and finished the game. They want to feel and explore more aspects of the game, so cheating is fine.

These emulators can be easy to use cheats and some of them have some complexity, but they are the best to use around.

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