All Mythical Pokemon List from Gen 1-8

When Pokemon started, you had an array of creatures that have their distinct and unique properties. The introduction of the Alolan Form categorized several Pokemon as another classification. That’s because a Pokemon having an Alolan Form doesn’t mean that it has a slightly altered look and color. Alolan Forms also have a different type for the Pokemon. Just like a Sandshrew is a Ground-type, but its Alolan Form is an Ice and Steel-type.

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However, even before the Alolan Form, there was already another classification for Pokemon: the Legendary category. Pokemon that are considered Legendaries are usually just one of a kind. In Pokemon lore, these Legendary Pokemon also have some mysticism and interesting story to them, unlike regular Pokemon. The Legendary classification is transcended by the Mythical category.

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That’s right, and you have Legendaries and all Mythical Pokemon present in the games. A Mythical Pokemon has similarities to Legendary Pokemon, but we’ll get more into that later on. The main thing to keep in mind about these Mythical Pokemon is that they cannot be obtained in the games through traditional methods. The only way to get them legitimately is to participate in events.

All mythical pokemon

Everything you need to know about Mythical Pokemon

How many Mythical Pokemon are there?

Currently, there are 22 Mythical Pokemon spanning from Generation I to VIII. Take a look at the table below with all Mythical Pokemon available and click on them if you want to find out more about a specific one.

Mythical Pokemon List

GenerationMythical Pokemon
Generation IMew
Generation IICelebi
Generation IIIDeoxys, Jirachi
Generation IVArceus, Darkrai, Manaphy, Phione, Shaymin
Generation VGenesect, Keldeo, Meloetta, Victini
Generation VIDiancie, Hoopa, Volcanion
Generation VIIMarshadow, Magearna, Meltan, Melmetal, Zeraora
Generation VIIIZarude

Are Mythical Pokemon The Same as Legendary?

The answer is no because they are a league above Legendary. You can think of Legendary Pokemon as the S-Class tier and Mythical Pokemon as an X-Class tier which is higher. The similarities they share are that there is only one of them, and they are very powerful. The other edge is that Mythical Pokemon are even more rarely seen in terms of lore. Interestingly, Mythical Pokemon was not used as a term outside of Japan until Generation V, and they were all classified as Legendary prior to it.

What is the rarest Mythical?

There really isn’t an actual answer for this one. A lot of people say Mew, and if we look at it from a gameplay perspective, that would be true. Mew cannot be captured in the original Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow games. In terms of lore, Mew is also considered the rarest because rarely anybody sees it. Perhaps we can agree that Mew is the rarest, but this isn’t a factual answer.

How to catch these Mythical Pokemon?

That can be a challenge if you want to capture all Mythical Pokemon. As we mentioned earlier, Mew cannot be captured by traditional means in the Generation I games. If you want to capture Mythical Pokemon, you can only do it by doing the events available for each Pokemon. In the case of Mew, the event to capture it was available in Pokemon Emerald. The events are no longer available for the older games.

This means the only way to get Mythical Pokemon is to hack the game. You can also do some glitches and input codes that will allow you to encounter these Mythical Pokemon. This can be applicable for older games because Nintendo can always just throw an event for the recent games, and the new games Sword and Shield have Zarude, which they’ll probably release more events later on.


If you want to catch all Mythical Pokemon, that can be a challenge. When you look at it, the only reason for you to do so is for collection purposes and your Pokedex. A lot of Mythical Pokemon are good, but you may not want to use them in battle all the time.

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