Pokemon GO Shiny Odds – Information, Shiny Rate, and Chart

Even if you’re not a master Pokemon player, you know what a shiny Pokemon is. Basically, it’s a Pokemon that has a different color from its default look. A shiny form can be good or bad, but people who hunt shiny Pokemon won’t use it for battle unless it has very good stats. That’s why we’re going to get down on the Pokemon GO Shiny odds.

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It’s just a fancy way of saying what is the rate of encountering Shiny Pokemon in GO. Keep in mind that different games in the series have different rates for encountering a Shiny.

You can see a lot of videos where the players did over thousands of resets just to find a Shiny version of a Pokemon. We’re going to dig deep and find other important data regarding the shiny encounter Pokemon in GO.

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Pokemon go shiny odds

Important Data About the Pokemon GO Shiny Odds

How You Can Get Shiny Pokemon

Even before we tackle the Pokemon GO Shiny odds, you need to know how to get one or a method that allows you to get a Shiny. There are multiple methods of acquiring Pokemon in this game, and there’s usually a Shiny odd in all of them, which we’ll also tackle later on when talking about the rates.

Regular Encounter

A regular encounter is the one where a Pokemon pops up on the world map. Clicking on the Pokemon allows you to encounter it. A Shiny Pokemon may pop up on the world map where you are currently located. The Pokemon GO Shiny odds for regular encounters are different from the other games, and that’s why we’re here to tackle it.

Legendary and Mythical

These are Pokemon that can be encountered in the world map since they have a higher Shiny odd than regular Pokemon. Keep in mind that not every Legendary or Mythical will spawn on the world map.

Specific Pokemon

This is the same as a Regular Encounter, but specific Pokemon have boosted Shiny Odds. These are Regular Pokemon but compared to those that are found in Regular Encounters; several specific Pokemon have a higher rate of being a Shiny. That’s probably because most of these are rarer to encounter on the world map.

Permanently Boosted

This one is a step above Specific Pokemon. They have a higher Shiny odd, but this only applies to even more specific types of Pokemon. A good example would be those that don’t spawn in the world map, as well as Shadow Pokemon and Mega Raid battles.

Raid Battles

There’s the Raid Battle method where it is also open for a window of time. Head to any Gym where the Raid Battle is happening. Shiny odds are also present here, allowing you to catch a Raid Boss that can be Shiny. Just remember that catching these Raid Bosses can be tough. The Pokemon GO Shiny odds for Legendary and Mythical Pokemon spawn in the world map are different from those in Raid Battles. Seeing the chart below, the shiny rate for Legendary Raids has an incredible number of 1 in 20.

Community Day

Community Day is a special event where rare and special Pokemon will pop up in a specific area. There’s a window before the event ends but the key here is that spawn rates are increased. This also means that the rate of getting a Shiny is also increased.

Pokemon GO Fest and Safari Zone

These two events are like a special Community Day. You have to buy tickets to enter the event unless you’re lucky enough to be invited to it. Multiple Pokemon will appear, and those that are also special and unique, like a Pikachu with a Hat. Shiny odds in these events also differ from the rest.

Limited Research

Limited Research is a thing in Pokemon GO that will ask you to do certain tasks. Doing those tasks can reward you with items and a Pokemon. Then, of course, there are odds that the Pokemon can be Shiny. The Shiny rate varies though; we put them all on the chart below in the Limited Research method.

Chart for the Pokemon GO Shiny Odds

MethodShiny Rate
Regular Encounter1 in 500 (0.2%)
Legendary and Mythical1 in 20 (5%)
Specific Pokemon1 in 125 (0.8%)
Permanently Boosted1 in 62.5 (1.6%)
Raid Battles1 in 10 (10%)
Community Day1 in 25 (4%)
Pokemon GO Fest and Safari Zone1 in 62.5 (1.6%)
Limited Research1 in 10 (10%) or
1 in 20 (5%) or
1 in 40 (2.5%)

In Closing

There are different rates for the Pokemon GO Shiny odds. Depending on your method of acquisition, there are different rates. Many players are doing things like not catching Pokemon in the hopes of encountering a Shiny Pokemon. Plus, the other methods are a bit hard to do now due to the current state of some areas.

We’re talking about postponed and even canceled Pokemon GO events since they don’t want people going outside. That’s a good thing, but if ever, these rates have not changed in recent times. They have changed in the past, but these are the current odds for the Shiny Pokemon in the game.

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