How to Connect Pokemon Go to Let’s Go

How to connect pokemon go to let's go

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that people can enjoy for free. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee are exclusive but the same kind of games for the Nintendo Switch. These are two different sets of games but all of them can be connected.

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That’s right, you can connect Pokemon Go to the Pokemon Let’s Go games. You can get some nice incentives when you do so when you know how to connect Pokemon Go to Let’s Go.

Prepping up Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

  • When you’re in-game already, head to Fuschia City and go to the Pokemon GO Park Complex.
  • Open the Settings option and click on Pokemon Go.
  • The game will then ask you if you want to pair with a Pokemon Go account, then just click on Yes and wait.

Prepping Up Pokemon Go

  • Click on the Poke Ball icon to open up the options.
  • Click on the Settings and find Nintendo Switch.
  • Then tap on the Connect to option.

How to actually connect both games

  • Once you’re done with both of those steps above, you will now need to wait until both games are connected.
  • The connection process is similar to connecting two devices with Bluetooth options. Regardless if you start prepping up with Let’s Go or Pokemon Go, both games will detect if there is an available account to connect to.
  • When the games are connected, talk to the NPC that allows you to access the Go Parks. Click on the Bring Pokemon option.
  • You will now focus your attention on Pokemon Go. Click on the different Pokemon that you have and tap on those that you want to transfer.
  • You can click on multiple Pokemon that you want to transfer to Let’s Go.
  • Let’s say you want to transfer 10 of your Pokemon from Pokemon Go. Click on the Send to Switch option and it will start sending the selected Pokemon.
  • The transfer process will begin and depending on how many Pokemon and how fast your internet speed is will determine how fast the process will be completed.
  • Head to the Go Park where you sent the selected Pokemon and you can choose to interact with them and that pretty much finishes the process.
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What you can get when you connect these game

  • In terms of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, you can get the Pokemon that you have from your Pokemon Go.
  • This means that if there are exclusive Pokemon to Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee, then you can get them from Pokemon Go without the need to trade from the opposite game.
  • Pokemon Let’s Go can also get the Meltan from Pokemon Go which is the only way for players to get it.
  • The Pokemon transferred from Pokemon Go can be playable in Let’s Go. The stats and moves will be based on Pokemon Go but you can always improve on them.
  • In terms of Pokemon Go, you can get a Mystery Box as a reward for the first transfer that you do.

A few important things to remember

  • Once you transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go, you can not take them back to the game. The Pokemon are stuck on Let’s Go forever.
  • The transferred Pokemon also retains the original trainer name like how you would trade them.
  • When you know how to connect Pokemon Go to Let’s Go make sure as much as possible that the internet doesn’t disconnect. There is a chance that you will lose some of those Pokemon forever when the reconnection fails.
  • You can only transfer Generation I Pokemon from Pokemon Go along with Meltan. You cannot transfer any of the later Generations.
  • If you own a Pokeball Plus device, you can get a Mew for free that you can send to Pokemon Let’s Go.
  • There are 20 Go Parks that you can use to store those Pokemon. In each Go Park you can store 50 Pokemon so that means you can store about 1,000 Pokemon from Pokemon Go if you want to that is.
  • There are also no limits as to how many Pokemon Go accounts you can link and connect to your Let’s Go games.

In closing

It is a fun thing to connect Pokemon Go to the Let’s Go games. It makes things easier for you to catch some of those Pokemon that aren’t available for the game that you own and that’s a good thing.

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