Pokemon Fire Red: Generations

Pokemon FireRed has had so many ROM hacks throughout the years. We’re going to cover another one which is called Pokemon Fire Red: Generations. It’s a nice hack since it allows you to get all 386 Pokemon up to Gen 3 available in this hack.

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We got a lot more Pokemon FireRed ROM hacks if you click here. There are other features for Generations, and one of them is that the hack itself has an increased difficulty level. It makes for a fun gaming session as well as being able to enjoy some of the updated stats and other things involved in the game.

For more hard and challenging ROM hacks, we have a list for you to see.

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Pokemon Fire Red: Generations Details and More


The story is the same as the original FireRed and LeafGreen. There’s not much in terms of changes when it comes to the story so you would already know what happens.


First thing is that you can get all 386 Pokemon from Gen 1 to 3. The Starters are also changed to Clampearl, Trapinch, and Tyrogue. You don’t need to trade certain Pokemon because they will evolve at certain levels.

The ones that need Evolution Stones are still on. The increased difficulty is also there, but it isn’t unfair in terms of how hard it is. Stats for all Pokemon have been altered, so forget what you know.

There’s also a slight graphical update that you might see, as well as some familiar faces.

Pokemon Fire Red: Generations Information

Pokemon fire red: generations

Pokemon Fire Red: Generations
Creator: Blue
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Catch all 386 Pokemon
  • Roster available up to Gen 3
  • Stats have been modified
  • New Areas to Explore
  • Harder difficulty for the hack
  • No need to trade evolutions
  • Rematch Gym Leaders


Pokemon fire red: generations screenshots

Download Pokemon Fire Red: Generations

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