Pokemon Theta Emerald


For almost a year of hard work and dedication, a new, better, and refined version of Pokemon Emerald game has finally released. Pokemon Theta emerald is a Pokemon emerald based game made by LCCoolJ95. There plenty of adventures and fun you can expect with this game as compared to the regular Emerald game which makes it a great stress reliever after school or work.

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Impressive Features

If you find the 386 Pokemon in a regular Pokemon emerald game entertaining, how much more if a game like Theta emerald which has 650 Pokemon from different generations. How’s that sound to you?

But what if, there are over 100 new available moves you can teach for your Pokemon? Or how about Fairy-type Pokemon, would you like to collect them? These are the few great features of Pokemon Theta Emerald that every player must check out and look forward to, in fact, there are plenty of them.

How to play Pokemon Theta Emerald?

First off, you need a clean Pokemon emerald .gba ROM file. Second, download the Theta emerald file below and check the attached software called NUPS. Patch the .ups file to your Pokemon Emerald game, if done correctly you will be prompted a success message.

Game Information

Pokemon theta emerald

Pokemon Theta Emerald
Author: LCCoolJ95
Game base: Pokemon Emerald
Source: link


  • 650 Pokemon
  • 100+ new moves
  • Physical/Special Split
  • Have Specific Pokemon Events
  • Fairy-type
  • Updated Stats
  • New Evolution Methods
  • Running Shoes Update
  • Reusable TMs
  • Egg Hatching Level
  • Catch EXP
  • De-capitalization


650 new pokemon
Theta emerald new moves
Theta emerald new location

Pokemon Theta Emerald Download

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in the tutorial video it says to mirror but i can only see download
what can i do to play this for real

hello it says that the patch doesn’t match with the file. how do I fix this?

Is it the same story in emerald but with different pokemon

excuse me.. but the item codes is not working all of them i want to buy mega stones using cheats but all of the item codes is not working please fix. my galladite has been stolen from me.. i cant find any..

The EX version have many glitches. Is this one have many glitches as well?

Are they game boy advance or nds

How many regions are in this hack

Is there a cheat for the new pokemons?