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Pokemon UltraViolet version, another worth a play Pokemon GBA rom hack for you. We don’t post crappy games here, and we only choose those we believe are the best for you. This time, it is Pokemon Ultra Violet, which we highly recommend adding to your list.

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As you play UltraViolet, you will already notice the difference from its based version, which is the FireRed. In the early game, you will see the title screen that features mew.

What makes Pokemon Ultra Violet a unique game is that you can capture your starter Pokemon by yourself and ignore professor Oak’s three starters. Oak will bring you to the secret passage, a cool-looking guy will give you 30 safari balls, and you’ll use the ball to catch your starter. You will never get back to that place again, so be sure to have the best Pokemon partner.

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There are more exciting features that Pokemon Ultra Violet has to offer; check out the listed features below, just to name a few of them.

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Game Information

Pokemon ultraviolet 1

Pokemon UltraViolet Version
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
Author: LocksmithArmy
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Link


  • Have the option to choose your own starter Pokemon
  • Catch all of the Pokemon from the first 2 generations
  • New game title
  • All pokemon from Fire Red and Leaf Green are catchable
  • Take both fossils and fighting Pokemon
  • No need to trade a Pokemon to evolve
  • Travel to the last 2 islands and catch Ho-oh, Lugia, and Deoxys (buy the ticket at the store)
  • ..And much more!


Ultra violet choose starter
Ultraviolet screen1
Ultraviolet gym brock
Ultra violet mountain evil

Pokemon UltraViolet Download

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This is just fire red. Waste of my time and effort

Can anyone tell me why the ROM only opens as Fire Red and not Ultra Violet? I need to have the actual ROM hack for a live stream in a few weeks.

i would love to know this as well.

same, it won’t load the actual rom.

I have tried to save the game multiple times but i keep getting a save error everytime and idk how to fix it.
I can save through the emulator but not in-game which is annoying.

Yeah, no matter what I do, the conversation option with Oak to get an alternate starter never triggers. That part is essentially no different from the base Fire Red for me. Is this a common issue, or is there something specific I have to do to trigger it? I’ve already tried everything I can think of after he drags the player into his lab to pick a starter, but Oak will still only repeat the default “Go pick a starter” dialogue when I talk to him.

I can’t even get the opening screen to say Ultra Violet. It shows up as Fire Red.

Hey pokemoncoder how do i hatch an bad egg

I really loved this version especially I’ve been playing Pokemon for many years now, just a suggestion, you should add more items like shiny charms, mega evolutions, evs-ivs and more side quests for legends and missions, looking forward for more updates

Pokemon Ultra Violet is the best Pokemon game I’ve ever played. To make it even better though would be to have it where you have to fight the Elite 4 and Gary for a third time and fourth time where they are in their level 80s and 90s respectively. That would make the game more fun and challenging. It’s just a suggestion though!

Where do you get the patch though?

when I open the game it just shows a white screen what is this

Really excited to catch all the Pokemon! Has anyone else had a problem finding shinys and getting the shinyizer to work?

Are all moves still physical or special by type? (Normal= physical, fire/water/grass= special. Etc.)

Question: When I go to each area I am only able to encounter the same Pokémon over and over again. when I go to catch my starter it is only pichu (tested over 200 encounter) and then on route 1 its only Pidgey after Pidgey (also 200+ encounters) I followed the patching instructions and have tested it on 3 different devices (1 Desktop, 1 Laptop, and 1 Tablet) Can someone help me figure out what is going wrong ;-; ? I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS ROM! I’ve heard about it was immediately excited to try it.

What can I do if the file I downloaded is unrecognisable by my boy

I followed the instruction for the hack on the ROM and it loads normally, but when I press the start button the game screen turns white and does not load

go on your visual boy advants then go to options then go to emulator then go on to save type then go on to 12k

I’m using John GBA lite on Android and I also get a white screen after advancing past the start/splash screen with mew

When I gotoplay I have charzard as the title screen not mew and I can’t choose a different starter

Got the ultra violet V1.22 rom but it just turned out to be Fire Red.

Same. Has anyone figured this out?

For some reason, I cant use this rom. Tried VBA-M, NO$GBA and VBA-CollectorsEdition. None of them work, no idea why. What emulators are you guys using?

Ive tried to open this on 3 emulators and they all come back that the rom is not valid, check the format?

I use JohnGBC and it’s running fine

Anyone know why my machoke, and graveler won’t evolve? My machoke is lvl 50 now, and according to what I’ve seen is supposes to evolve at 48. Same with graveler. He’a I think lvl 46 now, and was supposed to evolve at 45. Admittedly, I did use the infinite exp cheat, but that hasn’t had an effect on my other pokemon evolving. Any ideas?

link cable

A link cable? How are you playing Pokemon Ultra Violet? What are you plugging a game link cable into? And one of the reasons for this rom hack was to remove the requirement to trade and stuff (that’s mentioned above), so if you just mean Machoke and Graveler evolve by trading, we are aware of that 26-year-old feature. It’s possible that you need to go to the trade center and/or “pretend” to use a link cable to evolve those Pokemon, but I’m not sure. If that’s what you mean, it would be cool if you could clarify. Otherwise, hopefully I’ll… Read more »

There’s an item called link cable. Most hacks use this method. Where to find it? Don’t know. Go find it yourself. Or ask others. Up to you

You have to trade to evolve them you monkey

dude u got use a trade stone

I am not played completely, but some thinks are additional and many thinks unlocked that actually needs such as dark type Pokemons, hidden zombies in graveyard of Pokemon Tower in Lavander Town, new beginner pokemons in seven island, i think may be more thinks, but it’s not boring as compare to official FireRed and LeafGreen.