My Boy! – GBA Emulator (Paid) and My Boy APK FREE Download


The best GBA emulator on earth, and that’s MyBoy GBA emulator (Paid version). Every Pokemon GBA fans know what MyBoy is, the app is available for free and paid version. The free version of MyBoy offers limited functionalities (free version is no longer available in Play store) while the paid version gives you full access to features.

At this moment, the paid version of MyBoy has millions of download solely on Google play store. But, how about the APK file of MyBoy that can be downloaded for free online? What do you think?

Download my boy paid or apk

6 Reasons You Need MyBoy GBA Emulator for your Pokemon GBA Gaming

There are plenty of reasons why you need to download and use a full version of MyBoy not only for Pokemon gaming but also other popular GBA games;

  • Fast and reliable emulation
  • Full support for IPS/UPS ROM patching
  • Light and Smooth GBA gaming
  • Fast forward and slow down functionalities
  • Runs nearly all GBA games without problems
  • Supports Gameshark code, Code Breaker and Action Replay
  • And many more…

My Boy! GBA Emulator (Paid) vs My Boy! GBA Emulator APK

If you would ask me, I’ll go for the paid version, of course; this is to help the developer of My Boy improve their app for the next updates. In my case, after trying the free version for a little while, I purchased the paid version, and that’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

However, if buying My Boy is not an option for you at the moment and badly needed the app. You can surely download an APK version. Although I do not recommend using APK, I can help find an APK for My Boy if you insist, but do it at your own risk.

My Boy! GBA Emulator APK Free Download

There are plenty of sources online where you can download APK for My Boy at zero cost. I recommend heading to these links;

To Sum This Up

My Boy is my all-time favorite GBA Emulator; other GBA emulator may work for you, but with functionality and advanced features, nothing can beat My Boy.

I’ve been a fan of this app for several years now I would highly suggest this to you. Start with the free My Boy and purchase later when you feel the need of the paid version.

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