How to Get EXP Share In Pokemon FireRed

Are you struggling to level up your Pokemon in FireRed? Look no further than the elusive EXP Share item.

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This valuable tool can give your team a significant advantage, but obtaining it can be quite a challenge. In this article, we will explore the best ways to get your hands on EXP Share and boost your Pokemon’s level.

EXP share is one of the most useful items used in Pokemon FireRed and even on Pokemon Emerald. Utilizing this item can give you plenty of advantage most, especially when leveling up your Pokemon in your party.

How do you use EXP share, and how does it works?

  • Give the EXP Share to the Pokemon that you want to soak up the EXP.
  • The EXP Share holder doesn’t even need to be in a battle to get EXP.
  • Then, just have any Pokemon in your party defeat other Pokemon in battle.
  • 50% of the EXP and stats will go to the Pokemon that is holding the EXP Share while the other 50% goes to the Pokemon in battle.
  • If there are numerous Pokemon in battle, then the EXP Share holder will still get 50%, while the other 50% will be divided by all the Pokemon that participated in the battle.
  • Think of it as if the EXP is 200. The EXP Share holder gets 100, and the other 100 EXP will be divided by the Pokemon in battle. If two Pokemon were in battle, then they both would get 50.
  • If the EXP Share holder starts the battle and gets swapped out, they get more EXP. Basically, the holder gets the 50%, but since it participated in the battle, it will get 25% more from the other 50% and the one that defeated the enemy.
  • This calculation is also applicable if multiple Pokemon are in battle. 50% goes to the holder, and the holder can still get whatever is the division for the remaining 50% if more than two Pokemon were present.
  • If any Pokemon fainted during the battle, the EXP would be shared normally. Basically, no EXP will be wasted. The 50% still goes to the holder, and those that were in a battle that didn’t faint, will get the 50% but not give any to the one that did faint.
  • If the holder fainted, then EXP will be shared normally by those who participated.
How to get exp share in pokemon firered

Where and How to Get EXP Share in Fire Red?

To obtain the EXP Share in Pokemon FireRed, you must go to Route 15, located east of Fuchsia City. Look for the building in the images below to guide you.

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On the second floor, one of Professor Oak’s Aide will be there to give you the EXP share when your Pokedex has 50 unique Pokemon entries. That’s right, and it has to be 50 UNIQUE and not 50 of the same Pokemon to get it.

Route 15, exp share location
Oaks aide for exp share

What is the fastest way to get EXP share in FireRed

It is a bit tricky or takes a lot of time to get 50 Unique Pokemon right away. The good thing is that it takes a bit of time before you get to Route 15.

If you’ve been catching unique Pokemon before this, then you might have a chance to do things much faster.

Plus, at this point, you can already access the Safari Zone north of Fuchsia city, where you can catch a lot of other Unique Pokemon. Evolving some of the Pokemon you have can also help.

Use Evolution Stones as well to get to the quota right away. That’s pretty much the fastest way you can go when you want to get the EXP Share fast. You could also use a cheat code to get the EXP Share early on.

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Using EXP Share Cheat for FireRed

Many players find it difficult to obtain the EXP Share item in their Fire Red game, so some may resort to using cheats as a solution. Our collection of Pokemon FireRed cheats includes an EXP Share cheat.

You can also find the cheat codes below that players can use to gain an advantage in the game. Take note, this code is only for FireRed and not for LeafGreen despite both games being the same.

It only works for emulators, and make sure that the emulator you are using will allow you to access and use cheats.

Exp share cheat for pokemon firered
EXP Share CheatCode
Main Code82025840 00B6
Alternative code 1820257C4 00B6
Alternative code 2820257C400B6

There are several codes for the EXP Share in FireRed, but using them is them is the same. Input the code as Code Breaker type.

Then, head to any Item PC, and you can withdraw an unlimited amount of EXP Share.

Suppose you’ll also notice that codes 2 and 3 are the same. The only difference is that there is a space. It sounds silly, but these things can be sensitive; there are numerous codes because some versions of FireRed will only work using one of these specific codes.

Finally, ROM hacks based on FireRed can also use these codes, although some hacks won’t.

In Closing

If you want to get EXP Share in Pokemon FireRed, it would be wise to come up with a strategy to obtain it quickly. While cheat codes are available, obtaining them through legitimate means will require some effort on your part.

There are cheat codes, but if you want to do it legitimately, you have to muster your efforts to get the EXP Share as fast as possible.

For players who want to level up their Pokemon to specific levels, obtaining the EXP Share can be quite useful. However, as the game progresses, it may become less necessary. Nevertheless, there are more opportunities to catch additional Pokemon in the post-game.

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