How To Get EXP Share In Pokemon Emerald

The EXP Share has gotten a significant change in the Gen 3 games. One of these games from Gen 3 is Emerald. They work a bit differently, but the concept is still there.

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That’s why we’re here to teach you how to get EXP Share in Pokemon Emerald and other information pertaining to it.

To give you an idea, in the Gen 1 games, the EXP Share worked automatically, giving EXP shared to all the Pokemon involved in the battle.

In Gen 2, Pokemon could hold items, so the Pokemon that held the EXP Share got a portion of the EXP. In Gen 3, it is a bit more intricate, and that’s what we’ll be discussing.

How do you use EXP share, and how does it work?

Exp share in pokemon emerald

How to use

Before we get to the part where you get EXP Share in Pokemon Emerald, there are some important details that you need to know. When it comes to using it, simply let a Pokemon Hold the EXP Share.

The Pokemon isn’t needed to be in the battle for it to get the EXP. Let another or multiple Pokemon do the battling, and the holder will always get 50% of the EXP obtained from the enemy.

Fainted Pokemon

If any Pokemon in battle fainted, they don’t get EXP. That also means that the other Pokemon involved in the battle will get the EXP.

No EXP is wasted, and if the holder of the EXP Share faints, then EXP is shared normally for the participants in the battle.

Nice EXP Trick

Have the Pokemon that holds the EXP Share start the battle. Swap it out to the Pokemon that will do the battle.

The holder will get the 50% default from the EXP Share but at the same time another percentage from the 50% that those that participated in the battle.

If only the holder and one Pokemon went into battle, then the holder would gain 75% of the entire EXP.

If there are more Pokemon, just divide the 50% with all the involved Pokemon and add it to the 50%. Then again, 75% is the highest EXP that can be achieved. That’s a nice trick that you can use when you get EXP Share in Pokemon Emerald.

How To Topics to Check Out

Where and how to get the EXP Share

Devon Corporation

One method is by getting the EXP Share from the Devon Corporation. By progressing the story, you can get EXP Share in Pokemon Emerald.

If you look at the images below, you need to go to Rustboro City.

Head to the Devon Corporation and talk to Mr. Stone when you’ve recovered the Devon Goods. Mr. Stone will then ask you to deliver the Letter to Steven in the Granite Cave on Route 106.

Once you have delivered the Letter, go back to Mr. Stone, and he’ll give you the EXP Share as a reward.

Exp share in pokemon emerald

Lilycove Department Store Lottery

Another method for getting EXP Share in Pokemon Emerald is going to the Lilycove Department Store. On the first floor, the receptionist will draw a lottery on a daily basis.

Numerous prizes can be given, but if the lottery numbers match the last three digits of your Trainer’s ID, then you can win an EXP Share.

The Trainer’s ID is located on your profile if you take a look at the image below.

Keep in mind that you can go for the lottery on a daily basis. You can try once every day, hoping to win the EXP Share.


EXP share cheat code for Emerald

You can use a cheat code when you want to get EXP Share in Pokemon Emerald. The cheat can only work on emulators, and you have to input the code as Code Breaker.

Then, head to any Poke Mart and buy the EXP Share there. You can get an unlimited amount as long as you have the money. This code also works for ROM hacks using Emerald as their base.

EXP Share Code (Code Breaker)

82005274 00B6

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Rustboro City in Pokemon Emerald

Rustboro city is found in western Hoenn, situated between Route 104 south, Route 115 north, and Route 116 northeast.

As you enter Rustboro city, you will meet your rival telling you about the Pokemon League Gym in the city.

How the EXP Sharing Works

50% is what the holder gets. That’s fixed all the time if the holder isn’t in battle. If multiple Pokemon are in battle, they share the 50% while the other 50% will always go to the holder.

The holder gets 50%, and if three Pokemon were in battle, they would share the other 50% or, in this case, around 16%.

What is the fastest way to get EXP share in Emerald?

The fastest way is to do the story and Mr. Stone’s request to deliver the letter. Unlike FireRed and LeafGreen, Emerald gives you the EXP Share when you finish the task. You don’t need to have 50 Unique Pokemon or do whatever task.

You can get it early in the story when you just beat 2 Gym Leaders. The Lilycove Lottery is all about luck, so that takes too long, and you won’t have access to the Department Store until later anyway. If you want, you can also use a cheat.

In Closing

That’s all you need to know on how to get EXP Share in Pokemon Emerald. Unlike the previous games before Gen 3 and even FireRed and LeafGreen, you can get multiple EXP Shares here as long as you’re lucky.

When you have more than one EXP Share held by Pokemon, the EXP will be shared equally by those not in battle and smaller for those that were.

The fact that you can get the EXP Share so early in Emerald means that you can evolve a lot of your Pokemon early on.

Level t em up and evolve them as soon as you can so that you can make a formidable team later on.

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