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Pokemon Snap takes place in a setting called the Pokemon Island. There is a fan-made game of the same name and it also takes place there.

This isn’t a ROM hack so you don’t need to use an emulator for this game. The game is set on the Island and instead of the usual fighting Gym Leaders and becoming Champion, you just do battles.

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The game looks like any of the GBA ones and it is a bit old. This one dates as far as 2012 but the good thing is that it is complete.

You can download it and play it right away. It has a lot of things to keep you interested in and a lot of things to do rather than just battling most of the time.

Pokemon Island Details and More


The backstory is that the Island was only inhabited by Pokemon for a long time. Then, humans have started studying the Pokemon living there and eventually started living on the Island.

Then, famous trainers, as well as regular ones, started going to the Island to get a slice of the pie. That’s when the competitive scene started popping up. Now, you are one of these trainers who will compete for glory and more.


Pokemon Island focuses on a situation where you improve your character or trainer. Battling other trainers is always the way to go so that you win money and more.

Using that money, you can buy items and TMs to make your Pokemon roster so much stronger. There are a lot of things to do like the Game Corner and Colosseum to feed your hunger.

Basically, every store and place you need to go to will be on the island from Move Tutors, to the Day Care and more.

Pokemon Island Details

Pokemon island rpg

Pokemon Island
Creator: FL
Language: English/Portugese
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Choose from 8 characters to play as
  • Over 600 Pokemon until Gen 5 to choose from and all are available
  • Even Legendary Pokemon are available
  • Moves are updated until Gen 5
  • Abilities are updated until Gen 3
  • Items are available until Gen 4
  • Double Colosseum battles are available
  • HMs are not usable outside of battle but are replaced with specific items


Pokemon island screenshots

Pokemon Island Download

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