Pokemon Clockwork

We’ve covered a lot of fanmade Pokemon games, so why not cover another one? The fangame we’ll be talking about is Pokemon Clockwork. This game like many fanmade games, was created using RPG Maker XP with Pokemon Essentials.

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This means that you have to download it for PC. The only way you can play it on mobile devices is if you use the app called Joiplay, however, we are not certain if the game fully supports Joiplay, and we have yet to confirm that information.

That being said, we’re gonna cover this game in-depth and with all the right information. So, be sure to ready your PC because you are about to play this interesting game.

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Pokemon Clockwork Details and More


The story is the usual Pokemon stuff. The game takes place in the Rosari Region, and your character is an up-and-coming Trainer. Traverse through the Region and encounter numerous Pokemon.

Apparently, Celebi plays a role in the story, but you’ll have to find that out for yourself. Plus, there’s the usual villain group called Team Epsilon. Can you save the world before the clock runs out?


Like many fanmade games, Clockwork has graphics that aren’t the same as the GBA. It looks a bit like the NDS graphics, but it looks good. It is also armed with some great music tracks which are original and some very familiar.

The game also sports a questing system and a Pokemon roster going up to Gen 4. One interesting concept is that you can travel from the Past and the Present, adding a layer of gameplay.

That’s why Celebi plays a role in the story since it is a Pokemon involved in time or time traveling.

Pokemon Clockwork Information

Pokemon clockwork

Pokemon Clockwork
Creator: PoiPoi
Language: English
Discord: Link
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Roster goes up to Gen 4
  • Quest system
  • Time Travel to the Past and Present
  • Some Gym Leaders will have six Pokemon
  • Pokemon doesn’t need Friendship to evolve
  • Evolve during battle
  • Day and Night cycle



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