Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Pokemon Phoenix Rising is a fan-made game using the RPG Maker XP editor. The game’s aesthetics has a mixture of the graphics from the Nintendo DS games, particularly from Generation IV until V.

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The game itself can only be played on PC as you can download and install it directly. You don’t need to install an emulator to run the game.

The other thing is that you don’t need to worry about paying for the game because it is free. Finally, the game is also not that heavy, so you don’t need a high-end computer to run it.

Note: The game can’t be played on Android, even when used with Joiplay.


The story in Pokemon Rising Phoenix is a bit unique and doesn’t follow the usual games where you battle trainers and Gym Leaders to become the Region Champion.

It follows a standard RPG element about your character entangled in a quest to save the world but with Pokemon elements.

You take part in a war where the usual bad guy wants to take over the world. You are tasked with uniting the Council of Oracles to prevent such a catastrophe with the story flowing naturally.


One of the features we already mentioned is that you can engage in the story like a standard RPG. You can still capture and collect numerous Pokemon as the game won’t restrict you if you want to stray away from the story. Like any RPG, you can take quests, finish them, and claim your rewards.

There are also Skill Trees that you can unlock and learn that allow you to use Talents later on. Pokemon Phoenix Rising also gives you those decision-making parts that can affect the flow of the story later on.

Then, the PokeStrap is an essential item in the game. It can contain numerous apps that you can use in Pokemon Rising Phoenix.

Pokemon Rising Phoenix Details

Pokemon rising phoenix

Pokemon Rising Phoenix
By: Phoenix Rising Team
Language: English
Discord: Link
Source: Link

Full Feature List

  • New Map
  • New Storyline
  • New Region
  • Choice Determined Gameplay
  • Character Customisation
  • Skill Trees
  • Quest System
  • Multiple Save Files
  • PokéStrap
  • New Mega Evolutions & Forms


Download Pokemon Phoenix Rising

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  1. Why do i need to patch it myself im dumb and I didn’t see the you need to patch it so i was wondering why it doesn’t locate it and it took me a solid 5 minutes looking at it to figure out whats wrong 😭😭😭🙏🙏

    • Thank you for stopping by, Miquesfr. I’ve read somewhere on other sources that the game was sadly abandoned. 🙁

  2. its good but there is one problem. you cant change window size nor can you change controls. this is a big problem as pokemon uranium (another fan-made pokemon game in rpg maker xp) has that! plz add it

      • That is incorrect. Phoenix rising cannot be played on Android, even with joiplay. If possible, please add a disclaimer to this article to let other know.
        In kind regards, L from the Phoenix Rising Team

        • Hi L Lawliet, I appreciate your help in verifying this information. I just added the information to let others know about it. Thanks for coming here.

  3. Is the game playable on joiplay? I already did the conventional steps to run an rpg maker game there but to no success.

  4. Everytime I try to run the game it says “failed to load script”. I tried to ddl from different sources but the result is the same are there any solutions for this issue