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When Does Vulpix Evolve: Vulpix Gaming Guide

Vulpix is the adorable Fire-type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It has since appeared in almost all of the main series games. It even has an Alolan Form which is colored white and is an Ice-type. You’re probably wondering when does Vulpix evolve, but we’ll get more into that a bit later. What’s not to like about Vulpix because it came at a time where Generation I didn’t have that many Fire-types.

Another thing is that Vulpix tends to be exclusive in one game. Just like in FireRed and LeafGreen, you could only get Vulpix in LeafGreen. It is available in all versions for the later games which is good but by then there could be other Fire-types that you can use.

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Anyway, let’s get to know more about Vulpix about how it evolves and everything else in between.

Evolving Vulpix

Evolving Vulpix and Everything You Need to know About this Pokemon

Is Vulpix good to get?

Vulpix by default is pretty much an average Pokemon. It specializes in having good Sp. Defense and Speed. It depends on the game where you want to use a Vulpix at. In the Generation I games, there weren’t a lot of Fire-types to go through and if you didn’t choose Charmander, Vulpix can be your go-to Pokemon if it is available in the version that you’re playing. A good question would be when does Vulpix evolve so that you can use its evolve form being Ninetales.

To sum it up, Vulpix is a good Fire-type to have early on in the game when you don’t have other Fire-types. It is also accessible early in some games, so it helps you grind it up until it eventually evolves. You just need to make sure to balance out its weakness which is having an average offensive capability when you use it in battle so that it doesn’t get overburdened.

When does Vulpix evolve?

Vulpix doesn’t evolve by leveling it up. It only evolves when using a Fire Stone on it. It doesn’t matter what level your Vulpix is, if you have a Fire Stone, it will evolve to Ninetales without any problems.

When is it ideal to evolve Vulpix?

While you can evolve Vulpix anytime you want as long as you have a Fire Stone, it doesn’t mean that you should. There are several factors that you need to think about before you evolve your Vulpix. The first thing is the Fire Stone itself. In some games, Fire Stone is a bit hard to come by until later on in the game. You may want to save that Fire Stone for another Pokemon other than Vulpix.

The next thing is the move set of Vulpix and Ninetales. When you evolve Vulpix into Ninetales, it will start learning Ninetales’ move set. The unfortunate thing is that the moves that Ninetales learn through aren’t that much as well as that impressive. You’ll be relying on TMs and HMs for that so you can make your Ninetales. The ideal time to evolve Vulpix is that if it has learned moves that you want like Fire Blast.


Vulpix can be more than just an adorable Fire-type that you can use. Now that you know when and how to Vulpix evolve, you can come up with tactics and strategies to better integrate it into your team.

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