15 Best Fire Type Pokemon of All Generations, Ranked

Using the power of fire to obliterate their foes, Fire-type Pokémon are known for their high damage output. It is also included in the primary types that a starter Pokémon must have, making the fire type a common partner among many trainers of all ages.

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Are you looking for a fire-type Pokémon to reinforce your team?

You might want to look for the best Fire-type Pokémon that every generation can offer!

For this post, we are ranking the 15 most powerful and lit-looking Fire-type Pokémon so far in the franchise.

Best fire type pokemon

The Blazing Best Fire Type Pokemon

Fire-type Pokémon are rarely used tactically in battles because their strength lies in bringing utter destruction to the enemy team. These Pokémon can easily take the upper hand if it faces enemies that are less resistant to their type.

A handful of Pokémon are highly susceptible to damage brought by Fire-type moves, such as Grass, Bug, Ice, and Steel-type Pokémon.

On the other hand, it is dangerous for a Fire-type Pokémon to inflict damage from Rock, Ground, and Water-type moves. Since Fire-type Pokémon is only weak to three types of moves, it is one of the most sought-after types when building a team.

Now that you know the limits and strong points of the fire type, here are 15 Pokémon that stands out among the rest under this category:

15. Salazzle (Base Stat Total: 480)


Peculiar is the best word to describe Salazzle. Apart from its rare type combination of Poison and Fire, Salazzle had a distinctive characteristic of being a gender-locked Pokémon.

According to its Pokédex entries, only a female Salandit can evolve into a Salazzle. Using its pheromones, a Salazzle can turn a group of male Salandit into its loyal servants. With a Salazzle as their master, male Salandit are often malnourished, which hinders their potential for evolution.

Salazzle is a highly versatile sweeper since it can resist eight types of moves. These are Fire, Grass, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Bug, Steel, and Fairy.

Pairing its resistance to a wide range of moves are its high base stats in Speed (117) and Sp. Attack (111). The item Choice Specs can further amplify Salazzle’s firepower in battles.

14. Talonflame (Base Stat Total: 499)


Soaring through the sky to search for its prey, a Talonflame can chase other Pokémon in the land with a speed that reaches 310 miles per hour. Its favorite foods are fellow bird Pokémon like Wingull and Pikipek.

Many trainers in the competitive scene are aware of the true potential of this Fire/Flying-type Pokémon. Sejun Park, the 2014 Pokemon Video Game World Champion for the Masters Division skillfully utilized a Talonflame to win the finals.

With a base speed stat of 126, Talonflame can be a headache to play against in double-battles.

It can hit first with high-damage recoil moves like Brave Bird and Flare Blitz, then recovers some HP by using the Flying-type move Roost.

13. Houndoom (Base Stat Total: 500)


Its eerie howls terrify Pokémon and humans alike. Houndoom, a Dark/Fire-type Pokémon incinerates everyone that threatens its pack. The flames from its mouth may cause a burn that hurts forever.

Having a promising base stat total of 500, another reason that makes Houndoom a fearsome combatant is that it can Mega Evolve.

A Mega Houndoom can rank higher in this list with its base stat total of 600, which is on par with a pseudo-legendary Pokémon. Its highest base stats are Sp. Attack (140) and Speed (115), making it a highly effective counter against those pesky Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon.

12. Ceruledge (Base Stat Total: 525)


Acquiring the item Malicious Armor in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet enables a Charcadet to evolve into a Ceruledge. Using its sword-like arms, this Pokémon swipes through its enemies with resentment.

Generation 9 introduced a variety of well-designed Pokémon, and Ceruledge is definitely a notable example.

Behind its knight-ish appearance is a solid Physical Attack sweeper that is immune from Normal and Fighting-type moves due to its Fire/Ghost typing. With the ability called Flash Fire, Ceruledge can nullify the damage of Fire-type moves and use them to boost its own Fire-type attacks.

If you want to evolve your Charcadet in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, here is a guide that can help you: How to Evolve Charcadet in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

11. Blaziken (Base Stat Total: 530)


Aside from being one of the best Fighting-type Pokémon, there’s no doubt that Blaziken makes the cut for the best Fire-type as well. Hailed from the venerated Generation 3 starters, this Blaze Pokémon embodies the true definition of firepower.

Blaziken’s highest base stats are on Attack (120) and Sp. Attack (110). This provides Blaziken access to a wide range of offensive moves regardless of the type of damage.

Trainers can build a Blaziken that utilizes Special Attack moves like Flamethrower and Focus Blast, but the most viable option is to focus on its capability of dealing damage with Physical Attack moves.

A Physical Attack-based Blaziken can further maximize its power through mega-evolving, as a Mega Blazen can bring more pain with its base Attack stat of 160.

10. Infernape (Base Stat Total: 534)


Just like Blaziken, Infernape is another Pokémon that boasts the highly-versatile Fire/Fighting-type. This ape has a set of balanced base stats that focuses on Attack (104), Sp. Attack (104), and Speed (108).

Possessing the power to toast Bug and Grass-type Pokémon, Infernape can also crush foes bearing the types of Normal, Rock, and Dark-type Pokémon through its Fighting-type moves.

Steel and Ice-type Pokémon, on the other hand, are both weak against Fire and Fighting-type moves, which makes them easy prey for Infernape.

9. Charizard (Base Stat Total: 534)


According to a survey conducted on Reddit, Charizard tops the list of the most popular Pokémon, and it seems like there is nothing to be surprised about that.

Each time Game Freak introduces a new mechanic, Charizard always gets a new buff. Take for example, its 2 forms of Mega Evolution, and a sick-looking Gigantamax form.

Charizard’s appeal is not only limited to its design but its combat potential as well.

A base-form Charizard can be trained in a way that complements any of its Gigantamax and Mega Evolution forms. The base stats of these upgraded Charizard are enough to rival some Legendary Pokémon like Tapu-Lele, Tapu-Fini, Kyurem, etc.

8. Blacephalon (Base Stat Total: 570)


This weird-looking humanoid creature came from the Ultra Space, an interdimensional realm introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Blacephalon uses its head as a weapon in battles. It creeps upon its targets and once it’s close enough, its head will explode to deal a ton of damage.

Being a Fire/Ghost-type Ultra Beast, Blacephalon can take advantage of its ability Beast Boost to enhance its already high base stats on Sp. Attack (151) every time it knocks out a Pokémon.

In battles, Blacephalon can serve as a double-edged sword (or bomb) to blow away the strongest sweeper of a team with its Fire-type move Mind Blown.

Mind Blown is a move that deals a whopping 150 Special damage. Paired with a Pokémon that heals its ally in battles, Blacephalon can spam Mind Blown to wipe out the entire enemy team.

7. Entei (Base Stat Total: 580)


Entei is a pure Fire-type legendary Pokémon that can act as a special sweeper in battles. It is an extremely rare and elusive Pokémon that can only be encountered by roaming through the Johto region or exploring the Ultra Space Wilds.

Entei is also capturable in Pokémon Sword and Shield through the Crown Tundra expansion.

Despite having a low base stat total compared to most legendary Pokémon, Entei remains a dark horse in competitive fights, thanks to its move Sacred Fire.

With Entei’s base attack stat of 115, Sacred Fire can scorch the enemy team with a chance of burning the target in case it survives.

6. Moltres (Base Stat Total: 580)


It’s hard to talk about the first generation without mentioning any of the three legendary birds. Moltres, the legendary bird of fire appears in the sky to signal the coming of spring.

The addition of Flying as Moltres’ secondary type covers its weakness to Ground-type moves. However, Moltres is weak against Electric, Water, and Rock-type moves, so learning Substitute and Roost are required to keep Moltres alive and do its job in battles.

Moltres is known to be a support Pokémon. It can use the move Tailwind to double the speed of its ally, or set up a type-advantage and deal some damage with U-turn.

5. Victini (Base Stat Total: 600)


The Victory Pokémon Victini is a Psychic/Fire Mythical Pokémon from Generation 5. It is said that any Trainer that owns a Victini will always win in every Pokémon encounter.

The unique thing about Victini is its base stat build. All of Victini’s base stats are set at 100, enabling this Pokémon to be trained at any role in competitive battles.

Victini’s signature move V-create deals massive damage and lowers the target’s Defense, Special Defense, and Speed. This move turns Victini into a sweeper that might put the enemy team at a disadvantage by reducing their stats.

4. Heatran (Base Stat Total: 600)


Living inside volcanic caves with boiling-hot temperatures, Heatran clearly doesn’t mind the heat. Its body is made up of molten steel, and its blood boils like magma, which is probably why it’s classified as a Fire/Steel-type Pokémon.

Heatran is a classic staple in high-level competitive games due to its resistance to 9 types of moves. It is immune to Poison attacks and Fire-type moves as well with its ability Flash Fire.

Heatran during the sinnoh league

Did you know that in the anime series, a random guy during the Sinnoh League appears to have a Heatran? What makes it a rare scenario is that only a handful of trainers are capable of owning a Legendary Pokémon, like Tobias, Brandon, and a Nurse Joy!

3. Volcanion (Base Stat Total: 600)


We all know that water beats fire, and fire hates water. Therefore, it would be unlikely for a Pokémon to survive having both the qualities of these two elements. But in Generation 6, another Mythical Pokémon was introduced, and it bears the first and only Fire/Water typing in the series so far.

Volcanion harnesses the power of steam produced by its back arms. The pressure from Volcanion’s steam is so strong that it can destroy a mountain.

The highest base stats of this Pokémon are in Sp. Attack (130) and Defense (120). Its Fire-typing also cancels out its supposed weakness to Grass-type moves, which is ideal to use against teams with annoying Grass-types like Amoonguss, Tangrowth, and Ferrothorn.

2. Ho-Oh (Base Stat Total: 680)


On Ash Ketchum’s first day as a trainer, he saw a great bird flying in the sky. He tried to identify the creature using his Pokédex, but it failed. It was later revealed to be the majestic Ho-Oh, the Rainbow Pokémon.

Sightings of Ho-oh are widely believed to bring eternal happiness, and it somehow proved to be true, as Ash Ketchum recently won the coveted Pokémon World Championship title.

Ho-Oh holds the highest base Sp. Defense stat (154) among all Fire-type Pokémon so far, and its hidden ability Regenerator is an excellent tool for sustaining its HP in battles. A defensive move like Defog helps Ho-Oh in removing threats in the field like Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes.

1. Reshiram (Base Stat Total: 680)


Reshiram shares the same base stat total with Ho-Oh, but the Vast White Pokémon definitely takes the edge to become the best Fire-type of all generations.

The Dragon/Fire typing of Reshiram counters two scenarios that a typical Dragon-type Pokémon hates – inflicting damage from Fairy-type moves and dealing damage to Steel-type Pokémon.

Additionally, Reshiram has the ability Turbo Blaze, which enables it to hit any Pokémon regardless of its ability. For example, Pokémon with the ability Levitate can still receive damage from Reshiram’s Ground-type move Earth Power.

The most destructive move that Reshiram can learn is Blue Flare, with a power of 130 and a 20% chance to inflict a burn.

Special Mention: Primal Groudon (Base Stat Total: 770)

Primal groudon

It’s quite a hard decision not to put Groudon on the actual list because it’s not a Fire-type Pokémon after all. However, it’s Ground/Fire-type Primal form deserves a special mention due to its sheer power that exceeds even the mighty Ho-Oh and Reshiram.

Groudon’s base Attack stat of 180 is unlike any other Fire-type Pokémon. It is an absolute Physical tank with its high base Defense stat (160) and can power up its Fire-type moves using the ability Desolate Land.


Now that you know about the best Fire type Pokemon of all generations, feel free to pick one to set your battles ablaze!

Just like our previous best Pokémon lists, these Pokémon are ranked on their base stat totals, and not by their overall capabilities and effectiveness. At the end of the day, you, as the trainer, still hold the key to victory.

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