When Does Noibat Evolve?: Noibat Evolution Level Guide

A Noibat is a Pokemon introduced in Generation VI, specifically in Pokemon X and Y. It has since appeared in other games after it. Despite looking like a bat, the Noibat is a Flying and Dragon-type. When you hear Dragon-type, you usually assume that it is a strong Pokemon. Unfortunately, most people would want to know when does Noibat evolve?

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That’s because it is a consensus that it isn’t a good Pokemon. Players only want to capture it to have it registered in their Pokedex.

The other reason is that they want to evolve it into a Noivern, one of the better Pokemon in X and Y. Like any Pokemon, with enough time and effort, you can make something out of Noibat even before you evolve it.

When does noibat evolve

What you need to know about Noibat

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Is Noibat any good?

Unfortunately, the general consensus is that it isn’t that good. The only reason you may want to capture and use it is so that you can evolve it into a Noivern. That’s when people ask when does Noibat evolve? That way, they can get that sweet Noivern, but we’ll get more into that later. Noibat, on its own is average at best. It has terrible to average stats with Speed, and Special Attack is its defining stat.

You could say it is a stronger Zubat because it is a Flying-type with exceptional speed. It can also learn Dragon-type moves, but the problem is that the Fairy-type is introduced in Generation VI. This just balances Dragon-types to a certain level compared to how powerful they were in past games.

The other thing is that Noibat is severely weak to Ice-type moves due to the fact that both Flying and Dragon-types are weak to it, which is what Noibat is.

At what level does Noibat evolve?

Noibat evolves at level 48 in all the games. Unlike the popular Eevee and other Pokemon, Noibat doesn’t need any type of Evolutionary Item and others to evolve.

How do you evolve a Noibat?

You simply grind your Noibat until level 48. If you want to evolve it right away, you can invest your Rare Candies in it. Doing the swap trick also helps now that you know when does Noibat evolves.

Doing The Swap Trick

The swap trick is where you put the Pokemon as the first Pokemon of your party and swap it out with a stronger Pokemon and let it do the fighting. The Pokemon will get a good amount of experience until it is strong enough to fight on its own.

One thing that you would need to be mindful of is the game that you’re playing. In X and Y, Noibat appears late in the game, and you can capture it, and it’s already around level 40.

Around this time, you already have a ton of strong Pokemon to make the grind a bit easier. In the other games like Ultra Sun and Moon, and Sword and Shield, you can catch a Noibat around level 10 or 20. That’s where the grind can excruciate, and you have to think if you want to use one or not.

Is Noivern a good Pokemon?

Noivern is in the middle, but it isn’t as bad as Noibat. Noivern’s Dragon-type can also be a hit and a miss. It is considered as one of the lower-tier Dragon-types. The Ice-types, as we mentioned, can deal tremendous damage to it due to it also being a Flying-type.

Noivern does have some strong points to it being able to learn Dragon-type moves and having good Speed and Sp. Attack. You could say it is a stronger Crowbat. Using Noivern in the game’s story is alright, but you might want to make it better if you want to use it in competitive gaming.


Noibat can be really a hit or miss, and if you feel that there are other stronger Flying-types you can use, then you better not use it. Knowing when Noibat evolves and the techniques on how to use the Pokemon can make your Pokemon gaming easier and more fun.

If you know how to use Noibat, it can be a fantastic benefit to your team. Knowing Noibat’s evolution level and how to use the techniques will make using this Pokemon more enjoyable and straightforward. Don’t forget to include Noibat in your next game!

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