What Level Does Gastly Evolve?

Gastly is a Ghost/Poison-type Pokemon that appeared in Generation I. One would say that it is the very first Ghost-type Pokemon that players would encounter. It will later evolve with two more evolutions but we’ll get more into that later on. Gastly has always been described as a ball of gas throughout all of the Generations.

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Speaking of Generations, Gastly has appeared in all 8 Gens sporting its traditional look and properties. There are probably questions that you might think about like is it worth investing in a Gastly? What level does Gastly evolve? as well as a couple of other questions. Don’t worry because we’ll dissect everything that is to know about Gastly and more.

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What level does gastly evolve

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The properties of Gastly

Gastly is a Ghost/Poison-type in all of the Generations. It never had any change other than its stats getting balanced depending on the Generation it appears in. Even if the stats are altered, they are pretty much the same in a lot of aspects.

Gastly has high Sp. Atk and Speed stats. This allows it to mostly attack first and deal damage in the Special category. It doesn’t really excel much in the Attack aspect and its Defense and Sp. Def is even worse. Even its later evolutions Haunter and Gengar have the same stat attributes being strong in Sp. Atk and Speed.

Being a Ghost-type it is strong against Psychic and Ghost as well. It has no effect on Normal-type but Normal also has no effect on Ghost so it cancels each other. Ghost is weak to Dark-type so keep that in mind. The secondary type Poison adds a layer of weakness for Gastly.

Poison-type is weak to Poison, Rock, and Steel. It is also weak to Ghost, so Gastly receives more damage from it. Psychic is also effective against Poison, so even if Gastly is a Ghost-type, Psychic moves can be very bad for it. Poison is weak to Ground but Gastly and its evolutions have the ability Levitate, so it is immune to Ground-type moves.

What level does Gastly evolve?

This is the question that you are dying for what the answer is. Gastly in any Generation will evolve into Haunter at level 25. This is a straight evolution when you simply level your Gastly the natural way or by using Rare Candies. Haunter can evolve to Gastly’s final evolution which is Gengar when it is traded. Then, of course, Gengar has those Mega Evolution and Gigantamax features in the later Generations.

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Should you use Gastly

The answer is a yes or a no. Competitively, Gastly falls off because that’s where its later evolutions especially Gengar pick up the pace. Gengar is pretty much just a better version of Gastly with all the Mega Evolution and Gigantamax features. Using Gastly can be good in some situations or even Haunter when you don’t have a means of trading it.

A good example in Gen 1 is that most players use Gastly during the Sabrina Gym Battle since she uses Psychic-types. Plus, Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar were the only Ghost-types at the time. Nowadays, there are a lot of Ghost-types that Gastly may be underwhelming. There’s also nothing wrong with using it for solo gaming purposes since you can buff it up with Vitamins and more.

In Closing

Now that you know what level does Gastly evolve, then you might want to think twice if you want to use it. The beauty of Gastly is that in a lot of games, it is usually the earliest and easiest Ghost-type to capture. It has a novelty around it that makes people want to get a Gastly.

It also has moves that can be very useful in the early game. There are some that use a Gastly to set up the fight even though it isn’t used as the main Pokemon for combat, then there are those that want to have one because they want to get a Gengar later on which is alright as well.

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