Toucannon Weakness and Effectiveness Explained

Looking to learn more about Toucannon’s Weakness and effectiveness during a battle? Below is a brief explanation that will guide you in using or dealing Toucannon so keep reading.

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Toucannon is a normal and flying type Pokemon found only in Generation VII in the Pokemon game series. Toucannon is also referred to as “Cannon Pokemon” that has black feathers, strong beak, and sharp dark blue eyes; that seems pissed off and hungry for a battle.

Toucannon weakness

But, as with the other Pokemon, Toucannon has weakness and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post that will hopefully help you get most of your Toucannon or on the other side, beat the Pokemon in the battle.

Tips: Getting yourself familiar with the weakness and strength of each Pokemon is always a big plus to every battle. In this case, you can utilize our Pokemon Weakness Chart as your guide.

Toucannon Weakness, Strategy and Effectiveness

The information below is based on under normal battle conditions.


Toucannon is weak against the following Pokemon types;

  • Rock
  • Electric
  • Ice

When battling with rock, electric or ice type Pokemon, it’s better to use other Pokemon or Toucannon will perish as these types will take x2 damage unless for low level opponents and you’re confident enough to beat them.

When dealing with high level stronger Pokemon, take advantage and don’t forget to use the move Boomburst once learned via breeding.

Boomburst is a normal yet a special type move that has 140 power with an accuracy of 100 which an incredibly strong move ideal for each and every battle. The good news is, Toucannon can also deal with rock type Pokemon that tries to switch in using the move Flash Cannon.

Beak blast is also a useful move with 100 power and 100 accuracy and what’s more awesome is, even Toucannon faints the enemy still get burned.

If you’re going to battle with a Toucannon, it is wise to use any strong Rock, Electric or Ice type Pokemon you have in your Pokedex and careful with the above moves.


Toucannon is immune to Ground and Ghost type Pokemon. This means any Ground and Ghost type Pokemon can’t take any effect against Toucannon.

Obviously, when fighting Toucannon avoid using any Ground and Ghost type Pokemon or else your Pokemon will horribly take 0 damage.


Toucannon is resistant to Bug and Grass type Pokemon. When dealing with the following types, you can expect a 1/2 damage from your opponents and a higher possibility of a win for your Toucannon.

On the other hand, battling a Toucannon using any Grass and Bug types can be hard for you as it will results to “Not very effective”, that’s why it is smart to use rock, electric, and ice instead which Toucannon is weak.

Additional Information

A Life Orb and Z-Crystal are great items to use for Toucannon that can turn him into a real beast. Life orb increases the power of moves for hitting the foe even harder and when paired with Z-Crystal the power boosts to its maximum potential.


Toucannon is a superb and useful companion Pokemon. Although, Toucannon is weak against rock, electric and ice when trained and used correctly; plus paired with good items it makes an obvious difference in your Pokemon gaming journey because Toucannon possess powerful attacks.

On the other side, beating Toucannon is not always an easy task, by matching its weakness to your battling strategy everything turns out easy for you most of the time.

Got some more information to help our fellow readers know more and make most of their Toucannon? Please share it, submit your comments below.

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