Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition EX

If you played a Pokemon GBA ROM hack called Pokemon Vega, then you would know that hack has a certain level of difficulty. This hack, Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition EX, is pretty much a hack of Vega. Basically, the author of this game emphasizes the Fairy-type and simply utilizes the assets from Vega.

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The Pokemon in this hack are also Fakemon, with some of them being original and some of them somewhat edited looks based on actual Pokemon.

It is pretty much what Vega is as well, so if you want to play this hack, patch the file below with a FireRed ROM and not a Vega ROM.

Speaking of Fakemon, take a look at a list of ROM hacks that have Fakemon in their roster.

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Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition EX Details and More


The story is based on Vega, which takes place in the Tohoak Region. You just do the basic stuff like get a Pokemon, encounter villains, and be the best trainer ever.


A lot of the features in this game are based on Vega. The good thing is that this version has some added features, but we’ll mention the important ones at that.

The first thing is that several Pokemon and Fakemon have been added that were not available in the original Vega. A lot of these Mons are from another set of hacks called Pokemon Daneb and Procryon.

Naturally, this also means that this hack boosts Fairy-types and Fairy Moves. It’s all the same but added with a new coat of paint.

Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition EX Information

Pokemon vega fairy edition ex

Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition EX
Creator: the_teenag_villain
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Old and New Pokemon and Fakemon
  • Fairy-type and Fairy Moves have been added and increased
  • Rematch Trainers
  • Rich Post-game content is available
  • Custom music added
  • Battle Facility to test your might



Download Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition EX


Sakurasou. Dr. Akimbo for he’s lovely translation of vega and the original vega team and of course myself cause most new trainer sprites were made by me except for some pokemon sprites😀

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