Pokemon Fire Red Walk Through Walls Cheat: Everything You Need To Know


It’s even more fun if we can walk through on walls in your Pokemon FireRed. Thanks to Gameshark codes because it is made even possible.

Walk Through Walls cheat is not just very useful but also a very handy cheat not only on FireRed but on other Pokemon games where the cheat is available. Luckily it’s so much easy to use and activate the cheat as long as your ROM version supports it.

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This cheat may need to have the master code activated, so be sure to enter it first before the actual Gameshark code for Walk Through Walls for Pokemon FireRed.

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Master ball cheat code

Alternative code 1:
509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Alternative code 2:
167DCBA7 F604FFD2
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Want to see the list of all Pokemon FireRed Gameshark codes? Don’t be surprised because we have almost all of the awesome cheats for Pokemon FireRed. View our list of Pokemon FireRed Gameshark Codes.

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Does this cheat code work for the free one? I use mobile and most of these don’t work because of how long the cheat code is.

I have V1.1 version of pokemon fire red but the walkthrough wall cheat is not working
what should i do now?

ok so i have an v1 gameshark updated to v3.3 (Action replay) works fine on pokemon sapphire. Now i have firered and that is what i believe version 1.0 of the game due to just saying gamefreak post (shooting stars). I have yet to successfully have any cheat work. what is a master code you would suggest and also a code that should work with this? iv tried dozens of sites codes…

Please give me the walk through wall cheat

hello so i was wondering if any of the codes for this game work with retro arch

okay thanks for the help

Could you put out the cheats code for infinite money

hello so i was wondering if any of the codes for this game work with retro arch

hello i have been trying to use some of the cheat codes on the site and yes i am on version 1.0 of the game, but for some reason none of them seem to work, is it because i am using retro arch?

Sae, lit me gie thes straecht, cheats willnae wark fur version 1.1? e’en thocht Ah hae several cheats fur version yin.1, loch m-balls, raur candies, ultra balls, an’ whit nae, Ah fin’ it extremely confusin’…
(Sorry mate, I’m Scottish…)

Go man

167DCBA7 F604FFD2
78DA95DF 44018CB4
Code It works tnx

I’ll try it thanks

It works have to take out the first U

I need help when I start playing when I select torchic it comes another language name then another. battle bad egg

I use my boy, but when I used both of master code and cheat code, it won’t work, I also tried it without master code

Is there a same cheat with that version

It works it works omg it works thanx a lot man

Im useing classic boy but walk through walls
wont work

Is there a v1.1 cheat like this?

Where is master code I want please keep……..

83005000 61A1 worked for me

I have all type of drinks but guard can not pass me

tea is needed from Celadon Mansion

Whats the master code plz help me on that also help me install the pokemon one

Master ball: 82025840 0001

i had a problem it,s does not work pls help me


Help me

I’m using GBA4IOS and this walk through walls cheat doesn’t work..
When I used it on a Hack it worked but not the original game itself (Fire Red) and I used the original Fire Red cheats on the Hack Game and it works but not the real game (Fire Red)… 🙁

Thanks for that

Doesn’t work for me either
Also using gba4ios

can i have pokemon fire red walkthrough walls cheats ?

Try this one. This is the only one that works for me (action replay)

167DCBA7 F604FFD2
78DA95DF 44018CB4

needs master code?

Working. Thanks!

Dam finally one that works thanks

I have MyBoy and I have USA ROM but it doesn’t work.

Thx this is the only one that works

This is work in my gba game

Yes tnx bro It also worked for me now

Thanks I use this cheat work

I’m using GBA4IOS and when I used the cheat codes for Pokemon Fire Red,it doesn’t work..I even checked if I typed the codes right..But it still doesn’t work..

Will it work for V1.1?

It’s not working

Ok it still wont work for me because i can walk in walls
I tried going to cerulean city and try for ceruleancave wont work!! Tel me pls

Plus it says cheat code is unvalid

Still doesn’t work

Whats the name

It didn’t work for me I’m using my boy GBA emulator full version.

Using an actual gameshark it doesn’t work

Hey guys I have my boy free for Android and the cheat won’t work.

I don’t know what it is but the walk through walls doesn’t work for me.

My boy! It didn’t work for me

Me to I dont know why I’m using the fill version