How to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu and Eevee are some of the recent offerings in the world of Pokemon games. It is a re-imagining or remake of Generation I games like Blue, Red, and, to some extent, Yellow. The games are limited to the original 151 Pokemons of Generation I, as well as their Alola forms later on and a special Pokemon.

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That being said, Mewtwo is a fan favorite, and if you want to know how to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Let’s Go, then you better read along.

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How to get mewtwo in pokemon let's go

Guide to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Let’s Go

When you can fight Mewtwo

Before you can face Mewtwo, you need to finish the game first. You can see Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave in Cerulean City. But even if you can get to the cave, you won’t be able to enter until you beat the Elite Four and the Champion.

The person blocking the cave won’t move until you do. The good thing is that despite anything else, you can face Mewtwo even when you haven’t defeated any of the three Legendary Birds (Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos) yet.

Pokemon let's go battling mewtwo

Getting ready to fight Mewtwo

Mewtwo is level 70 when you fight it, and a good tactic is to have a team of level 70 Pokemon, but that’s not always the case. Skilled players can beat Mewtwo with a lineup of Pokemon with levels averaging from 55 to 60. We’ll tackle the ideal Pokemon that you can take later, but now make your way deep inside the Cerulean Cave.

The beauty of this game is that you can see the Pokemon in the cave so. This means you can avoid them when you don’t want to do random battles, and you want to go straight to Mewtwo.

Now that Mewtwo is in front of you, you need to save first and commence the battle so that in case you fail, you can load the game to try again.

Knowing Mewtwo’s battle tactics

Just as we stated, Mewtwo is level 70. It is a Psychic-type, so one would think that Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokemon and moves are effective against it. That can be true, but Mewtwo is no pushover, and it won’t go down even if you have a lineup of those types.

Mewtwo will most likely use Amnesia for the first few turns to buff its stats. It has two options for attacking, which are Psychic and Swift. If you notice, one of those moves relies on Physical, and the other is an Sp. Attack one so Mewtwo can dish out a good amount of damage depending on the Pokemon that you used.

Psychic does a good amount of damage, and Swift usually takes the first turn because of its Speed. You could say that Mewtwo has a very well-rounded list of moves.

The fourth move is Recover, which lets it recover its HP, so which means that the battle will be prolonged. Don’t worry, though, because when you have the ideal team to deal with it, then you can catch it.

Ideal Pokemon and Moves to use

You can mix and match Pokemon that you can use to take down Mewtwo. Dark-type Pokemon in this game are scarce because the Generation I roster lacks a pure Dark-type. This means you have to rely on some Moves to take on Mewtwo; here are a few good suggestions that aren’t in a ranked order as to which ones you can use.

  • Dragonite is a good one to use, and you can evolve this one at level 55, so that’s a good level to use it for fighting Mewtwo. You could say that in Generation I, Dragonite is a good Pokemon to use for all sorts of battles. It is a Dragon-type, so it lacks the Moves to tackle on Mewtwo, but on the opposite end, Mewtwo doesn’t have any Moves to counter it. Dragonite’s stats are also impressive, so that’s another thing.
  • Snorlax is also another one, and you already get one for free in the course of the story. Snorlax is tanky and has high HP. It can be an ideal starter in battle because you can use it to soak up a lot of Mewtwo’s damage allowing it to use up all of its Moves. Snorlax is slow though so Mewtwo can take it down faster in the later turns unless it uses Amnesia. Snorlax with Body Slam can also deal good damage against Mewtwo because it has average Defense.
  • Gengar is also usable considering that it is a Ghost-type. It has an excellent lineup of Ghost-type moves that can deal good damage against Mewtwo. Unfortunately, Gengar is also weak to Psychic-type moves so there’s a chance that Mewtwo can knock it out right away. Plus, evolving a Gengar can be tricky so you’re pretty much stuck with a Haunter and that’s not good enough even if you level it up to 70.
  • Having a strong Psychic-type can also be ideal. Alakazam could be the strongest one, at least in this game, aside from Mewtwo. However, much like Gengar, you need to trade it to evolve it. That’s because Psychic-types can receive half the damage from Mewtwo’s Psychic attack. Psychic-types like Alakazam can also learn Dark-type moves.
  • You can use Jolteon at the start of the battle as well. Jolteon has good speed, and it can probably dish out some quick attacks before Mewtwo can launch a Move. The ideal moves for Jolteon to use are Thunder Wave and Thunder to inflict Paralysis. If the Jolteon is still alive, you can swap it out once Mewtwo is under Paralysis. You can launch some free hits so you can knock it out without much of a fight. The danger here is if Jolteon gets knocked out right away before you can inflict Paralysis.
  • Gyarados can be a hit or a miss because it can be tanky, but the move it can have is Bite, which is Dark-type. Gyarados can be a good hit sponge so that it can at least deal damage to Mewtwo before it gets knocked out.
  • You can also find some of those Dark-type Pokemon, which are the Alolan forms of some of these Generation I Pokemon. It can take some time, but that’s part of the fun when you catch some of these Dark-types.
  • Shadow Ball is a move that you can rely on, and the good thing is that a Ghost-type Pokemon is not the only one that can learn it. A lot of the Pokemon we listed above can learn Shadow Ball from a TM. These would include Snorlax, Alakazam, and other Psychic-types.

When you finally catch Mewtwo

Now that you’ve taken down Mewtwo, it is time to capture it. If you haven’t used your Master Ball yet, you can use it to capture Mewtwo without any problems instantly. You can also rely on higher quality balls to catch Mewtwo.

If it runs away, then you can load the game again and have another run at it. Mewtwo will now be usable, and you can find the Mewtwo Master Trainer inside the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island and challenge him to a duel.

In closing

Knowing how to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Let’s Go is the easy part. The challenging part is usually executing the plan and defeating Mewtwo. There’s that saying if at first, you don’t succeed, then just reload your save file. You could try over and over again or level up your Pokemon lineup to finish the task faster.

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