How to Fix Not Working and Glitchy Cheats for Pokemon GBA Games

When playing with Pokemon GBA ROM hacks and activating GameShark code cheats for Pokemon Game Boy Advance games can sometimes be tricky. Some of our readers complain that our listed GameShark codes don’t work for them, while some said it works, but they noticed some weird glitches.

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What could be the main reasons for this? In my over ten and counting years of experience playing different Pokemon game titles and Pokemon ROM hacks using many emulators across several devices, there are several possible reasons why a particular cheat cannot work.

Reasons Why Cheats Don’t Work as Expected and How To Fix Them

Gameshark code not working fix

Note: This article applies to Pokemon GBA games but can also be applied to other related games on Game Boy Advance.

You Missed Entering and Activate the Required Master code

Solution: Some cheats need to have a master code enabled before the main cheat, so when a cheat requires master code, add it first before the main cheat. More information you can find by reading this guide.

The Cheat Isn’t Compatible with your Pokemon Game Version

Solution: Double-check your game title. See our collection of Pokemon game cheats.

You Have 1.1 ROM Version

Solution: Look for the V1.0 ROMs, as this version supports most of the cheats. You can easily find downloadable ROMS by a simple Google search, but most ROMs have version 1.1.

Unfortunately, most cheats will not work for this version. Please keep in mind that we don’t share rom files or give out information about roms. Sharing rom files is considered piracy.

Your Emulator Does Not Support GameShark Code, Action Replay, or CodeBreaker

Solution: Use recommended emulators such as My Boy for Android users, Visual Boy Advance for Windows (Use this version), GBA4iOS for iOS users, and BlueStacks or Nox App Player for Mac users.

You entered the cheat code in a wrong format

Solution: Some emulator, such as open emu, requires “+” to be entered to separate a line of code. Read FAQs, Instructions, and Help articles regarding your emulator.

You Have the Free version of Emulator

Solution: The popular GBA emulator for Android – My Boy, offers a paid and free version of the app. The free version works perfectly, but you may need to pay for the premium version if you use cheats.

But if paying for the app is not an option now, the simple trick of adding multiple-liner codes as a separate cheat works well in many cases.

Too Many Enabled Cheats

Your ROM will get confused when too many cheat codes are activated at once, and this could result in various bugs, glitches, random crashing, and game freezing.
Solution: Disable unused cheats and activate only the cheat you need.

You Have Chosen the Wrong Cheat Type

This problem is prevalent in emulators that don’t have “auto cheat type” detection feature, and chances are, you have chosen the wrong cheat type.

Solution: The quick solution for this is knowing the appropriate type for your cheat; it could be GameShark, Action Replay, or Code Breaker.

Common Cheating Problems

Question Mark Sprite on Encountered or Caught Pokemon?

This is a common issue for two possible reasons; First, more likely that you entered the wrong Pokemon encounter code. Second, the Pokemon code and sprite don’t exist in the game.

This issue happens a lot when playing ROM hacks. Solution? Double-check if the code or the Pokemon exists in the game.

Glitchy Name for Captured Pokemon

This bug usually happens when using the shiny Pokemon cheat, and the possible reason it occurs is that cheating is not fully supported in Pokemon GBA games.

But there is an effective fix for this problem that has been tested for many players.

Solution: To fix the glitchy Pokemon name, you must disable the shiny cheat just before capturing a Pokemon.

Item Not Appearing in the PokeCenter?

You entered the item cheat, and after checking your PC, there’s nothing in there. Or perhaps your chosen item is not on the list. There are a few possible reasons for that.

  • You have v1.1 rom version. Solution: Find and use v1.0 rom version.
  • Emulator or the game not recognizing the item cheat. Solution: Go in and out of the PokeCenter at least five times, and recheck your PC.

Invalid Cheat Messages

There are three possible reasons why this error message pops up.

  • Wrong cheat type
  • Wrong cheat code
  • Empty spaces before or after the code

Solution: Select the correct type for that cheat; the majority of cheats are either CodeBreaker or Action Replay codes type, so if the first one didn’t work out, switch to the other one.

Be sure to check the cheat if it is compatible with your game version. For FireRed-based rom hacks, typical FireRed cheats could work, and for Emerald-based rom hacks, regular Emerald cheats could also work.

Empty spaces could also result in an invalid cheat issue. When copying a cheat, make sure not to include empty spaces. When entering the cheat, make sure to eliminate any empty spaces before and after the code.


It’s frustrating when you can’t activate a cheat, and there are plenty of reasons why this thing is happening. Hopefully, the solution and information above give you the insights to finally solve your problem.

Just in case the solution above doesn’t work, feel free to drop your comments below, and I will do my best to help you as humanely as possible.

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I'm a Pokemon fan since childhood, and I love watching Pokemon movies and TV series. When playing Pokemon games, I use emulators, and I very much enjoy a game when I use a cheat. Join me exploring the world of Pokemon gaming using cheat codes.

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I was wondering why when I activated my cheat (shiny pokemon) on a starter, it turned into a caterpie. I’m using firered (u) squirrels. Using myboy emulator.

Hi, I used the infinite money cheat(fire red version). After using it i disable it, Now it isn’t working. What should I do?

Why I can’t activate my infinite money cheat? I dl the v1.0 but the cheat already activate is the walk through walls but the money cheat won’t work. What will I do?

my game gets restarted every time i use for a wild pokemon .I have version code breaker and v.3 which could be effective for me

HI, im using nocashGBA and pokemon emerald (UE) but the cheat codes dont work at all, may i know is there anything i did wrong?

hi! IDK if someone is reading this, but why not try.
I really want a skitty, but I can’t find one and used the wild pokemon modifier. it worked before (i got all the starters), but now it doesn’t work anymore. help?

I waited for the tv to say theres a cluster of them

Hey dude, while i’m playing Pokemon Ash Gray I enabled instant cash code then suddenly the game glitched. I cannot access “Pokémon” menu from “Start” button and I cannot use Alakazam’s Teleport. Hope you could help me with this. Thank you!

Hi, do you know how to disable the cheats after used ? I already clear the cheats, clear data, and cache file in my android but the effect is still appear in my Pokemon Silver GBC. How to solve this problem ?

I DON’T GET IT, im playing Pokemon emerald (U).zip and I literally used all the cheats but they don’t work at all

I’m using pocket retro and the codes for emerald won’t work and I can’t change emulator cause the app I used to get pocket retro is blocked and I put the codes in right help or suggestions please

With the shiny cheat code, the nature of the pokemon is always Sassy. Doesn’t matter the pokemon. Even tried this with the capture other trainers pokemon and their natures are sassy

I’m playing glazed on a GBA emerald hack. Blake is supposed to continue the plot line in the esper forest, but he’s unresponsive and won’t start the npc encounter.. what do I do??

when i turn off shiny pokemon encounter i still encounter shiny pokemon

I’m using John GBA for Android, do you know where I can find codes compatible for it? I’ve pulled up scratch so far :/

I used three game ROMs. “1636 – Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels)”, “1695 – Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Independent)”, “Pokemon Fire Red (U)” (I found it on a site saying it was V.1.0). None of them worked on Visual Boy Advance, it says that the cheats are for another game and it won’t work properly. Also, when I put in GameShark codes and select GameShark advance, it switches back to Codebreaker for some reason.

I used gameshark code to modify wild pokemon. those that I caught using the code dont learn moves while evolving. How do i solve this?

What is the best emulator for playing pokemon mega emerald x and y that all cheats can work

Whenever I try to capture zapdos(cheat) my game resets and forces me to start over.

I have a paid version of My Boy! emulator and gameshark version 3 cheats are not working on it. I downloaded an emulator for pc and the cheats work fine. Anyone know whats up with this?

Hey I got cheats from here but what’s weird is that i used the tyranitar and a lugia appeared I copied and past it could you help me please

I used cheat add mart and i deactive cheat then my character can’t walk and i can’t open bag or anything. can u help me?

None of the codes for exp or rare candies work with visual boy, playing dark rising worlds collide on mac. i usually use open emu but the game crashes every time i open the party. any advice would be great, thanks

What website you download ur fire red beacuse its not working with emuparadise ver.
also what emulator

Hello, I’m karm, and I’m using John gba lite, I can’t get the Pokemon encounter modifier to work, I think it might be a formatting issue? Could someone please give me an example of how it needs to be formatted for it to work or what buttons I need to hit?

Hello! I am having an issue with the “wild pokemon modifier”.
I’ve put in the master code that it requires, put in the code for slakoth and still coulde’nt encounter him in tall grass.
I am playing Pokemon Emerald (USA release) on VGA
Thanks in advance.

om flippin g deoxys just appered without me using the cheat and ive been in the game for maybe ten mins

Im using my boy paid to play pokemon dark rising and the shiny code makes pokemon not have moves and freezes the game when you view the summary isthere any way to fix that or is it just incompatable

So I’m using my boy to play pokemon glazed, and I used the wild pokemon cheat, it let me use it once and I disabled and tried again with a different pokemon, but it didn’t work. I even deleted the code and tried it again. Still nothing

Hey man so I got the master ball cheat to work but the rare candy cheat wont work im on Myboy(free version) so no master code and cant figure out why thanks for help.

HI I’m Louis using a gba4ios emu. The walk through walls cheat just saying it ain’t working my bro plsss help me, using mega emerald xy. Plsss I beg u I’ll do anything I’ll kiss cow pup

Hi sir, I already use master code and I want to catch Alakazam already use code too, but I not even see Him in many battle, I go around anywhere still nothing

It’s already work when I use buy any Item cheat, but no work with pokemon modifier and something like unlimited cash

Sorry but I don’t know about the version 1.0 or 1..1, It just name is version(U)

I am playing my boy full version pokemon emerald and keep getting a bad egg every time I open the game even if I have a party of six it turns one of them into a bad egg.

Please Recommend me the best website to download Pokemon Games since I am very confused. PLEASE HELP ME

I can’t get the infinite money cheat to work. I’m playing Pokemon Leaf Green on the VBA emulator on my laptop. whenever I put in the master code then the infinitemoney code in the gameshark thing, my game freezes and I can’t move my character.

Hello, PokemonCoders.Im using My boy and playing Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y edition,but when i cheat wild pokemon modifier like cell it doesnt work,rare candy and master ball only work why?

Hello, I’m using a John gba emulator on my android and I’m playing Pokemon leaf green. The simple codes usually work. However, as soon as I enter the master code, it says the code is invalid. I’ve entered it with and without all cheat types but it still says invalid. Could you give me a suggestion on what to do as he codes that I want to use cannot be used without the master code.

Bruh i sure love your vids..i mean really
I actially had a favor for you, the Leafgreen Encounter any pokemon cheat is PERHAPS only works for the v1.0 one, could you somehow upload it? I didnt force you to..just reminding

I’m having trouble and I’m considering whether it’s a version thing? So in my case, it’s Fire Red. The “Get all 3 starters” CodeBreaker (not GameShark) which should be 83000F9C 0000 (those are zeros, all of them). Now I’ve read guides, faqs, watched videos… and it just won’t work. My Boy (free version) on Android. Thing is, the very SAME ROM on my Visual Boy in PC can work the code like a charm. So I’m thinking that the problem is not the code nor the ROM, but the emulator. And yet, many people claim it works in their My… Read more »

Thank you for your help, now I know how to fix my issue. I’m not sure if it’s right, I tried to use multiple lines of code and it work for all codes

I need some help. Since a few days i play pokemon emerald on my android phone and i want some cheats like catching a deoxys. But when i activate the master codes, following the code to catch deoxys, I find a wild deoxys but a few seconds laer the game resets automatically. CAn someone help me? I dont have much knowledge about this so please an easy explain.


I’m using JohnGba and I spent 2$ on it. But I’m frustrated because not even the rare candies cheat works, please help

Hey I got some exp, hope it’s useful, when you try to use master code or modifier pokemon code, make sure you copy all lines of the code, It’s fix my issue

Try and downloading Matsu Player at the play store. Preferably that’s what I would use, but it’s just my opinion.

Hey there PCoders. I play Pokemon Resolute on No$GBA emulator(PC). I tried entering the mastercode but it would not accept the code. Same thing happens with the rare candy cheat, i enter the code but the rare candy is found in the pokemart and not in the poke centre PC. Similarly i am having problems while entering the infinite money code. Please help as soon as possible


OK. Can you plese share the link of the video. Thanks for the help

I’m trying to use gameshark codes for Pokémon gold on gba4ios but they aren’t working does anyone know why? Please and thanks for help

Will you tell stone cheats like dawn stone


Hello, PCoders, I’ve used the Walk Through Walls cheat code provided in the description of your video of that cheat being used,I’m on MyBoy (paid version) and every time I go to enter the code it says, “cheat code invalid” and I copied and pasted the code into a Google Doc so I could copy it again on my phone, and then paste it where you insert the cheat code. Is it something I’m doing to cause it to say that, I even doubled checked to make sure the codes matched up for Pokèmon Emerald on and they matched… Read more »

PCoders what to do if the shiny starter cheat even I properly followed your tutorial in Youtube

I am having trouble getting the codes with multiple lines to work on my emulator (android). The one I’m mainly using is GBA.EMU, but this emulator requires one lone of code per cheat. I’ve tried inputting each line separately and giving them all the same name, or numbering them (shiny1, shiny2, etc.), but still no luck. I’ve tried a few other emulator apps, but the cheats either aren’t allowed, or require single-line codes. Suggestions?

Hey, I’m playing Fire Red (squirrel version) and using VBA as my emulator. I’m wondering if there is any possible fix or way around the weird name issue that results due to using the Shiny Code? I dont really want to nickname them, and I have tried to disable the cheat when asked if I want to nickname them but the code either doesnt work at all or the pokemon still ends up with a weird name. Also I’m trying to get a male starter and the shiny code has given me just females with a rash nature, I dont… Read more »

Just tested them out individually and the Gender Modifier code works, but not with the Shiny Code.

Still didn’t work. Uh… when someone makes a hack version of the game can they actually block cheats from being able to work?

im using my boy paid version on android im playing pokemon fire red from emu website the unlimited masteball code and rare candies code both work fine but i cant get the any wild pokemon codes to work ever I put the master code 000014D1 000A 1003DAE6 0007 now this is where i might be doing something wrong so after i put the code i i save it as master code i turn it on then i try to put the Bulbasaur code in 83007CEE 0001 save that as bulbadaur then activate it but it doesnt work am i supposed… Read more »

I use OpenEmu with pokemon emerald (GBA). I turn on the master code (D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5+A86CDBA5 19BA49B3), than the rare candy (82005274 0044). I go to the poke market but I can’t buy the rare candy…

I’m playing Pokemon Red on TGB Dual. When I try to use its Gameshark functionality, the dialog boxes have a lot of gibberish and ?????? where words should be. The codes never work, and the dialog box never leaves, so I have to quit out.

I have the same problem

I’m playing pokemon sapphire with openemu on my mac but none of the cheats seem to work. Could you tell me what kind of cheats I should be using and what their format is?

Hey man whenever I put in my code and I hit done the format gets all messed up and I’m using GBA4iOS 2.1

Hi I tried the level modifier cheat for Fire Red, it didn’t work and would freeze my game so I changed the GameShark version to 1. After I did that the game didn’t freeze but the cheat didn’t work either.
So, I closed the emulator (MyBoy on Android) and started it again, but now when I try to load the ROM the whole app crashes. It’s only happening with this particular ROM.

Would really appreciate some help on this

Pomeon emerald (u) Trashman has been taken down from emiparadise? Any other downloads?

I had downloaded gba4ios and pokemon emerald a few years ago, and the cheats worked fine. But then I deleted it and decided to come back to it and the cheats where you choose a wild pokemon to appear when you walk through grass doesn’t work. It just crashes when a pokemon finds me. I have been using ign’s cheatcodes on the “wild pokemon modifier second part” I recall the first part did nothing a couple years back and it still does nothing now, but now the second part is causing me to crash. Any suggestions?

Thanks, but it keeps crashing. Maybe my game version is bad?

I’m not sure…I’ll download trashman. Thanks again

Tried’s definetely my emulator then…

I install lastest my boy(gba) version on android but if I want to play cheat it wont work!many time i try it.

When I save the line of code in the cheats it automatically puts a space in the middle of the code, is that my problem?

I used The Walk through walls both Wont Work 🙁

Man I’m using Pokémon Emerald on VBA emulator 1.8 version on P.C…. Not even a single cheat is activating …. Tried a lot searched for solutions can’t understand why isn’t it working

They did specify on PC though…did you even read the comment?

I’ve checked all of this. I’m using OpenEmu from the link given here. I’m also using the same FireRed that’s linked here too. I’ve precisely used the exact mastercode for finding pokemon:

000014D1 000A+1003dae6 0007+83007CEE YYYY

It’s worked once from my first save but I couldn’t battery save that version. Now that I’m trying to start again. The code no longer works even when its been on the exact same version.

If you provide any help that would be great because this has been really frustrating, given that it has worked with me before but no longer does now.

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