Pokemon FireRed All Pokeball Cheat


I had a great experience playing Pokemon Fire Red lately, and what’s the most beneficial Gameshark code I ever tried to use is the All Pokeball cheat. It is so much fun when you have all Pokeball in your FireRed game, thanks to cheating capability that the game has.

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The cheat perfectly works on popular GBA emulators such as MyBoy for Android, Open Emu for Mac users, and GBA emulator for Windows for FireRed 1.0 rom version. If you successfully activated the cheat in your emulator, please let us know by posting your message below.

Update: We have an important announcement for those who wish to use all Pokeball cheat and at the same time, a sort of warning. It turns out that all Pokeball ball cheat is a buggy cheat. The cheat fills your bag with unusable Pokeball and will make no room for new items. As you go along the game, the cheat becomes a headache so be warned before you proceed enabling it.

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Note: Enter master code first and next, the all Pokeball cheat.

Pokemon FireRed All Pokeball Cheat



More warning: All Pokeball cheat could give a bad egg to users who use an unsupported version of FireRed ROMs, use a US version. To avoid getting a bad egg, you can use the Item or the Master ball cheat as an alternative. Check our Pokemon FireRed Cheats.

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Pokemon Ball

It work thanks guys i been looking 4 this the entire time

can you remove the items? i cant get the bike

Is the pokeballs cheat work with the V1.1 version

I want Mega X stone cheat