5 Must Avoid Cheats When Playing Pokemon GBA Games

Pokemon Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald are all games for the Gameboy Advance or GBA. These games ushered in Generation III and are still being played today and a lot of ROM hacks are based on these games.

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Anyway, with these games, there are also cheats that can be used via Game Shark or Code Breaker means.

While there are a lot of cheats that you can use, there are some of them that you shouldn’t. Just because they are available, doesn’t mean that you could and for excellent reasons.

Must avoid cheats when playing pokemon gba games

5 Cheats We Do Not Recommend to Use

1. Shiny Pokemon Encounter Cheat

Stop using shiny cheat

Encountering a Shiny Pokemon without a cheat can be a fun and exciting thing because their encounter rates are very low. They can be good to add to your collection and the cheat to encounter Shiny Pokemon can be used.

The problem is that using this cheat can be a hit or miss. There is a chance that you can have a Bad Egg when you capture a Shiny Pokemon through a cheat. To summarize a Bad Egg, it will not hatch and it cannot be removed from your Pokemon Party. On the other hand, you can’t breed your shiny Pokemon.

That can annoy because the number of Pokemon you can carry is limited when that happens. Save first before you plan on using this cheat but better not use it. One other thing to remember is that Shiny Pokemon usually have bad stats and sometimes has a glitchy name.

They can be good for collection purposes, but most people wouldn’t use Shiny Pokemon in battle most of the time due to the poor stats that they have.

2. Complete Pokedex Cheat

Stop using complete pokedex cheat

Completing the Pokedex is a goal that players set out. Completing it naturally can take a long time but you get a sense of satisfaction there. The cheat that enables you to see the complete Pokedex isn’t that useful.

First of all, having a complete Pokedex doesn’t even give you any reward or incentive other than personal satisfaction which is good.

The problem here is that using the cheat can cause the game to freeze or even crash in some cases. It’s better to just use the Wild Pokemon Modifier cheat to complete your Pokedex.

3. Unlock All Poke Ball Cheat

Stop all pokeball cheat

There are a lot of Poke Balls that people can use. The problem with this cheat is that you get stuck with a ton of Poke Balls that you may not want to use. This leaves you a problem with your inventory being full and you have to spend time getting rid of them.

All you need is the Master Ball cheat and you can use that and capture all types of Pokemon at a perfect capture rate. This is definitely one of the 5 must avoid cheats when playing Pokemon GBA games.

4. Unlock All Items Cheat

Stop using all item cheat

This can be the same case for the Unlock All Poke Ball Cheat. There are a lot of items that you may not need. It doesn’t help when the code unlocks almost all of the items. There are some items that you may not need to use as well.

They’ll just fill up your inventory and you’ll just get rid of them. Just use alternative cheats like the Master Ball and Rare Candies. Then, just use the Unlimited Money cheat where you can buy all the items that you need.

5. Catch Enemy Trainer’s Pokemon

Stop using catch/steal trainer's pokemon cheat

This one can be a bit of useless cheat. The first thing is that it can potentially change one of the Pokemon in your party into a Bad Egg and that’s bad. The second thing is that there’s no point in capturing enemy trainer Pokemon. You can easily use the Wild Pokemon Modifier when you want to capture a Pokemon that you want.

Don’t forget about using Rare Candies as well as TM and HM cheats in case you want to grow your Pokemon your way.

In Closing

There are a lot of other good cheats that you can use on the GBA games. However, these are just 5 must avoid cheats when playing Pokemon GBA games. You’re better off using the other cheats that can be alternatives to get what you need.

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  1. Why can’t I talk to the NPC’s that guards the entrance of the Pokemon League even though I already obtained all eight badges.


  2. So after using the shiny cheat I noticed that I can’t fight some NPCs. Like a lot of them. Even some gym leaders. Also some events don’t occur. Like the rocket in the game center isn’t battleable and won’t move now..

      • If he’s talking about a team rocket dude in a game corner, he MUST be talking about firered, as it is the only game that has that aspect (to my knowledge) unless he’s playing a ROM hack.