5 Nuzlocke Tips When You Do the Nuzlocke Challenge

We’ve previously discussed the Nuzlocke Challenge in a different article. To summarize, it is a challenge to make your Pokemon gaming experience a bit harder and more challenging. The fact that it is challenging can make it a bit fun or frustrating. If you really want to try the Nuzlocke Challenge but finding it a bit hard then you can use these Nuzlocke tips whenever you want to do the challenge.

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The Nuzlocke tips you can try

Nuzlocke tips

Pick a game that you feel that you’re good at

There are a ton of Pokemon games out there, but the Nuzlocke Challenge only applies to the main games. You can choose to do all of them, but why not start with a game that your good at. When it comes to being good at these games, they can be games that you are comfortable with and games that you feel that you can beat without that much of a hassle.

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Planning your roster

When you’re going to do the Nuzlocke Challenge, this means that you already know the story and everything. This allows you to look up a guide and see which Pokemon spawns in that area.

Considering one of the rules is that you are only allowed to catch one Pokemon per area, you need to plan ahead on which Pokemon you can use in case the situation arises. Depending on your luck, you may end up with similar multiple Pokemon. That’s the good thing if you plan ahead because you can change and adapt to the scene depending on the Pokemon that you have.

Speaking of your roster, you don’t need to bring all six Pokemon all the time. The fact that if a Pokemon faints, this means that it’s dead anyway.

You can have the others as reserves plus the Pokemon you can carry around are those that you need to be leveled up.

Just do a series of compilations and see which combinations can work for you and can sync well with the other Nuzlocke tips.

Don’t be lazy and cheap when it comes to healing

If you’re not using the rules where it limits and prohibits you from using the Poke Center, then you need to use it if you have access to it. You are also trying to do a run without getting a game over so you need to stock up on healing items.

You’re not in this game to indulge in the story or find secrets. Don’t get cheap on those healing items because you will need them all the time. When it comes to healing, you need to heal at the appropriate time.

Let’s say your Pokemon’s HP is 20/50, you need to heal right away because you may get hit with a critical attack resulting to that Pokemon’s death.

Check the items ahead of time

When you enter an area where Wild Pokemon spawns, you may want to take a look at the items in that area. This saves you some time and keeps you safe from getting your Pokemon killed. You can go right ahead and get the items that you want.

You can ignore the other items that you don’t need. If you also have the money to spend, then using Repel items can also be a good investment.

Doing a lot of grinding

You may think that this is cheating but it isn’t. Grinding is a part of the game, and the Nuzlocke Challenge doesn’t forbid you from doing so. One of the great things about the games is that you can be over-leveled before fighting a Gym Leader of the Elite Four.

It may take some time and a lot of Rare Candies, but when you have the patience, this can be a good thing and it makes things a bit easier. You can also apply the tips above such as healing at the right moment to help you grind.

In Closing

Hopefully, these Nuzlocke tips can help you when it comes to your approach when it comes to doing the Nuzlocke Challenge. If all else fails, try and try again until you succeed.

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