Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma (Updated)


Prepare for an ultra Pokemon Game Boy Advance gaming experience, introducing an improved version of Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma.

The Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma by Zel and Alex is finally released and now includes lots of new features, some changes, bug fixes, and improvements from the previous version.

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There are over 807 Pokemon in Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma and added support to Mega evolution and various changes to sprites, structures, moves, and abilities. The 15,000+ Facebook fans of Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma can’t go wrong for supporting this game and you should too. Get this game now play it on your favorite GBA emulator.

Game Information

Ultra shiny gold sigma cover

Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma
Author: Alex and Zel
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
CheatsClick here
Updated: February 28, 2021
Discord: Link
Official guide: Click here


  • 807+ Pokemon from Generation I to VII and Alola forms
  • Mega Evolution
  • Rightful evolution at every single Pokemon
  • New evolutionary stones
  • New items
  • A simulated Wonder Trade system, called Miracle Exchange
  • The Battle Frontier facilities are scattered throughout the game
  • An EV-IV screen is available to help manage your Pokemon stats
  • New effects added
  • Competitive stuff available
  • Fly everywhere
  • All Gym Leaders offer rematches in Johto, Kanto, Orange Islands and Hoenn
  • Badges as Crystal order and colored
  • Improved graphics, colorful & elegant
  • System clock automatically walk with 5 changes (Dawn, Day, Afternoon, Dusk, Night)
  • System clock automatically walk with 7 weather times
  • New sprites include: main character minisprite, places, tiles, trainers, Pokémon sprites, Several new overworld, battle, and trainer sprites, several graphs, etc.
  • Pokemon more likely to capture that were previously rare (Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and Alola species)
  • Sounds remastered & enhanced, more aligned to Pokemon Crystal version
  • Similarity to Anime occurrences & new rivals accorded to Manga
  • Leaders reinforced, stronger Gym Leaders. Lorelei, Agatha, and Giovanni also make an appearance, more difficult & new Ex-Elites
  • New objects, new main characters, history, places, music, events.
  • New abilities, new attacks.
  • New Pokémon icons, new trades, Bicycle fixing, new in-game trades, new quality of life improvements
  • Complete Pokémon Location and available Pokédex to index them all
  • Battle Frontier Battle Tower facility
  • Rufflet and Vullaby can now be obtainable at route 45
  • Hoenn is up to Route 117 – Vendarturf Town (ORAS Style)
  • Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon, Mightyena and Decidueye can now learn shadow ball
  • Rockruff can now be found in Dim Deep Cave
  • Navel Cable Car

Fixes/Adds/QoL updates

  • Ending league and Ship Rocket’s event issue.
  • New few moves, they will be rare to find though!
  • New eeveelutions founded in the game code.
  • Sinnoh Starters spawns at Cherrygrove City, extremely rare.
  • Starter spawns have been a bit increased. If you want a Pokémon to has increased odds just ask us.
  • New Pokémon like Galarian Legendary Birds, Regidrago, Regieleki, Zarude, and Kanto galarian forms.
  • Meltan and Melmetal from Pokémon Let’s GO/Pokémon GO are now available in SGS.
  • Move improvements, includes MLucario, MGardevoir, MAltaria, MBlaziken. MSceptile, and more.
  • Acording to new Pokémon games, now HM are forgettable, working as regular moves.
  • If the stairs at Mahogany Gym doesn’t work, a hole at the penultimate gym map will sent you to the right path.
  • Fixed the issue regarding the Egg pickup over Violet (It says now Pokémon Mart).
  • Minor issues with Goldenrod and Ecruteak houses.
  • The Wonder Trade lady was moved to Viridian City.
  • Rockruff can now be found in Dim Deep Cave.
  • Rockruff evolves into Midnight Lycanrock when Attack equals Defense at level 23.
  • Dazzling Gleam doesn’t hit always effect.
  • Battle Frontier Battle Tower facility.
  • Stability and various bug fixes, performance updates.
  • Portkey WormHoles will be activated with a secret event all around the regions. Test yourself and look for them! Portkey WormHoles will allow you to time-travel and find rare unique places and creatures!
  • Hoenn is up to Mauville City (ORAS Style) and Route 118 beta.



Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma Download

Download link no longer available, we suggest joining SGS Facebook group to download the game.

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Please give pokemon location for every route.

This game is the worst when I played it all my data was gone

The game crashes when i mega evolve

How can i get lycanrock dusk form? Sorry if its obvious i have been trying for awhile.

Is this game completed ? Or is it still being updated?

Hello Guys, First of all, I would like to thank everyone who worked on this masterpeice (Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma v 1.3.7) I am really enjoying the game, but actually I am facing some issues such as: 1. The poke fluet is not working on snorlax 2. I can’t recieve some items as it says the bag is full while it is not 3. Most of the legendry pokemons apear again and again 4. I defeated all the 4 orange island leaders but yet can’t access the last one 5. Can’t find a way to break the large rocks… Read more »

if u used cheats then it may be due to cheats
but we know that it is a new game so it surely contains glitches

Hi can sceptile mega evolve and typhlosion too????

Does this have the Primal Reversion feature?

Update: Sorry for asking, I didn’t do enough personal research. To those of you bothered enough to have the same question I had, then the answer is Yes. There are Primal mechanics of some form.

Where do i get the radio visio?

Hello! I’d of course like to thank the creators for their hard work on this game. I’ve put about 35 hours into this game so far and I’m genuinely loving it. I’ve never played a pokemon game where I’ve cycled so many different pokemon through my team as I’ve just enjoyed training and exploring the games content. I’ve seen several comments suggesting that this game is still being worked on, which I hope is still true. If so I was wondering if there were any rumors about adding additional boxes to the pc? I know that there is a way… Read more »


is this a competed romhack now from start to finish yet


Can someone answer me please if ghost attacks are stil physical attacks like in fire red or if they rightfully changed it to special attacks?!?!?!?!?!

the game has Physical and Special split i believe , so yeah , attacks can be physical or special regardless of types like in Gen 4-8

How to evolve Salandit? I has a female one and it was supposed to evolve on level 33, but it is on level 34 and hasn’t evolved.

I can’t Surf. I have the badge from Morty but I literally can’t progress because I can’t Surf anywhere. When I try, it says a new badge is needed but I can’t get anymore badges!


Does anybody know if there is a Nature Modifier cheat like in Pokemon Emerald???

Not a cheat but you can buy a capsule for 8.500 Pdollars in Mahogany Town I think, that enables you to change the nature

The 3 tiles around the interior door in Celadon City pokemon center, along with the two tiles (vertical) as you leave the city to the west, writes data to the 12th slot in box 6 (last slot in row 2). If there’s a pokemon there, it becomes a bad egg; if the spot is blank, it becomes an invisible bugged pokemon that you can just release

To be more specific, it writes 0129 012A 0000 010A 0154 at 0x02FEC5A8 (around there, the box slots seem to move around)

Not Celadon, Cerulean
Although maybe Celadon too, I haven’t checked

I was trying to figure out what causes this. I randomly get invisible bad eggs in box 6 but I only have one badge and it happens every time I add a phone number in game or even when receiving calls on the Pokebeeper. Also, if I release the bad egg, it also deletes the phone number I added.

Interesting that walking on a tile can cause one of these too.

what is miracle exchange?

Dark cave has some collision issues. I was walking through a few walls.

The typing system is all messed up. For some reason my ralts is weak against poison when poison should do little to nothing against psychic. Is there a patch that I need for this or is just the programming?

ralts is part fairy as gen 6 and fairy types are weak to poison

Ralts is a fairy type now, which is weak to poison. Psychic has no resistances to poison, and steel is the only type immune to psychic.

ralts is half fairy, its gen7 rules

hey can you reupload guide file because the file not found thanks

The stair case in ice gym is not visible… I cannot progress to fight with the gym leader… What should i do… Plz help… Thankyou

Where is the 7th gym in Kanto? I’m stuck.

Cinnabar Island.

Surf from Pallet Town

Had the same issue, Just walk up and down over the button more than once that fixed it for me.

This i s the worst rom hack ever this doesnt even have the same teams or levels

Are developers going to fix pokemon cries?
Its kinda annoying hearing bulbasaur’s cry every time lol


Hi, amazing hack rom
Is it possible to play with other players?
I mean using My boy link remote with wifi or bluetooth.
Thanks for your answers.

Has this updated version removed the bad eggs? I have tried to play through twice on VBA link, and both times there have been invisible releasable bad eggs in the sixth box on the PC. Worse still, pokemon started turning into bad eggs both times shortly after reaching kanto, rendering it unplayable.

did you already removed the eggs?

is this newer than regular shiny gold stigma and if it is what is the difference

Does it have melmetal?

I’m trying to battle Clair but the boulder is stuck I tried both different holes and still lands in the same spot? What to do

I can’t acces tge start-menu. It just stops the rom and closed it. Can’t play the rom though.

This was happening to me also, try a different emulator.

Why skorupi and some pokemon not exist in pokedex

Hey folks, I played this beautiful hack for a couple days now and i’m amazed like never before from any other Pokemon hack. Big thanks and probs to the developer and host of this page, great work so far you helped me a lot! Unfortunatly an issue occured after beating the Johto top four + Champ (Lanze) first time. Somehow the game doesn’t save my progress. So after the credits the game forces me to Start a new game… Meaning I’m not able to progress the story (Kanto Region, Orange Islands, etc…). I tried to fix the issue by setting… Read more »


Friend im sorry to say,you need to setup save type to 128k before starting a new game. You will have to start over.

Hi I’m trying to play it on my Nintendo DS, but I can’t save or even set the clock
Do you know what I could do?
I am running the homebrew on the 11.9 version and I converted the gba rom into a cia rom and then I installed it on my DS

You have a 3DS or 2DS, NOT a regular DS, but that’s not the problem. Try playing the game in an emulator or using a flashcart. Hope this helps ☺

When I download this it says shiny gold sigma without the ultra, is it still ultra shiny gold sigma?

Good day!!!I noticed that There’s grammatical errors inside the twin’s house.When I talked to the girl inside that house, There is some number “6” that are halved…..I also noticed that the barricade outside that house(I think its name might be twin’s house) is unreadable……This house is in the 2nd town(I don’t know what its name…Im just a beginner and I’m just started to play this game last evening……..Hope that you’ll notice it and hope that the remakes of this game will fix this….thank you!!

After deafeated GYm leader, safe the Silph Co., call Prof Elm, Go to Prof Elm, he say go to Mr Kurt, and i go to Kurt’s House, but Kurt dont want to talk to me, he is in busy with his work. So we dont dsicuss about GS ball. what should i do?

Can anyone explain how to access my old save with the new update?

hey..i finished the lake of rage and also met the team rocket quest. Once i go into the mahogany gym..before the last chamber there is no stairs but there is a door beyond that..What should i do??
Please help

Hey ive been experiencing somethin really annoying in this 1.3.5 version of the game, this made me bored coz of this my pokemons were scizor,slyveon,glaceon,feraligatr,latios & froakie…. So i went one of the island with orange island gym leader then after that i went back to vermillion city thru the ss aqua ship then i went to the pokemon center to heal them after a i went outside and check my pokemon their levels went back by 20 and froakie became egg again. This pissed me off coz my entire pokemon in party changed but the pokemons in the pc… Read more »

i cant mega evolve, i tried doing the (start=enter) thing but there is no option for the mega evolution in battle, pls help ;-;

i cant take the 8th badge from clair
i get the dragon’s claw and i cant speak with her

I cant access my pokemon in the party the only thing that present is the pokedex bag save option

whats the latest version of this hack?

Another interesting game with good quality.

Hey bro is pokemon unbound is GBA ROM hack

Good day!!!are the bugs in the twin’s house are fixed now??I discovered in v1.3.5 that the girl’s dialogue like “6” is a “half 6″….. And the name of that’s house is unreadable……….the house is on the second town after I first battled zinnia……..

Quick question. How do I access miracle exchange, I’ve already beaten the johto champion

Is there any cheat for flying in any part of the map without a badge

I need one if possible used surf and some how got on a edge where I can’t remember use surf to leave or use a fishing pole. No Pokemon with fly although just got fly and the badge kinda screwed

In Ecruteak city there is a house and if I get inside its gives me black screen and i cant get out i am stuck now

Pls help i dont want to do this all over again

same thing just happened to me we need answers lol

When was this game last updated?

August 2018. Usgs 1.3.5

Is there any updated versions?

Just a question, when was this game last updated?

I have download the game but when I wanted to play the game on my boy it says unrecognized gba game what will I do

I have all badges in Kano and Johto now what?

I cant find misty anywhere??

Where can I get a mega bracelet, or is there any cheat code

is this is for android?

hey I’ve been playing for a while and everything was alright until I won the fourth badge, then all of my TM were gone, only the HM are still there. Even when I buy a TM and look for it in the case it’s not there. What’s the problem? Any way to get it back?

Is this the unfinished version? I find it a little different with the one that people play in YouTube, plus there are still some places that unaccessible

Quick q: In goldenrod I bought enough coins in the game corner to be able to get a riolu, I got it and it was a shiny one and after that every Pokemon I encountered (wild and in battles) was a shiny. Is this supposed to happen? I mean all the trainers in the route after goldenrod(the sudowoodo that blocks the path) has a shiny…is that like part of the game?