Pokemon Delta Emerald Cheats


One of the most interesting ROM hacks of Pokemon Emerald is Pokemon Delta Emerald. Like most ROM hacks, this game has a ton of cheats that you can use. Remember to input the cheat as either a Game Shark (Action Replay) or Code Breaker type.

Make sure as well the cheats are turned on, and we’ll add any additional information needed to activate the cheat. Anyway, here are a couple of good Pokemon Delta Emerald cheats that you can use.

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Considering as well that this is a ROM hack, there are some cheats that won’t work. These cheats would include Wild Pokemon modifier, Legendary Pokemon modifier, and cheats involving items.

The items would include unlimited healing items, misc items, TMs, HMs, berries, held items, and more. Then again, these cheats can be enough for your needs.

Note: If you can’t make any of the cheats work, be sure to use our beginner’s guide section.

Pokemon delta emerald cheats

Working Pokemon Delta Emerald Cheat codes

Walk Through Walls (Game Shark)
Pokemon emerald delta cheats

7881A409 E2026E0C
8E883EFF 92E9660D

Input the code and you can walk through walls, trees, and other terrain. Just keep in mind that you can get stuck in some areas and some areas where you can’t walk through because they are the borders of the game.

No Random Battles (Game Shark)

B505DB41 6E39EA4E

Input the code and you won’t have any wild Pokemon encounters. Trainer battle can still happen though.

Unlimited Money (Game Shark)
Pokemon delta emerald cheats

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
1C7B3231 B494738C
C051CCF6 975E8DA1

Input the code and go to a Poke Mart to activate it. You’ll see that your money is a jumbled amount of numbers, and once you leave the Poke Mart, you’ll have unlimited money. This is one of the more useful Pokemon Delta Emerald cheats.

Unlimited Rare Candy (Game Shark)


Input the code and go to an Item PC. Withdraw an unlimited number of rare candies for your needs.

Unlimited Master Ball (Game Shark)
Pokemon delta emerald cheats

958D8046 A7151D70
8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Input the code and head to a Poke Mart. All the items being sold will be Master Balls they are free and unlimited.

Unlimited EXP (Code Breaker)


Input the code and fight any Pokemon. Regardless of the enemy Pokemon’s level, you will have an unlimited amount of EXP. The EXP bar will continue to fill and your Pokemon will continue to level up. Turn off the code to stop the EXP from pouring in.

Max Stats (Game Shark)
Pokemon delta emerald cheats

35A039FD B90C0C5B = Max HP
973FBE3F EDC8200D = Max Attack
979050AE 6F56B497 = Max Defense
E9B89F9D C73B5749 = Max SP Attack
DBC9F375 30D76D78 = Max SP Defense
35B2E18D FC573426 = Max Speed

Input the code that you want the stat to be maxed out. You can activate all of them at the same time or just one at a time, depending on what you want. This is one of the more reliable Pokemon Delta Emerald cheats that you can use.

Wild Pokemon Gender Modifier (Game Shark)

Female Code
7F06853C D823D089
0A694B5A 43A6964F

Male Code
7F06853C D823D089
7980105E FC3721D0

Input the code of the gender that you want and battle a Wild Pokemon to capture it with your preferred gender.

Shiny Pokemon Encounter (Game Shark)
Pokemon delta emerald cheats

F3A9A86D 4E2629B4
18452A7D DDE55BCC

Input the code and encounter a shiny Pokemon. Before you catch the Pokemon, turn off the code. That is because there is a bug where the name of your captured Shiny Pokemon will not be the name that you put it on. Even if you don’t name your Pokemon the bug will still haphappen, just turn it off before you catch it.

Teleport (Game Shark)

Input the code of the location that you want to go to. When the code is placed, enter any door or area where it transitions you to another area and you’ll be sent there. The fact that this is a ROM hack means that a lot of the area codes may not work but a majority of them do.

6266061B C8C9D80F Player’s House
6178C413 3E2FF736 Elite Four Sidney
CE4225D2 7BDD5C76 Shard Collector’s house (Route 124)
303D269F 12358A21 Player’s Room
41509519 56FA6E47 Flower House (Route 104)
A6DF8006 B219CFD6 Old Lady Rest Stop (Route 111)
16830A6F EEFE51C8 Ever Grande City
F0EC26B8 31EC5657 Southern Island
734D21AC ABA1D48F Petalburg City
4CF78722 99D85A9F Slateport City
B49EB935 5B46BF8B Mauville City
93DF5785 8CD8CE27 Rustboro City
B6D1DB88 5987C390 Fortree City
EF6C4684 7B994DBB Lilycove City
872D5923 BC0EB4CF Mossdeep City
1DE2E5F2 55690815 Sootopolis City
16830A6F EEFE51C8 Ever Grande City
F89BD08B ED8D449E Littleroot Town
8F7BB880 613514DE Oldale Town
26FE9036 CFBAF75B Dewford Town
05DF8009 6EB6EEA8 Lavaridge Town
7F7F34B1 DC5CFBD6 Fallarbor Town
453A42B4 BE47C4F9 Verdanturf Town
9697749C BF836364 Pacifidlog Town
7DE5E94F 91EB4C93 Route 101
0333BAF0 0661FE19 Route 102
D9E2E15D 589AC20A Route 103
A6BE8B1F 442B2029 Route 104
0ACBA427 D063137D Route 105
35B2E915 9E9D0012 Route 106
AFAE04F5 6CCDFB3E Route 107
289910FE A48BEDF5 Route 108
3845BE84 2E324169 Route 109
04E9A63A 1BC8E597 Route 110
AB0C156A D5A95250 Route 111
025B426C 12639FAC Route 112
1879ADB1 CB62A316 Route 113
25D9C1E7 766EBE07 Route 114
F2D1DB2B C9CDE60B Route 115
4226147F 51EAECCA Route 116
A23F358D 29D6AFD2 Route 117
F32D560C 20C2FA1D Route 118
69007B18 B8CE5066 Route 119
E2523DAE 9D543CE3 Route 120
69BAFFE1 5E6BECD9 Route 121
62E24072 7AB96124 Route 122
CD6BFF27 4018232F Route 123
F0780A4C BE2572E1 Route 124
D764542D 1F715705 Route 125
5BD6DFED 7797FB20 Route 126
3BC12070 90FE6FA2 Route 127
A493B39A 5368963E Route 128
C90EDBEB 39D9C505 Route 129
1ADFAD12 1CB122C4 Route 130
0C2F5CD4 EE816009 Route 131
D73F6AC5 4E85B7CA Route 132
A341954E 09968A73 Route 133
183802E7 7C6B0493 Route 134
1739A0F3 901C5B31 Roof of Lilycove store
8C063672 554BB9F0 Fishing Guy House In Mossdeep City
FDED4F7D 2A13DD75 House in Sootopolis
A6055686 6BBE73A4 Phoebe
09EDE2F1 3427F11B Meteor Falls
EE78DDCD 09A4CAAB Fiery Path
6178C413 3E2FF736 Sydney
4D2F801B 9780575E Phoebe
F6BA99A2 2C76B7F6 Glacia
B392516A 1E1E40E7 Drake
D2B96473 9D56B7D8 Wallace
3A0BFB51 00ED22B2 Pokemon Center(the one before the E4)
CE3EF9E9 3C41A95C Hall of Fame
28C0A6F2 8513BE9A Safari Zone
8B15AE7E 9AAD3F68 Meteor Falls 1
C30FBBE6 DC63532F Meteor Falls 2
12578D2F 0AA6FB9E Meteor Falls 3
2589A93D F3FFB10C Meteor Falls 4
3ACDD41E AD84C3F9 Rusturf Tunnel
2AD334DD 7DC12C96 Underwater (Sootopolis City)
5CEE6819 2848B620 Desert Ruins
E7195B55 A78FB01D Granite Cave 1
945E7339 173DF9AD Granite Cave 2
EC6C1793 76F8C6E2 Granite Cave 3
34B80DAD FA204034 Granite Cave 4(Steven)
F82E6DED C0205840 Petalburg Woods
93E2A255 5873FC81 Mt.Chimney
01ED4C9B E13C4024 Jagged Pass
44D6EB21 171BD8DA Fiery Path
689B4DB0 C82119D7 Mt.Pyre 1(Inside)
A450AE11 A3B3688B Mt.Pyre 2(Inside)
9428FA10 B0D22CAF Mt.Pyre 3(Inside)
41EF9B9A 743E6855 Mt.Pyre 4(Inside)
6BB63016 1122AC44 Mt.Pyre 5(Inside)
E4F3B7E2 DB835642 Mt.Pyre Top(Inside)
FED97B7A 73C3A557 Mt.Pyre 1(Outside)
9CCC9C01 A4BB0BC6 Mt.Pyre Top(Outside)
2B8BCCED 9D2E7CC1 Aqua Hideout 1
FC264450 2D907E4F Aqua Hideout 2
326AF3AD 3EF0FADD Aqua Hideout 3
E9948A36 18A43F4A Underwater(Seafloor Cavern)
D31699F4 49C25336 Seafloor Cavern 1
01A5F827 5BFCE637 Seafloor Cavern 2
D525D063 FC0BE3ED Seafloor Cavern 3
BDF5F0FF 909E4F4F Seafloor Cavern 4
F9F16FC0 E9D2DB5A Seafloor Cavern 5
2D1428A1 6C3598E5 Seafloor Cavern 6
5F0EB697 1DF5B4B8 Seafloor Cavern 7
920A7F89 0F907C2A Seafloor Cavern 8
637CB055 FA8CB5B7 Seafloor Cavern 9
A6C49BB0 790AD1CF Seafloor Cavern 10
F94D9C59 8E44B1FD Cave of Origin 1
51F83940 1F1D4074 Cave of Origin 2
BAD22590 7BC0B633 Cave of Origin 3
E96BB1BD 6A918C74 Cave of Origin 4
C3D813F0 18BEFF1D Cave of Origin 5
6C2E2E64 CCCB6AF4 cave of Origin 6
29A1BB9F 7597347F Victory Road 1
B0643A23 AABC6584 Victory Road 2
66D5FD35 4FF24CAF Victory Road 3
5A82DDA5 3EE48807 Shoal Cave 1
3A4924C9 02AB4E27 Shoal Cave 2
F514B707 0B77849A Shoal Cave 3(no water)
228CEFAA 892BA96B Shoal Cave 4(no water)
B48F494A AB19D8C9 Shoal Cave 1(surfing)
873FF660 BD9FC47E Shoal Cave 2(near bridge,no water)
7F9CEE84 60922F8D New Mauville 1
A436303B D4F71A29 New Mauville 2
16EBB0DB E1C1C203 Abandoned Ship 1
368E508E 6A81358E Abandoned Ship 2
023ABF68 8614F56E Abandoned Ship 3
D6CE78E5 A05C3208 Abandoned Ship 4
C90DFC23 F42D5EED Abandoned Ship 5
A937A21B BDE6F5DA Abandoned Ship 6
FB514259 C8393E27 Abandoned Ship 7
EB37D90E F0C00BFB Abandoned Ship 8
BAADAAB5 C9B7735A Abandoned Ship 9
E90852FE 498AA6A2 Abandoned Ship 10
40B0AAA8 1A838C90 Abandoned Ship 11
A64CA032 0DBB5271 Abandoned Ship 12
91102404 79845435 Abandoned Ship 13
F8A26E0B EACA612A Island Cave
23BB6E2D 5625207C Ancient Tomb
47E2FE51 EE729CDA Underwater, near Regi
CF02A51E 0DCE6949 Same as above^
4BE69890 6F45215A Entrance of place where you activate Regis
91D4A1FE 701BA1F3 Place where you activate Regis
695C9C26 3243C417 Scorched Slab(Cave where you got TM11 Sunny Day)
0E2A9416 7BEA4915 Aqua Hideout
625068FF B8D9DB81 Aqua Hideout(in a room with a warp point)
7D6A5D05 5BC4B74C Aqua Hideout once again (different place in there)
C4338331 146F9E5C Sky Pillar 1
BDBB4C0E 2E34E26E Sky Pillar 2
3A338DB4 782BE901 Sky Pillar 3
1BF011B4 44F64692 Sky Pillar 4
E51D81E5 E7942921 Sky Pillar 5
937B1FE6 8479FB19 Sky Pillar 6
3B51207B 0268D4E0 Sky Pillar 7
5734DBE6 3E9A5F62 Sky Pillar 8
37A21411 E441F3EA Top of Sky Pillar
9AA83A82 81BEF3E1 Magma Hideout 1
81A6E3F4 20B90696 Magma Hideout 2
F6A15CF3 954EDFC2 Magma Hideout 3
72E2E569 327026E0 Magma Hideout 4
A2842D2D 7AAE085F Magma Hideout 5
19EFC418 3C748823 Magma Hideout 6
71837BD2 3FA4B262 Magma Hideout 7
D9698E78 51CE0643 Magma Hideout 8
7572668C A25C844C Mirage Pillar 1
D5004355 398C8113 Mirage Pillar 2
9A6E4A93 E6670C5D Mirage Pillar 3
A24BACCD CEE66E3A Mirage Pillar 4
A74FB133 AAC2ACE1 Desert Underpass
7DC043F4 06E4B479 Artisan Cave 1
77621DAE AAF9DA26 Artisan Cave 2
F0EC26B8 31EC5657 Southern Island
D672577F BE1C6F7C Building next to Battle Tower in Battle Frontier
4D2A5A81 4E69A107 Battle Frontier
8DEB234A 4C8DC5EC Faraway Island (Mew)
E124B2B1 A46B45AB Faraway Island 2
4A99A22B 58284D2D Birth Island (Deoxys)
842CB8A9 7F8B0149 Navel Rock (Lugia and Ho-oh)

Shared Cheats

Thanks to LuNaTHiCc for the following cheat codes

Mega Stones

How to use: Enter code 820051B4 0YYY and replace YYY with the corresponding mega stone id code below. Enter one cheat at a time only.

Example: Enter code 820051B4 0038 to get Alakazite.

034 = Venusaurite
035 = CharzarditeX
036 = CharzarditeY
037 = Blastoisnite
038 = Alakazite
039 = Gengarite
03A = Pinsirite
03B = Gyaradosite
03C = Aerodactlite
03D = MewtwoniteX
03E = MewtwoniteY
057 = Ampharosite
058 = Scizorite
059 = Heracronite
05A = Houndoomnite
070 = Blazikenite
071 = Gardevoirite
072 = Mawilite
073 = Aggronite
074 = Medichamite
075 = Manectite
076 = Banettite
077 = Absolite
078 = Beedrilite
0B0 = Pidgeotite
0B1 = Slowbronite
0B2 = Kangaskanite
0EC = Steelixite
0ED = Sceptilite
0EE = Swampertite
0EF = Sablenite
0F0 = Sharpedonite
0F1 = Cameruptite
0F2 = Altarianite
0F3 = Glatite
0F4 = Salamencite
0F5 = Metagrossite
0F6 = Latiasite
0F7 = Latiosite
0FC = Galladite
15B = Tyranitarite

TM and HMs

How to use: Enter code 820051B4 0YYY and replace YYY with the corresponding TM or HM id code below. Enter one cheat at a time only.

Example: Enter code 820051B4 012A to get Hidden Power.


121 = TM01 – Focus Punch
122 = TM02 – Dragon Claw
123 = TM03 – Water Pulse
124 = TM04 – Calm Mind
125 = TM05 – Roar
126 = TM06 – Toxic
127 = TM07 – Hail
128 = TM08 – Bulk Up
129 = TM09 – Bullet Seed
12A = TM10 – Hidden Power
12B = TM11 – Sunny Day
12C = TM12 – Taunt
12D = TM13 – Ice Beam
12E = TM14 = Blizzard
12F = TM15 – Hyper Beam
130 = TM16 – Light Screen
131 = TM17 – Protect
132 = TM18 – Rain Dance
133 = TM19 – Giga Drain
134 = TM20 – Safeguard
135 = TM21 – Frustration
136 = TM22 – SolarBeam
137 = TM23 – Smack Down
138 = TM24 – Thunderbolt
139 = TM25 – Thunder
13A = TM26 – Earthquake
13B = TM27 – Return
13C = TM28 – Dig
13D = TM29 – Psychic
13E = TM30 – Shadow Ball
13F = TM31 – Brick Break
140 = TM32 – Double Team
141 = TM33 – Reflect
142 = TM34 – Sludge Wave
143 = TM35 – Flamethrower
144 = TM36 – Sludge Bomb
145 = TM37 – Sandstorm
146 = TM38 – Fire Blast
147 = TM39 – Rock Tomb
148 = TM40 – Aerial Ace
149 = TM41 – Torment
14A = TM42 – Facade
14B = TM43 – Flame Charge
14C = TM44 – Rest
14D = TM45 – Attract
14E = TM46 – Thief
14F = TM47 – Low Sweep
150 = TM48 – Round
151 = TM49 – Echoed Voice
152 = TM50 – Overheat

153 = HM01 – Cut
154 = HM02 – Fly
155 = HM03 – Surf
156 = HM04 – Strength
157 = HM05 – Flash
158 = HM06 – Rock Smash
159 = HM07 – Waterfall
15A = HM08 – Dive

Pokeballs, Msc, Potions, Berries, Hold, and Key Items

How to use: Enter code 820051B4 0YYY and replace YYY with the corresponding item id code below. Enter one cheat at a time only.

Example: Enter code 820051B4 0001 to get Master ball.

Poke Balls:

001 = Master Ball
002 = Ultra Ball
003 = Great Ball
004 = Poké Ball
005 = Safari Ball
006 = Net Ball
007 = Dive Ball
008 = Nest Ball
009 = Repeat Ball
00A = Timer Ball
00B = Luxury Ball
00C = Premier Ball

Misc Items:

017 = Full Heal
018 = Revive
019 = Max Revive
01A = Fresh Water
01B = Soda Pop
01C = Lemonade
01D = MooMoo Milk
01E = Energy Powder
01F = Energy Root
020 = Heal Powder
021 = Revival Herb
022 = Ether
023 = Max Ether
024 = Elixir
025 = Max Elixir
026 = Lava Cookie
027 = Blue Flute
028 = Yellow Flute
029 = Red Flute
02A = Black Flute
02B = White Flute
02C = Berry Juice
02D = Sacred Ash
02E = Shoal Salt
02F = Shoal Shell
030 = Red Shard
031 = Blue Shard
032 = Yellow Shard
033 = Green Shard
03F = HP Up
040 = Protein
041 = Iron
042 = Carbos
043 = Calcium
044 = Rare Candy
045 = PP Up
046 = Zinc
047 = PP Max
049 = Guard Spec
04A = Dire Hit
04B = X Attack
04C = X Defend
04D = X Speed
04E = X Accuracy
04F = X Special
050 = Poke Doll
051 = Fluffy Tail
052 = Electirizer (Thanks to VitorHugo28)
053 = Fire Stone
054 = Max Repel
055 = Escape Rope
056 = Repel
05B = Link Cable
05D = Sun Stone
05E = Moon Stone
05F = Fire Stone
060 = Thunder Stone
061 = Water Stone
062 = Leaf Stone
063 = Dusk Stone
064 = Dawn Stone
065 = Shiny Stone
066 = Ice Stone
067 = Tiny Mushroom
068 = Big Mushroom
069 = Big Nugget
06A = Pearl
06B = Big Pearl
06C = Stardust
06D = Star Piece
06E = Nugget
06F = Heart Scale
079 = Orange Mail
07A = Harbor Mail
07B = Glitter Mail
07C = Mech Mail
07D = Wood Mail
07E = Wave Mail
07F = Bead Mail
080 = Shadow Mail
081 = Tropic Mail
082 = Dream Mail
083 = Fab Mail
084 = Retro Mail


00D = Potion
00E = Antidote
00F = Burn Heal
010 = Ice Heal
011 = Awakening
012 = Paralyz heal
013 = Full Restore
014 = Max Potion
015 = Hyper Potion
016 = Super Potion

Hold Items:

048 = Dubious Disc
05C = Magmarizer
0B3 = Brightpowder
0B4 = White Herb
0B5 = Macho Brace
0B6 = Exp Share
0B7 = Quick Claw
0B8 = Soothe Bell
0B9 = Mental Herb
0BA = Choice Band
0BB = Kings Rock
0BC = Silverpowder
0BD = Amulet Coin
0BE = Cleanse Tag
0BF = Soul Dew
0C0 = Deep Sea Tooth
0C1 = Deep Sea Scale
0C2 = Smoke Ball
0C3 = Everstone
0C4 = Focus Band
0C5 = Lucky Egg
0C6 = Scope Lens
0C7 = Metal Coat
0C8 = Leftovers
0C9 = Dragon Scale
0CA = Light Ball
0CB = Soft Sand
0CC = Hard Stone
0CD = Miracle Seed
0CE = Black Glasses
0CF = Black Belt
0D0 = Magnet
0D1 = Mystic Water
0D2 = Sharp Beak
0D3 = Poison Barb
0D4 = Nevermeltice
0D5 = Spell Tag
0D6 = Twistedspoon
0D7 = Charcoal
0D8 = Dragon Fang
0D9 = Silk Scarf
0DA = Up=Grade
0DB = Shell Bell
0DC = Sea Incense
0DD = Lax Incense
0DE = Lucky Punch
0DF = Metal Powder
0E0 = Thick Club
0E1 = Stick
0E2 = Prism Scale
0E3 = Protector
0E4 = Reaper Cloth
0E5 = Oval Stone
0E6 = Razor Claw
0E7 = Razor Fang
0E8 = Full Incense
0E9 = Luck Incense
0EA = Odd Incense
0EB = Pure Incense
0F8 = Rock Incense
0F9 = Rose Incense
0FA = Wave Incense
0FE = Red Scarf
0FF = Blue Scarf
100 = Pink Scarf
101 = Green Scarf
102 = Yellow Scarf


085 – Cheri Berry
086 – Chesto Berry
087 – Pecha Berry
088 – Rawst Berry
089 – Aspear Berry
08A – Leppa Berry
08B – Oran Berry
08C – Persim Berry
08D – Lum Berry
08E – Sitrus Berry
08F – Figy Berry
090 – Wiki Berry
091 – Mago Berry
092 – Aguav Berry
093 – Iapapa Berry
094 – Razz Berry
095 – Bluk Berry
096 – Nanab Berry
097 – Wepear Berry
098 – Pinap Berry
099 – Pomeg Berry
09A – Kelpsy Berry
09B – Qualot Berry
09C – Hondew Berry
09D – Grepa Berry
09E – Tamato Berry
09F – Cornn Berry
0A0 – Magost Berry
0A1 – Rabuta Berry
0A2 – Nomel Berry
0A3 – Spelon Berry
0A4 – Pamtre Berry
0A5 – Watmel Berry
0A6 – Durin Berry
0A7 – Belue Berry
0A8 – Liechi Berry
0A9 – Ganlon Berry
0AA – Salac Berry
0AB – Petaya Berry
0AC – Apicot Berry
0AD – Lansat Berry
0AE – Starf Berry
0AF – Enigma Berry

Key Items:

0FB = Meteorite
103 = Mach Bike
104 = Coin Case
105 = ItemFinder
106 = Old Rod
107 = Good Rod
108 = Super Rod
109 = S.S. Ticket
10A = Contest Pass
10C = Wailmer Pail
10D = Devon Goods
10E = Soot Sack
10F = Basement Key
110 = Acro Bike
111 = PokéBlock Case
112 = Letter
113 = Eon Ticket
114 = Red Orb (Either A Key Item/Hold Item)
115 = Blue Orb (Either A Key Item/Hold Item)
116 = Scanner
117 = Go-Goggles
118 = Meteorite
119 = Room 1 Key
11A = Room 2 Key
11B = Room 4 Key
11C = Room 6 Key
11D = Storage Key
11E = Root Fossil
11F = Claw Fossil
120 = Devon Scope
15C = Gold Teeth
15D = Oak’s Parcel
15E = Poké Flute
15F = Secret Key
160 = Bike Voucher
161 = Key Stone
162 = Old Amber
163 = Card Key
164 = Lift Key
165 = Helix Fossil
166 = Dome Fossil
167 = Silph Scope
168 = Bicycle
169 = Town Map
16A = VS Seeker
16B = Fame Checker
16C = TM Case
16D = Berry Pouch
16E = Teachy TV
16F = Tri-Pass
170 = Rainbow Pass
171 = Tea
172 = Mystic Ticket
173 = Aurora Ticket
174 = Powder Jar
175 = Ruby
176 = Sapphire
177 = Magma Emblem
178 = Old Sea Map


You can now play Pokemon Delta Emerald with a level of advantage you’ve never had before. This is due to the fact that you will have cheats. Things will be a little easier for you, and you will be able to comprehend everything you need to know.

So don’t waste any more time and look through the list of available cheats above, everything will become enjoyable.

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of the Pokemon Delta Emerald cheats that we have to offer, you can check them out. Keep in mind to turn them on and not use a lot of cheats at the same time.

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Can I get Legendary pokemon locations like mewtwo?

Where you can find items like Eon Ticket , Mystic Ticket , Old Sea Map and Aurora Ticket

Codes to choose pokemon??

Can you use these on a 3ds without an emulator?

The rare 🍬 cheat doesn’t work and also the master ball cheat doesn’t work please fix this

It must work, as you can see in the screenshot. Perhaps it’s your emulator that causes the issue? Which one are you using?

Any way to get Prankster Sableye?

Pokemon Delta Emerald

Dear PokémonCoders, I Have Found a New ITEM MODIFIER Cheat Code For Pokémon Delta Emerald! Here’s the cheat code for those who needs it: How To Use: Replace The YYY With The Item Modifier ID 820051B4 0YYY Example: Use 820051B4 0047 To Get PP Max Where To Get The Item: Go To The Mart And Buy The First Item In The List. Poké Balls: 001 = Master Ball 002 = Ultra Ball 003 = Great Ball 004 = Poké Ball 005 = Safari Ball 006 = Net Ball 007 = Dive Ball 008 = Nest Ball 009 = Repeat Ball… Read more »

Thank you for sharing LuNaTHiCc. Let’s ask for some feedback from our readers with these codes.

– Has anyone here got a chance to test these cheats, did it work for you?

Update: The cheats are confirmed to be working. Added them to the official list of cheats above under the “Shared Cheats” section.

Last edited 4 months ago by PokeCoder

This cheat work at first I thought it didn’t but it does

Thx I’m gonna mega my pkm

Hey PokémonCoders!
Hey LuNaTHiCc! Thanks for the code, it works perfectly!

Just a note: the code for the Electirizer is missing. After some tests, I figured it out: the code for the Electirizer is 052.

Hope to be helpful.

Hello VitorHugo28, thank you for coming here. Your feedback and cheat testing are greatly appreciated. I have added your cheat to the list and credited you for your contribution.

Plz gave charmeder and frokei encounter cheat codes

Shinies you get from the cheat are locked to female btw

Yes Vex, unfortunately that happens all the time with shiny cheat. Just sad there’s no concrete fix for this problem as of yet.


Please Know Where are the Mega Stones from Gallade, Sharpedo, Sceptile and Camerupt???

Gallade in the meteorite professors house. Give him the meteorite. Maxie gives you the cameruptite after stopping Kyogre and Groudon. And Archie gives you sharpedonite the same way. And scpetile mega stone by Steven after getting mega bracelet. It in the useless cave full with Zubat after elite four.

You can also use Emerald Cheats as well on Delta Emerald.

Lol ty for help

Hey please add a pokémon nature modifier cheat I know it must be difficult to get cheats but please add nature Modifier cheat! Thank you!

Hey there i love the emerald games so thanks for the cheats and a gba verson 🙂

No problem, glad we just helped you. 😊

Hey can u make item modifier cheats for this game. The original emerald item modifier cheats doesn’t working for this game.

Hey there Pal, actually it takes forever to test and finding working codes. We need the help of the community in this matter.

Where can you find a link cable in this game?

you can buy one in the lilycove department store for 1200

What game has mega evolution in it Soup

Hey it’s me again. When I went to Navel Rock both Ho-Oh and Lugia doesn’t appear for some reason?

Did you disable the cheat at all?

Hey, is it possible if you can make a Wild Pokemon Modifier cheat for the game? The original Emerald Pokemon Modifier cheat doesn’t work for this.

Hey there neon_apocalyps3. Unfortunately, we can’t make our own cheats. Maybe the author of Delta Emerald disabled the wild Pokemon encounter cheat in purpose. But let’s hope someone will give us a light on this.

Is there a Nature modifier cheat?