Pokemon Cosmic Emerald

If you want a straightforward hack of Emerald, then look no further than Pokemon Cosmic Emerald. When we say straightforward, pretty much it is like an enhanced game.

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The story is still the same, but gameplay elements have been improved. There are those that have been updated to the games that followed it.

If you want to replay Emerald with a new experience, then this ROM hack is just right for you. Even if you have played Emerald, this hack will keep you thinking on your feet.

It also has a nice difficulty spike that will make sure to give you a challenge, but not to a point where it is frustrating and more.

Pokemon Cosmic Emerald Details and More


Pokemon Cosmic Emerald is the same in terms of story as Emerald. Nothing has changed in terms of the characters and events in the main storyline. Just play through it like you would Emerald.

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The story may be the same, but the gameplay has been improved. One thing is that the PRNG glitch has been fixed. The PRNG glitch was notorious back in Emerald, but it has been fixed for Cosmic Emerald.

There are also a lot more Legendary Pokemon that you can catch in the game. Certain events are also made available in the game and depending on if it is night or day will determine the event. There are also individual patches you can do to the game.

Pokemon Cosmic Emerald Game Information

Pokemon cosmic emerald

Pokemon Cosmic Emerald
Creator: SkyVortex
Game Base: Emerald
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Link

Feature List

  • All Generation I to III Pokemon are available in the game
  • Use an Evo Stone to evolve Pokemon that evolve only through trading
  • A lot more Legendary Pokemon to capture
  • Poke Balls can be reused when capturing has failed
  • TMs can be used in an unlimited amount
  • Pokemon gets experience whenever enemy Pokemon is caught
  • PRNG has been fixed
  • You can run indoors
  • EVs will max out at 252
  • The game uses Black and White’s Repel system
  • Day and night cycle
  • Special events specific to day or night



Pokemon Cosmic Emerald Download

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