Pokemon Dreams

Another interesting Pokemon ROM hack that we’ve added to our list is Pokemon Dreams. This is a ROM hack based on FireRed set in a new region of Solda and more. It is your typical Pokemon game where your character goes off on a journey to become a Pokemon Master and does all sorts of things along the way.

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What we like more about Pokemon Dreams and some other rom hacks is the feature for Mega evolution. This feature is no doubt one of the sought after by many players are their criteria for choosing the next game to play.

We’re going to dig deeper into this game so that you can play and enjoy it. We’ll add everything you need to know, from the features and other important things in this game, plus a bonus of cheats.

Good thing we were able to collect some working Pokemon Dreams cheats, and these can be handy as you go along the journey in the game.

Just remember, it is a ROM hack, and even though it is complete, it may have some bugs that haven’t been discovered yet.

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Pokemon Dreams Details and More


Your character travels into the Region of Solda arriving in Thicket Town. The character starts off their typical beginnings when it comes to being a Pokemon Master. Many characters will be entangled in your journey, as well as a boy who dreams of overcoming his brother, who is a Gym Leader. Follow the story until you become a Pokemon Master.


Pokemon Dreams has the basic elements and features that every other Pokemon game has. Players have to catch Pokemon, and the roster goes up to Gen 7 with over 800 Pokemon. There is also around 30 Fakemon available in the game.

A lot of the features, like items, types, and more have been updated until Gen 7. The Dexnav also appears here, which is based on the same feature from Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. There is also post-game content that you can skim through.

Pokemon Dreams Information

Pokemon dreams

Pokemon Dreams
Creator: MonopolyRubix
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Click here

Feature List

  • Pokemon Roster goes up to 844
  • Pokemon go up to Gen 7
  • Around 35 Fakemon to catch
  • Moves and Types are updated up to Gen 7
  • Mega Evolutions included
  • Physical/Special Split
  • No need to Trade for Pokemon that evolve through Trade
  • TMs are reusable
  • Total of 120 TMs
  • New music added


Pokemon dreams screenshots


We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal!

Pokemon Dreams Download (UPS)


Everyone who worked on the Complete Firered Upgrade and Dynamic Dex Expansion. The thread is here, and the credits are as follows:

  • Skeli- primary developer
  • ghoulslash – primary developer
  • Pret Team – decomps
  • DizzyEgg – Emerald Battle Engine Upgrade Source
  • FBI – DexNav Source, Saveblock Expansion
  • Touched – Mega Evolution
  • Navenatox – Dynamic Overworld Palettes
  • Zeturic – Various Fixes
  • JPAN – Hacked Engine Source Code
  • azurile13 – Hidden Abilities
  • DoesntKnowHowToPlay – Pokedex Screen Stats, Trainer’s with EVs source
  • Squeetz – Pokedex Screen Stats, Footstep noises
  • Diegoisawesome – Triple Layer Tiles
  • Jiangzhengwenjz – Linux compatibility
  • Golche – Attack Particles, Battle Backgrounds, Other Graphics
  • Lixdel – Attack Animations
  • Bela – Poké Balls
  • Solo993 – Backsprites
  • Criminon – Mega Indicators, testing
  • canstockphoto.ca – Battle Backgrounds
  • Dionen – testing
  • Gail – testing
  • Recko Juice – testing
  • Anyone who played the Unbound Battle Tower Demo in its early stages – testing


  • Chibi Vegetto – Bein Friends
  • Scott Mtc – Prof Sycamore’s Theme
  • I Have a Beard – Let the Battles Begin
  • Uncredited KHInsider.com user – Snake Man’s Stage
  • Kiopineapple – Sammer’s Kingdom
  • GarageBandPoke – XD Cipher Peon Battle
  • Greg Edwards – Purify Chamber
  • Daniel Lawrence – Miror B. Battle
  • Nes370I – Past Below
  • Uncredited vgmusic.com user – Fight On
  • The Tactician Musician – Roaming the Wastes
  • TryceSirus – Overworld (Spirit Tracks)
  • Cesar Ocasio – Battle 3 (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)
  • soneek – Ripped Pokemon Colosseum midis
  • Blue Magikarp – Kalos Elite 4
  • Revle – Alola Elite 4
  • ShinkoNetCravy – Alola trainer battle, Ultra Beast Battle, and Solgaleo/Lunala Battle
  • Jackson Wilking (Trumpets of Onett) – Time to Fight (Bionis Shoulder)
  • Spencer Riffe and Joozhuah – Twilight of the Gods
  • ZenithAegis – Xerneas/Yveltal Battle


  • LU-HO – AdvancedMap
  • Micael Alighieri – Editing AdvanceMap to include expanded Pokemon
  • HackMew – Advanced Palette Editor, Free Space Finder, XSE
  • Kurapika, Jambo51 and Gamer2020 – G3T
  • LocksmithArmy – Intro Text Editor
  • link12552 – Nameless Sprite Editor
  • D-Trogh and Darthatron – NTME
  • score_under – PKSV
  • andiandi – Trader Advanced
  • loadingNOW – unlz GBA
  • The Helmeted Rodent – Sappy 2006
  • Nintenlord – NUPS


  • Space Raton – Helping with documentation and testing
  • Chaos Rush – Editing height/width of town map areas
  • jiangzhengwenjzw – Additional movement bytes
  • Magnius – Documentation on Firered voicegroups
  • karatekid552 – Flag/Var documentation
  • Aspiring PokeTrainer – Town Map editing tutorial
  • Klofkac – Editing area entry images
  • thedarkdragon11 – Item Icon Sprites
  • Dr. Seuss – Changing Fly Sprites
  • SphericalIce – Documenting scripting commands
  • soupercell – Help setting up gen 6 EXP Share
  • kalarie – Town Map help
  • mew222, Off_Piste, DimentioMan97 – Feedback/Fakemon/Support

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