Dragon Ball Z Team Training

Are you getting tired of the usual Pokemon-Themed ROM hacks? If you feel like you’ve seen every shade of Pokemon out there and you happen to be a fan of Son Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the gang, then say hello to Dragon Ball Z Team Training, a ROM hack like no other!

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In DBZ Team Training, instead of your usual routine of catching and using Pokemon, your job is to use Dragon Ball characters, to catch other characters ranging from the original Dragon Ball series, all the way to the Superseries, to collect them all.

The mechanics are still the same where some Characters will evolve and have certain types similar to Pokemon. The story is the same to FireRed since it is the base of the ROM hack.

There are certain dialogues and scripts altered but that’s part of the appeal of the game where you can explore an entirely new game but still being the same. While it’s not a 100% transformation of the game, it’s still a fun and well-made gaming experience.

Dragon Ball Z Team Training Details and More


The story follows the same path as Pokemon FireRed. However, Dragon Ball Z Team Training has elements that alter some parts of the story but stay the same. You have different characters entirely as well as new locations. Basically, the game maintains some parts of FireRed and dives right into original Dragon Ball aspects.


The game has original sprites and animation fitting the theme of Dragon Ball. In fact, the background and settings are changed into Dragon Ball rather than those that you see in Pokemon games. The current number of Fighters is around 200 as of this moment. They have specific typing so Pokemon’s typing strength and weakness charts still apply in this game. Certain items have been renamed but they still maintain their function.

Think about Master Balls being renamed to Golden Capsules and Rare Candies being changed to Holy Water. The other items do maintain their names so that shouldn’t be a problem. The moves have also been altered but you can easily read the typing and description of the moves. There are also music tracks that are not of Pokemon origin while maintaining some of the original ones.

Dragon Ball Z Team Training Details and More

Dragon ball z team training rom hack

Dragon Ball Z Team Training
Creator: Z-Max
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Click here

Feature List

  • Pokemon roster is changed to Fighters (Dragon Ball characters)
  • Several Fighters will evolve and have added types
  • The game currently has 200 Fighters
  • Moves have been altered and some have been added totaling around 170
  • Original sprites used for the Fighters
  • Certain locations have been altered and made to look like Dragon Ball structures
  • Added original and new musical tracks
  • Some item names have been changed but still maintains the same functions




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Dragon Ball Z Team Training Download

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