Pokemon Emerald Crest Cheats


Pokemon Emerald Crest is one of the newest ROM hacks around. This game is basically Pokemon Emerald with a bunch of new features implemented in the gameplay.

The question is, would you like to use Pokemon Emerald Crest cheats?

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The answer to that unfortunately is there are no working Pokemon Emerald Crest cheats at the moment.

It is bad news indeed for many players, but we’ll get to the bottom of this as to why there are no cheats for the game.

This isn’t the first Emerald-based hack to have no cheats yet. Remember Pokemon Inclement Emerald?

Pokemon Inclement Emerald, during its initial release, is still lacking the cheats needed to make it more enjoyable.

The good thing is that thanks to our readers, we now have some working Pokemon Inclement Emerald cheats that players can use anytime.

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Pokemon emerald crest cheats

Why Are There No Pokemon Emerald Crest Cheats for Now

1. Different ROM Hacking Procedures: Binary to Decomps

If you haven’t been playing a lot of ROM hacks, there are or have been many changes when it comes to the methods of hacking.

We won’t delve too deeply into it, but it’s worth noting that ROM hackers have developed alternative methods, such as decomp hacking, to hack ROMs and move away from binary hacking.

Keep in mind, Pokemon ROM hacks for GBA and GBC systems have been happening for over 20 years now. Technology has gotten better, so naturally, a ROM hacker would probably go for those methods or whatever method they prefer.

In other words, the latest hacking procedures may have altered the codes needed to “cheat” a game’s system.

2. The Hacker Intended It

While it isn’t confirmed yet, the person or group of people that made Emerald Crest probably want to disable cheats so that players will get a challenge.

ROM hacks can be played with cheats, but some are intentionally blocked by the hacker.

There’s nothing wrong with that but again, we’re not sure if that is the case for Emerald Crest, since it was never mentioned.

3. Emerald-based Hacks Often Have This Problem

Since more hackers are now switching to Decomps, a lot of the ROM hacks don’t have working cheats, and many are based on Emerald.

This has been going on for quite some time since the release of Decomp hacks and many hackers are now adapting to this new technology.

One good indication is that decomp hacks use BPS and not the usual IPS or UPS file formats.

A lot of FireRed-based ROM hacks haven’t had this much problem anyway. A lot of them still have working cheats unless it was intended by the hacker.

What to Do Moving Forward

For now, a lot of people are coming up with ways to solve this issue or at least make codes for the newer hacks.

If you have your own working Pokemon Emerald Crest cheats, then feel free to hit the comments, we’ll try them, and give you the credits.

We will also update this cheats page if we manage to get some of them working for ourselves.

In Closing

We understand that many players nowadays are looking for working Pokemon Emerald Crest cheats.

However, the best thing we can do in the meantime is to wait for any updates from the developers or the gaming community.

It is a bit unfortunate that with the way technology is going, newer hacks are getting better but cheats are getting pushed to the side.

Anyway, once again, if you do have any working cheats or possible knowledge on how we can get past this, feel free to hit the comments.

As always, we’ll thrive to get more of those cheats for other ROM hacks in the future.

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