Pokemon Emerald Kaizo


If you are looking for a more challenging version of Pokemon Emerald, then it’s time for you to give Pokemon Emerald Kaizo, a ROM hack that dials the game’s difficulty to 11. This hack will definitely give you a run for your money if you are craving for a challenge while retaining the important parts of the game.

In a nutshell, Emerald Kaizo is the same game with a more challenging AI. This is perfect if you want to play the original Emerald storyline, with some additions that have been added to keep the story a bit more interesting.

The gameplay is where the action is at with wild Pokemon, trainers, and Gym Leaders kicking your butt with every chance they get. You just have to do your best armed with your knowledge to progress the game.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Details and More


The story in Pokemon Emerald Kaizo is pretty much the same as the original game. You have to progress the story the same way in the original. There are some additions along the way like characters that weren’t there in the first place.

Overall, you’re still playing the same story but with a more challenging and rewarding battle mechanics. Are you truly the master?


Emerald Kaizo does boast itself on being hard although it doesn’t have Nuzlocke rules. You are free to add Nuzlocke if you are a glutton for punishment. A lot of the Pokemon’s moves in the game have been altered so you need to know which one has which but they still maintain their typing.

Gym Leader battles always have six Pokemon in hand so you better get ready. You are able to complete the entire Pokedex by catching and evolving the Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Game Information

Pokemon emerald version

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo
Creator: SinisterHoodedFigure
Game Base: Emerald
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Game has increased difficulty
  • Enemy AI has been heightened
  • Able to complete the entire Pokedex until Generation III without trading
  • Move sets for the Pokemon have been altered
  • Gym Leader battles will have six Pokemon from the very beginning
  • Several Pokemon will evolve with Evolution Stones
  • Evolution Stones are available for purchase
  • Cannot use items during battles


Pokemon emerald kaizo screenshots

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Download

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Hey, i found a glitch if you want to get into lilicove before doing the ghost place, go up to the guards and youll be in the city. but they are blocking so i went back to forretress, caught a pidgeotto and flew. Or you could do a walk through walls but this is more fun :).


Today I found a bug in Emerald Kaizo(or all versions of emerald).If I have 1 speed faster than foe‘s pokemon,there exists possibility that foe moves faster.


Thanks for that information Mitsu.


I have found the reason.When EK‘s data was inported in the Chinese version’s rom,pokemon‘s nature will unpredictably change




pls send fast cheats wanna troll my freind lol


No cheat codes


Thanks for coming here Jaydden, we already have cheats for this game, we’ll publish it soon when it’s ready, so stay tuned.


Sooooo……when are cheats coming?


It’ll be published next week David. Stay tuned for updates.


You guys are great! Always so prompt, I appreciate you.


Thank you David, it should be up in the next 4 days. We have a couple of cheats ready but I’m sure there are still yet to be discovered.


Hello, I’m interested int this hack rom.
I’d just like to know if it includes type split?
Also it may be too much to ask but is it possible to change the language of the game?


No type split, not sure about language