Pokemon Emerald Shiny Cheat

Pokemon Emerald has a lot of working cheats for GBA emulators of all kinds. The cheats work, for the most part, so we’re going to be taking a look at the Pokemon Emerald Shiny cheat.

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The Shiny cheat allows players to encounter a Shiny Pokemon in Emerald. We’ll discuss more about what happens when you use it, since the cheat may have some issues.

We’ll add other information about the Emerald Shiny cheat.

We’ve got a list of Emerald ROM Hacks for you to try this cheat on.

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Pokemon emerald shiny cheat

Everything to Know About the Pokemon Emerald Shiny Cheat

What Is the Shiny Cheat?

Shiny pokemon in pokemon emerald

The Pokemon Emerald Shiny cheat will allow players to encounter a Shiny wild Pokemon.

Regardless of where you’ll be, you will always encounter a shiny Pokemon in the wild.

One thing to consider is that the Shiny aspect doesn’t affect a Pokemon’s stats.

It is still a regular Pokemon with a unique and sometimes cooler appearance.

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Problems With the Shiny Cheat

Pokemon Emerald Shiny cheat has two problems. The first one is that all Shiny Pokemon encountered will be MALE. The second problem is the naming glitch when you catch it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix the only MALE problem, but the name glitch can be fixed.

Pokemon Emerald Shiny Cheat: The Name Glitch

Take a look at the image below, that is the NAME that pops up when you catch a Shiny Pokemon through the cheat.

Even if you don’t change the name, the Shiny Pokemon will still show the error.

Fortunately, the way to fix it is to just remove the Shiny cheat before catching the Pokemon.

You’ll get a Shiny without the glitched-out name.

Name glitch using pokemon emerald shiny cheat

How to Use the Shiny Cheat

How to use the shiny cheat in pokemon emerald

Pokemon Emerald Shiny Cheat Code:

F3A9A86D 4E2629B4
18452A7D DDE55BCC

Using the Shiny code is simple. Use the code (above) and place it as a GAME SHARK code.

Give it a name and save it. Just find a Wild Pokemon encounter and it should always be a Shiny.

Don’t forget to remove the code if you want to avoid the name glitch.

Should You Use the Shiny Pokemon Code?

The answer is up to you because using the Emerald Shiny Code doesn’t really affect Pokemon Emerald’s overall gameplay.

The Shiny Pokemon in the wild are only different in terms of appearance and are only for trainers who want aesthetically-looking Pokemon on their teams.

There’s also nothing wrong should you want to capture a super-rare Shiny for each Pokemon available.

Different Versions and Breeding Problems 

It is worth noting that if you use an actual or manually patch an Emerald ROM for hacking purposes, you have to consider the version. Emerald Version 1.0 will have no issues when it comes to the Shiny Pokemon cheat.

You’ll still have the name glitch and always Male problem but you already know how to get past through the glitch.  

Version 1.1 may cause the Shiny Cheat to not work. It’s just a problem that the ROM has when it comes to the Shiny cheat.

As much as possible, try to use Version 1.0 when you play Emerald or patch a ROM hack with it. There are also newer versions of Emerald or at least Emerald ROM hacks where the Shiny cheat doesn’t work.

It isn’t just the Shiny cheat but pretty much all the Emerald cheats aren’t working with these newer releases. Maybe in the future, we’ll find a way to make the cheats work and not just the Shiny.

Important: One small note, DO NOT BREED the Shiny Pokemon that you got through the cheat since it will bug out.

In Closing

The Pokemon Emerald Shiny cheat is a useful tool to have a collection of the coolest Shiny Pokemon in Gen 3, considering that the odds of them spawning in the wild are extremely low.

You get a Shiny and you can use it whenever you want. Just always be careful when it comes to the name glitch and remember that all Pokemon you’ll get will be MALE.

One other interesting thing is that a lot of Emerald-based ROM hacks can use this Shiny cheat.

Feel free to use this cheat as well if you’re playing on a ROM hack.

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  1. When i tried to use this code (on openemu mac) I couldnt get it to work because there needs to be “-” or “+” and im not sure what to do