Pokemon Go Celebi Quest Guide

Many players worldwide are searching for how to capture Celebi in Pokémon Go. That’s why we come up with a Pokémon Go Celebi Quest Guide to help our co-players complete their Pokédex.

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In the actual Pokémon game, we didn’t experience the timeless encounter of Celebi just like what we’ve watched in the anime. The players captured their first ever Celebi during the Pokémon Go Fest held at the Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois last August 20, 2018.

Celebi at Pokémon Go Chicago

If you missed the fun-filled adventure in Chicago, you don’t need to worry. Niantic never failed to surprise us when it comes to challenging events and tasks. You can now actually capture Celebi and partake with the – A Ripple of Time Quest using our handy guide.

Field Research versus Special Research

First, let’s talk about the difference between the field and special research. Field research refers to the daily quests in which you aim to obtain stamps and use these stamps to complete a research breakthrough. It usually requires the player to spin Pokéstops to fulfill this mission.

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On the other hand, special research represents a story-driven quest with a series of steps. For every mission accomplished, there’s a corresponding reward. Furthermore, you will encounter a rare Pokémon appearance at the end of the storyline.

If you are aiming for the Mythical Discovery and Ripple of Time quests, you should do the special research quests. Now, let’s get started digging the in-depth details on Pokémon Go Celebi Quest Guide.

Mew Quest: A Mythical Discovery

As a pre-requisite to Celebi Quest, you should first complete at least the third tier of the Mew quest. The Mew quest is a warm-up quest before you will encounter a Celebi. It consisted of 8 stages, but you don’t need to complete all the eight steps to trigger the Celebi encounter.

However, if you would like to capture Mew as well, I think it would be better to complete this quest too. If you are curious on how to do the Mew Quest, look at these details below:

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A Ripple of Time Quest

When you have already completed the Mew quest, hence, it’s now time for you to unlock the – A Ripple of Time Quest.

The objective of this adventure is to capture Celebi for those who haven’t attended the Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago. Also, this quest helps the Celebi owners to power up their Pokemon as well. If you’ll notice, it’s like hitting two birds in one stone.

Now, click on your Pokémon Go app and start helping Professor Willow with the Celebi quest. Check out the complete 8-stages Pokémon Go Celebi Quest Guide below.

Celebi Quest: Stage 1 to 3

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You’ll have to reach level 25 to complete the first task in stage 3. After clearing all the three steps, you may now proceed with the next challenging tasks.

Celebi Quest: Stage 4 to 5

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What to do if Eevee didn’t evolve to Espeon or Umbreon?

If your Eevee didn’t evolve yet into Espeon or Umbreon, what will you do? Have you ever heard of the nickname trick in Pokémon Go? It may sound like a hack but trust me, it works!

It’s just a once-in-a-lifetime chance to use the nickname trick. You can only do it once in your Pokémon Go account. If you missed the opportunity then, you’d need to walk again with Eevee as your buddy. So, what are the nicknames applicable for Eevee?

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1. Rename your Eevee to Sakura to trigger the evolution into Espeon
2. Rename your Eevee to Tamao to trigger the evolution into Umbreon

And yes, that’s how simple it is! Try it and see the surprising results! Now, let’s proceed with the last three stages.

Celebi Quest: Stage 6 to 8

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Grass-Type Pokémon for Third Evolution

Evolving a Grass-type Pokémon from 2nd evolution to its third evolution might be a challenging task at stage 2. To give you some hints, you may consider these following:

1. Evolve from Bayleaf to Magnanium 5. Evolve from Grovyle to Sceptile
2. Evolve from Weepinbeel to Victreebell 6. Evolve from Nuzleaf to Shiftry
3. Evolve from Gloom to Bellosum or Vileplume 7. Evolve from Skiploom to Jumpluff
4. Evolve from Ivysaur to Venasaur8. Evolve Lombre to Ludicolo

Evolving Grass-Type Pokemon using Candies

You should catch Pokémon as much as you can to clear these quests. In this way, you can gather candies to evolve your Pokémon to their 2nd evolution (requires 50 candies) as well as to their 3rd evolution (requires 100 candies).

You may also capture a 2nd evolution Pokémon instantly, and you’ll only need 100 candies to evolve it into its 3rd evolution. However, it’s challenging to find a 2nd evolution Pokémon unless you will walk in some areas or use incense to attract the Pokémon.

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Aside from that, try to consider gathering some Sun Stones to evolve some Grass-type Pokémon such as Sunkern or Gloom.

After you’ve finished the 7th stage, a mysterious Pokémon encounter will appear. It’s none other than – Celebi! Amazing right? You made this far! Congratulations!

Quick Guide for 7 & 8 Celebi Quest

The 7th and 8th stages were the most challenging part because you must capture 40 grass-type or psychic type Pokémon and 70 Generation 2 Pokémon to get your Johto Medal.

Imagine how many Pokémon you need to capture before you can clear up the 7th and 8th stages. You’ll need a list of all the grass type, psychic type, and Johto Pokémon as your reference. To catch all these Pokémon, you may check this reference from Dalton Cooper’s Gamerant site.

Pokemon go johto
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Furthermore, we all know that Ho-Oh is a legendary Pokémon of the Johto region. However, it will be tricky to catch Ho-Oh since it varies in every location. To catch Ho-Oh without any miss, you should keep an eye on the updates regarding the Community Day and Raid Guides.

Stay tuned for more guides and references from our site. Feel free to comment below to share your ideas and strategies regarding the Pokémon Go Celebi Quest Guide. We love to hear your suggestions! Let’s help each other to fulfill the never-ending gaming and fun experience in Pokémon Go!

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