Pokemon Bloody Platinum

Pokemon Platinum is one of the games in the series that is in the middle of the road. People like it, although it doesn’t really get as much love. Then again, that doesn’t mean the people from making ROM hacks. One such hack using Platinum is Pokemon Bloody Platinum.

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It’s a nice hack with a couple of interesting features that you can use. It’s Pokemon Platinum with a different coat of paint. Characters have some modifications, but the story is the same, with a couple of changes in some aspects.

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Pokemon Bloody Platinum Details and More


Just as we stated, the story is the same as Platinum. Just remember that Platinum has some changes in terms of the story compared to Diamond and Pearl. This hack also has some minute changes to things like the dialogue, but the story is the same if you know where to go.

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While the story is the same, there are some interesting changes to the mechanics of the game. First of all, certain character sprites have been changed.

Some characters look the same but have minor tweaks, like a change in color, while others look entirely different. Speaking of sprites, male and female Pokemon have different colors or sprites.

Speaking of gender, there’s a good percentage of which one you can catch. There’s also a nice divide to which Pokemon you can catch during the day and night. Depending on the starter Pokemon you choose will also determine your rival’s team and build, which is an interesting mechanic.

Finally, a ROUTE LEADER is an enemy Trainer with the best and strongest Pokemon you can encounter when you go to a Route.

Pokemon  Bloody Platinum Information

Pokemon bloody platinum

Pokemon Bloody Platinum 
Creator: Buffy
Game Base: Platinum
Language: English and others
Source: Link

Feature List

  • 493 Pokemon (491 can be caught)
  • Pokemon can evolve without trading
  • Day and Night cycle
  • Different Pokemon can spawn from day to night
  • Time spawns are 4 AM to 9:59 AM/10 AM to 7:59 PM/8 PM to 3:59 AM
  • Male and Female Pokemon have different colors and sprites
  • Trainers have new Pokemon team
  • A Route Leader Trainer is in every Route
  • Wild Pokemon may have Held Items
  • Slightly harder difficulty



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Creator – Buffy

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