Which Pokemon Can Learn False Swipe


Have you ever tried to mimic hundreds of master balls for a never-failing catch? Some might turn on-and-off their gaming consoles just to capture the Pokemon in just a single snap! Too many efforts, isn’t it?

Luckily, the hardcore players have discovered a neat trick that could make the catch a lot easier. There’s no need to imitate the master balls nor turn on-and-off your device repeatedly. Now, let me ask you one thing. Are you familiar with False Swipe?

If you’ll be checking it on the Google, it really causes an uproar to the Pokemon Fan Community due to its appeal and cool moves. The question now is what Pokemon that can learn False Swipe? Let’s dig up some hints, ready?

What is a False Swipe?

The first appearance of the false swipe was discovered in generation II Pokemon versions, namely Crystal, Silver, and Gold. It is characterized as a normal-type, and one-turn shot restrained skill. It allows the Pokemon to attack without fainting its foe. After that, the target’s life will be reduced to 1 HP.

False swipe in a battle

In the 2nd and 3rd generations, the False Swipe can be acquired through leveling up or hatching some Pokemon eggs. Later on, the generation 4th up to 7th improved the skill and evolved it into a technical machine. It is now known as the TM54.

Where to find the TM54?

Every Pokemon version has a unique map. The hunt for the TM54 might be a challenging endeavor. By using this interactive guideline, you will never get lost in your journey. Whatever generations or versions, name it! We have it all here. What are you waiting for? Come on! Let’s gotta catch ’em all!

Generation IV
  1. Platinum – Veilstone Department Store at 2000.
  2. Heart Gold – Dark cave or Goldenrod Department at 2,000.
  3. Soul Silver – Dark cave or Goldenrod Department at 2,000.
Generation V
  1. Black & White – Gift from Prof. Juniper in Nuvema Town after gathering 25 Pokemon in the Pokedex
  2. Black & White version 2 – Reversal Mountain
Generation VI
  1. X and Y – Gift from a Scientist in Prof. Sycamore’s lab.
  2. Omega Ruby – Given by a man in Rustboro City Poke Mart
  3. Alpha Sapphire – Given by a man in Rustboro City Poke Mart
  4. Super Mystery Dungeon – Kecleon Shops at 1,015
Generation VII
  1. Sun and Moon – Iki Town, Gift from Prof. Kukui after defeating Kahuna Hala of the Melemele Island
  2. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon – Iki Town, Gift from Prof. Kukui after defeating Kahuna Hala of the Melemele Island

List of Pokemon that can learn False Swipe

wdt_ID ID Pokemon Type Learnt by
1 611 Fraxure Dragon Level up
2 83 Farfetch'd Normal/Flying Level up
3 254 Sceptile Grass Level up
4 610 Axew Dragon Level up
5 589 Escavalier Bug/Steel Level up
6 588 Karrablast Bug Level up
7 542 Leavanny Bug/Grass Level up
8 335 Zangoose Normal Level up
9 290 Nincada Bug/Ground Level up
10 612 Haxorus Dragon Level up
ID Pokemon Type Learnt by

As we all know, the legendary, shiny, and rare Pokemon are challenging to hunt and capture. You’ll need an instant and genius tactics to grasp them in the Pokeballs. False Swipe is the best skill for most Pokemon hunters to catch their targets easily. Since this attack can reduce the target’s HP, it will make the target weak and easy to catch.

This skill contains 100% accuracy, and it can be used up to 40 PP turns. If you’re fascinated enough to use this skill, you can duplicate the TM54. Next, enable the skill to your Pokemon to have some multiple chances of capturing the legends.

Buying multiple TM54s can also be another option but limited to some versions. You can also use the PP Max or PP Up to increase its usage. Lastly, you can also use Ether, Max Ether, Elixir, or Max Elixir to regenerate the skill once it runs out.

What’s more to this skill? You can also use this skill for the various contests because it can provide points for appeal and jam. It is a cool-type skill that supports the Pokemon to show off against its opponents.

You can also use this skill if you will be entering the bug-catching battles in the Johto National Park. In this contest, you will be given 20 minutes to catch a high level, unique, and exotic Pokemon from the rest of the contenders. Of course, the TM54 is definitely a great help for this competition.

Can the Pokemon counterattack False Swipe?

As a quick answer, yes, it is possible. There are several circumstances which can countermove the false swipe, here are some ideas:

  1. The Pokemon is a ghost-type, thus the attack has no effect.
  2. The Pokemon might have a skill that can restore its HP such as:
    • Aqua Ring
    • Heal Order
    • Ingrain
    • Milk Drink
    • Moon Light
    • Morning Sun
    • Recover
    • Roost
    • Slack Off
    • Soft Boiled
    • Synthesis
  3. A high success rate of the Protective moves such as:
    • Protect
    • Detect
    • Quick Guard
    • Wide Guard
    • Substitute
    • Taunt
    • Imprison
    • Hypnosis
  4. Heal the Pokemon using Potions
    • This is only possible if you carry multiple potions in your bag and if the trainer uses the Pokemon.

Did you find it interesting?

Enabling the Pokemon to use the False Swipe can surely bring the best out of your adventure. Just make sure to revisit and check the list every now and then, so that you’ll know which Pokemon to teach with the TM54.

In case, we missed any viable information, please feel free to comment and join. Let’s have an interactive huddle! For now, Bon voyage to your Pokemon journey! Ciao, see you at Iki Town!

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