6 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Side Quests in 2024

Pokemon games are always about adventuring and catching them all. These games have also been labeled as RPGs or role-playing games.

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If you didn’t know, RPGs have a plethora of side quests to complete. Some Pokemon games and hacks have side quests, but for now, we’ll focus on the best Pokemon ROM hacks with side quests.

Just keep in mind that these are hacks and not official games. The quests themselves may or may not be beneficial to the main story. It’s the usual stuff where you get rewards and even EXP.

We’ll also include other details about what the ROM hacks offer besides the side quest feature. Keep reading to find out which ROM Hacks with side quests.

Editor’s Note (April 2024): We just added Pokemon Clover to this list, since we thought the hack deserves more recognition from the community! It’s a well-made hack that will keep you entertained for hours. We also reviewed this article to make it more aligned with our editorial standards.

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Pokemon rom hacks with side quests

6. Pokemon Clover

Pokemon clover press start screen

From its funny dialogues to an “interesting” set of Fakemon, Pokemon Clover offers more than just a hack with a lot of fan-made features.

While you are set to explore two new regions, your goal is not just all about dealing with other trainers, but also complete various side quests scattered all around the map!

Pokemon Clover is designed as a parody hack to the entire Pokemon franchise, so expect a lot of laughs and other funny things to encounter playing it.

Pokemon clover screenshot

Notable Features

  • Contains 386 unique Fakemons
  • More strategic AI-powered Pokemon trainers
  • Custom Pokeballs
  • Wonder trading
  • New custom soundtrack

5. Pokemon Eclipse

Pokemon eclipse press start screen

Let’s start this list of the best Pokemon ROM hacks with side quests with a hack called Pokemon Eclipse. Just be sure to find the ROM hack using FireRed as its base because there is another Pokemon Eclipse game, and you might find that.

Eclipse has an original story taking place in the Soala Region. It’s the usual stuff where you leave your home in Lapis Village to follow your dream to be a Master Trainer.

At the same time, there’s a mysterious phenomenon going around where Pokemon are becoming more violent, and some are acting strangely.

Then, you have to deal with the usual villains running amok. There are a few of the game’s side quests at the start, but they open up and become more available after you beat the main story first.

Pokemon eclipse screenshot

Notable Features

  • Over 700 Pokemon
  • Enter the Dream World
  • Mechanics have been updated to Gen 6
  • Fairy-type included
  • New TMs added

4. Pokemon Sweet 2th

Pokemon sweeth 2th press start screen

Pokemon Sweet 2th is an interesting one since it turns your Pokemon into delectable sweets from pastries, desserts, breakfast items, and more. The story is original, taking place in a world where it seems that the sweetness factor has overtaken it.

The interesting thing is that depending on your chosen starter, you can have a different path. That’s because a starter has an HM ability at the start.

Squirtle can Surf, so for now, you can only go the path where you can Surf. You cannot go the path where it requires a Cut because that’s where Bulbasaur’s route goes, and the route for Strength is Charmander’s.

The side quests will reward you with items and other things. Doing the side quests can help, but you don’t need to if you don’t want to. Plus, depending on the Starter as well, you can only do certain side quests until such a time.

Pokemon swetth 2th screenshot

Notable Features

  • Over 300 Pokemon with the sweet look
  • Mega Evolution for some Pokemon
  • Crafting and Cooking available
  • Fast travel system
  • Customize your music

3. Pokemon Dark Cry: Legend of Giratina

Pokemon dark cry: legend of giratina press start screen

We’re halfway through our list of the best Pokemon ROM hacks with side quests, and coming at number 3 is Pokemon Dark Cry: Legend of Giratina. The story begins with you dreaming that you’re in the cave.

You eventually make your way to the cave, and your Pokemon adventure begins, which is your standard stuff in any Pokemon game.

The game allows you to get side quests at a very early point. They’re optional, of course, and they are called Missions. Doing these missions will reward you, some of which are very tricky to complete.

Be sure to talk to other characters because you never know who will give you a side quest or Mission.

Pokemon dark cry: legend of giratina screenshot

Notable Features

  • Altered graphics and sprites
  • Day and Night cycle
  • Two Rivals
  • Fakemon available
  • Harder difficulty

2. Pokemon Emerald Enhanced

Pokemon emerald enhanced press start screen

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced is pretty much Pokemon Emerald, but as the name suggests, it’s enhanced. It has the same story as Emerald, with many new additions and improvements.

You can choose from three difficulty settings from the start: Easy, Normal, Nuzlocke, and Frontier. There’s even a Hardcore mode if you want to get tortured a lot.

The side quests are interesting because you can do multiple of them. They’re like quest chains that you have to complete one to unlock the next or other quests.

You can do all of these quests while maintaining the story of Emerald, so you’re enjoying the game again but with some different elements added.

Pokemon emerald enhanced screenshot

Notable Features

  • Choose from 7 Starters
  • Over 600 Pokemon
  • Achievements and Achievements Powers
  • Multiple Difficulty settings
  • DexNav available

1. Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon unbound press start screen

The number one game on our best Pokemon ROM hacks with side quests is Pokemon Unbound. This hack is one of the best hacks out there and not just for the side quests but a lot of the content itself.

Unbound has a lucrative story as vast as you might think. These side quests come in because they can be very beneficial.

In fact, one of the side quests will allow you to unlock Mega Evolution, which is a bit later in the game. If you don’t do the quest, you can’t Mega Evolve even if you use cheats to get the items for Mega Evolution.

They are also organized in your Journal for you to browse which quests you want to do or are already completed.

Pokemon unbound screenshot

Notable Features

  • Roster goes up to Gen 8, although not all are available
  • Mega Evolution
  • Several difficulty settings
  • Altered graphics and sprites
  • Daily events

In Closing

These are just the best Pokemon ROM hacks with side quests that you can play. Utilize the other features given to you to complete these quests and have fun with the game. Just to be clear, some of these quests aren’t really necessary, but they add a layer of fun.

There might be other hacks out there that have side quests that we may have missed. For now, these hacks will do the job, and if you want to find out more, you can play the games and uncover quests that you might have missed or others have.

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