Pokemon Dark Cry: Legend of Giratina

We need to talk about the ROM hack Pokemon Dark Cry: Legend of Giratina. Just to be clear, this game isn’t related to any of the Dark Rising games or Giratina Strikes Back. This game is a hack of FireRed with an original story and some interesting features to boot.

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It’s a nice hack to play, and it has nice visuals and even more things to keep you company. Just find a FireRed (U) ROM to patch the UPS file attached below. The programmer didn’t specify if other versions of FireRed will work but feel free to try.

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Pokemon Dark Cry: Legend of Giratina Details and More


You start having a dream where you’re stuck in a cave and in danger. You wake up and then get your Pokemon, and then you end up in the cave that you dreamed of. After all that, that’s when you go on your quest to be the best Pokemon trainer there ever was, so standard stuff.


The first obvious one is the altered sprites of the game, which makes the game distinct from other GBA ROM hacks. Players get to explore the Trion Region and all of its glory.

It is a bit unclear what the Pokemon roster is, but it’s probably around Gen 3 or maybe even more. There are also a few Fakemon available to use. The scripts have also been improved, and finally, this hack is a bit harder in terms of difficulty but not that unforgiving.

Pokemon Dark Cry: Legend of Giratina Information

Pokemon dark cry: legend of giratina

Pokemon Dark Cry: Legend of Giratina
Creator: mitchel1
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Link

Feature List

  • Several Fakemon available
  • Explore the Trion Region
  • Altered graphics and sprites
  • New music tracks
  • Special time-based events
  • Two Rivals
  • Side quests available
  • Day and night cycle
  • Slightly harder difficulty



Download Pokemon Dark Cry: Legend of Giratina

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