Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Cheats


One of the more interesting Emerald ROM hacks is Pokemon Emerald Enhanced. It pretty much has the same story, but it has a lot of added features. You can choose from 7 Starter Pokemon and catch over 600 Pokemon in total. There are a lot of interesting features, so naturally, you would want some Pokemon Emerald Enhanced cheats that you can use.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of working cheats for this ROM hack at the moment. Regardless, you can use the same methods when inputting the cheats. Make sure to use them as either Code Breaker or Game Shark (Action Replay). Turn the cheats on when you want to use them and turn them off when you don’t.

Other Emerald ROM Hack Cheats

List of Working Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Cheats

Money Making Code (Game Shark)
Money making code pokemon emerald enhanced cheat

83006BA8 03E7 (Credit: Mr. Penguin)

Let’s start off our Pokemon Emerald Enhanced cheats list with this interesting money-making code. After you input the code, sell any item at the Poke Mart. A single item will sell for a lot of money thus making this somewhat a replacement code for unlimited money. The other good thing is that the item that you plan on selling will not be sold but you will still get the money.


A lot of the other cheats on this list will require you to buy the items from the Poke Mart. This money-making code will synergize well since you need money to buy them.

Buy Rare Candies (Game Shark)
Buy rare candies pokemon emerald enhanced cheat

82005274 004B (Credit: Mr. Penguin)

Input the code and you can buy Rare Candies at any Poke Mart.

Buy Master Balls (Game Shark)
Buy master balls pokemon emerald enhanced cheat

82005274 0001 (Credit: Naughty Blaziken)

Input the code and you can buy Master Balls at any Poke Mart. The Master Balls are actually free when you buy them from the Poke Mart and that’s a good thing.

Item Codes to Buy at Poke Mart (Game Shark)
Item codes to buy at poke mart pokemon emerald enhanced cheat

Input the code and change the YYYY to the specific code of the item that you want. Go to any Poke Mart and buy the items for different prices.

82005274 YYYY (Credit: Anon)

Item Codes

0022 – Full Restore
0028 – Max Revive
0033 – Elixir
0035 – Lava Cookie
0047 – Protein
004A – Calcium
0049 – Carbos
004E – PP Max
005C – Max Repel
005D – Ability Capsule
0066 – Moon Stone
007D – Heart Scale
011A – Life Orb
0200 – Brick Break
00E2 – Luck Egg
00E3 – Scope Lense (Credit: Apollo_Rose)

In Closing

These are the only working Pokemon Emerald Enhanced cheats for now. We’ve covered some of the important ones like unlimited money and Master Balls and Rare Candies. There are also a couple of assorted items that you can use. The other ones, like Pokemon modifiers and battle codes, aren’t available at the moment.

If you happen to know any more working cheats, feel free to put them in the comment section below, and we’ll be sure to give you some credit. Always remember not to have a lot of cheats turned on simultaneously to avoid the game from bugging out or even crashing.

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rare candy code (buy in pokemart)
82005274 004B

Gamer Boy

Is emerald enchanced work on MyBoy?


Yes, I believe.